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Motivation Quotes to Let Go of the Love That Was Not Meant to Stay

Engelta loves to talk and study in depth the self-esteem issues, as well as how to improve and cherish relationships.

  • I am sorry I gave you everything without making sure you wanted it.
  • You think you can have me because you like what you see? Men like you drown in the depths of women like me
  • I am no longer afraid of monsters because I once loved one.
  • If I ever find myself missing you I will remember the needing of you, and the silence that followed.
  • You shall not be afraid of being forgotten, because someone like you leaves traces.
  • In the beginning we are all special to someone. Then, we start playing hide and seek, and all passes.
  • So, I tell you, hurry, hurry to forget, because if you don’t forget at once, you don’t forget at all. And it does not matter if the life goes on, and if everything reminds you that some things simply can not work out. If you don’t forget at once, some memories come back haunting.
  • One day, whether you are 14, 28 or 65, you will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that can not die. However, the saddest most awful truth you will ever come to find out, is that they are not always with whom we spend our lives.
  • True love would never ask you to sacrifice your self-respect. A partner who belittles you is not interested in your heart or soul, only your surrender and obedience.
  • I looked straight at my pillow and I witnessed much love, and I understood why the heart won’t obey.
  • It will not be me asking you to love me at any cost.
  • You make a lot of noise, to be only a memory.
  • In my heart it never ended; we stand still there, gazing at each-others eyes, forever.
  • And tell me that one day I will be again in your arms and you’ll whisper “I have missed you.”
  • If it were for me, I would be there hugging you, all night long, or all your life.
  • Feelings that come back are feelings that never left.
  • I don't even hold grudges. You did what you did. I felt how I felt. It is what it is.
  • They told me that now you kiss with your eyes open, for if you close them, I appear.
  • Let's raise a glass or 2, to all the things I have lost on you.
  • Who knows if you can feel that today I miss your heartbeats.
  • Do you really think that to wave farewell is enough to not talk anymore?
  • The night has the shape of the things you miss.
  • I have lost lots of people, always for my fault, because I have loved more than I should.
  • We are build like this, falling in love with a missing lover, falling in love with what could be, to a song that has no ending.
  • All you who are afraid to fall in love, who knows, if you have ever seen in the eyes the fear of not being able to fall in love again?
  • Sometimes, you won’t be able to free yourself from a certain pair of eyes, even when they will stop looking at you.
  • Why was it so easy for you to make it so hard for me?
  • The footprints of someone in your life, do not depend on how long they have stayed with you, but on how much they have made you feel.
  • In all the wild world, there is no more desperate creature, than a human being on the verge of losing love.
  • In love wins who damns the one that got away.
  • ..and we fell into each other's arms as if it were the safest place to break apart again.
  • We are the same, you and I. We fall in love with the stars that don't belong to us instead of the ones burning in our hands. We fall in love with the breaking instead of the healing. We fall in love with drowning instead of the sea, and we fall in love with our memories instead of your future.

They will tell you that every thing passes, my baby girl. They’ll tell you that everything passes, but they won’t tell you where. It will pass through your veins, through your bones, through the corners of your eyes, through every muscle, through every drop of blood, through your smiles, through your tears, to that hollow that opens a void in your stomach. And it will pass without mercy, without asking for permission. And it will pass, and it will change you. And you will resist, and it will pass. You will have a new beginning, another life, another love. But there will be days, in a moment of crisis, in a moment of weakness.. well, only on thing will wander in your mind. A print in your heart, a scar recalibrated but never healed. The biggest wish, a falling star, the cents thrown in the fountain, the white stripes on the sky. A name and a pair of eyes. Because, my baby girl, some things do end. But other things, they simply … end, less.

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