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Mother's love

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My mother's love for me

Mother’s love can be so precious that it is priceless. Her love and her affection for us are so extraordinary. We don't realize that till we have children of our own to see this through. Once we have a family of our own and then we start to realize how a mother gives away an entire lifetime achievement for us. She takes care of us, pampers us every time without any self expectation or desiring anything in return. When I think of her care for those moments of her long loving care, nourishment every day which inspires me. I feel it motivates me and gives me courage to be able to behave the same way for my children. Her boundless love and pampering just grew within me every moment when I am with her or far away from her. It feels so blissful to think all this through as time goes by, how she showered her compassionate and boundless love for us which we call parenting. Mom’s unlimited feelings of love and affection for us just inspired us through our childhood with wisdom. Wisdom of filling with fulfillment in our entire life with a positive environment all around us. And this impacts our growth and nourishment process. We grow knowing this fact of our mothers love has no comparison with any other relationships in the world. In her eyes and in her mind we are the world of the upcoming future. Their love for us is just so strong and outrageously great! But still as a young child we are restless and we tend to manipulate these pure feelings with our selfishness. We become selfish, ruthless and become annoyingly ungrateful. We question their judgments and their advice for unknown actions that have no identity. Because, when you are young and a young teenager your world is just different. So unknown chemistry of hormones that changes and controls your emotions and leaves you with a miserable attitude. So you tend to act differently, become prejudice and hot headed teens which have no explanation of any sort. As such, I gave her such a hard time and made things complicated for her every moment because I wasn’t sure what I did and why I did it? Our justification changes and our behavior changes which makes every moment of my mother’s life painful. Because we don’t think things through. Her love and compassion for us from time to time made us too comfortable with the bad behavioral situations from knowing the fact that the world is not as they seemed and out mother tries to explain these with their pampering. A life is not sweet if you don’t know how to accept the practical term of a life. We become judgy and feel very irrational, unclear every moment, fussing our way to make life difficult for our mother to tolerate our uncontrollable behavior. But it never seemed to matter to my mother how I acted during those childhood years. Moreover, she had this awesome patient to tolerate our actions and our various actions towards her. Time to time I give her such a hard time, she will be upset for a few moments but recover calmly and patiently. Never realize that there are good reasons behind every worldly advice she ever used to pitch to us. She tried every method to explain the situation in so many ways, either by discussing the problem, or by giving examples with effects of the same scenario and giving alternative solutions or by listening to our complaints all the way. Now I realize that all her advice had good motives and a great reason behind it. There are so many significant reasons behind those advice and for a great parenting role model hidden to improvise for our well being. That we don’t realize it till we become parents of our own. All those memories about those days in the past in my life and my childhood which passed away before me, are just like a dream. A dream of a mixture of good situations, some bad situations and some are funny situations that makes me laugh all the time. Remembering those days where I could be so menacing to my mother and gave her so much hard time. My mischievous days when I was a little girl who would fight with her mother for freedom, or be an angry teenager, who doesn't understand her mother’s pampering behind every situation. But all the time it was her hidden love and care that made those past years wonderfully awesome to even think about.

My mother’s personality was very strong and practical. She can be tough, practical and meaningful, behind those feelings she would still care but wouldn’t show. In my heart, I think she is an awesome lady with a big heart who is always giving away her utmost love for us. Always caring for us and putting others' lives before hers’ for every kind of situation. See never sighs or shows her weak sides to anyone but yet she still cares for everyone to be the strong mother. Every thing she would see in a positive and practical way. From a young age, I’ve seen her very strict and straight forward personality. But at the same time, she spared her utmost love for us every time in every situation in no matter. She always showered her extra care for our needs, our likes, and dislikes. I mean I am the eldest sibling at my home and I felt I had the most responsibilities as being the eldest child in the family. But I feel I haven’t done as much to prove responsibility as I should have. I always felt that she probably would think that one day I am going to be responsible and become her helper, but rather I was too busy doing my own tomboy act and being a menace. I mean I felt my mother was always there to cover for me. She knows that I will expect me to always learn from the mistakes and from the problems that I face. She helped me in so many ways, either by being a friend, or by sharing her wisdom, and advice in those toughest situations. Sometimes I disappointed her but later It would make sense when she would hug me or pamper me. I really miss those days; it is full of joy to remember those memories. She will always save the day and she did save those days by patching up my life from falling apart so many times with bad choices.

Time to time she acted tough and strict to teach me lessons or to discipline me. Because she acted so strict sometimes, I would feel confused and wonder about the whole situation. Now that I am older and wiser I can understand everything she did for me was to just shape us for the future. During that time, I could always see in my mother's eyes that she was frustrated, confused and furious, when I never paid attention to her discipline. At the same time, she always had her way to understand my situation and how to handle my childishness. She was a young mother herself, managing a teenager who is just so restless can be so stressful. If I was given a chance again now to fix my childhood, then I guess I would go back and change everything for the better. There was always a good time and bad time during my childhood. There were so many wonderful memories that I got the chance to spend it with my mother. My mother is so lovable, she always supported me, guided me even though she acted like a tough woman. In that toughness, there was always love and pampering hidden in it. I am grateful to my mother. She always tried to teach me through life with so many angels and so many ways to become a good human being. A good person, a good daughter, sister and a lovable mother. Her guidance always taught me so much about this life even now as I am older which makes me feel so proud.

Being a mother now, I can feel those moments of how my mother felt about me. A simple hug, greetings and gifts won’t repair those incredible love for us. It is that unique bond of relation that makes every effort seem vague and unjust. My love and my support will always be with her but if we could just try to be with her in her journey by supporting her and spending quality time with her all the way. It may make some differences to her life and make her feel that we care about her too. My mother is just an awesome lady. I mean there aren’t any words to describe her love and passion for me. My mentor, a best friend, my teacher, a kind hearted person and a person who I love the most and she is the whole world to me. I wish her well and pray that she may always be happy and prosperous in her life.

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