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Mothers- They Are Just Simply Great!

It is a true blessing when a mother stays right by your side.

Mother is a simple word that describes so many hidden feelings that makes this name more satisfying. Their blessings and their pampering hide all her quality as a mother. Mother's love just that it has no boundaries such a wonderful perception that their love and care makes feel otherwise. Having a mother by your side can be considered to be a lucky person in this world. Mother nature made such a relation that has infinite affection that can not be compared with anything in this world. This relation is just so pure, and humbly satisfying that it is one of the universal relations in the world. They are kind to you, loveable, best friend, best guide, humble, and their love has no string attached. I mean there is no comparison to this relationship or feeling, because it is just uniquely pure and indescribable that people are getting these gestures as one of the special ones. There are no boundaries on this earth that can relate to this relation and an umbilical cord that seems to never get detached from her to ours, this feeling is like as such. Their love and their blessing always seems to inspire us, wondering where this selfless feeling is coming from? These mesmerizing feelings of comfort, satisfaction, and great deal of moral support that keeps us bonded and makes us strong to be part of this world because this is where all the relationships begin. Their love and careness gives us a piece of mind with stability and balance to this society. These motherly feelings always norm and give us hope, wisdom and understanding of every relationship there are in our lives. It is in our mother's love and care where all the passions are hidden, what we will do without these feelings. I mean people who didn’t get their mother's love would probably have a hard time understanding its power. Mother's love and passion cannot be justified or compared with anything else in the world. Having a mother by our side can represent us with our own identity and with our own comfort zone. It is so inspiring that it cannot be explained or measured in a few words. Mother's support is always tied and always bonds between a child with a mother and with the rest of the other relationships. It is just so pure, that is why this relation is the first and ultimate relation that builds before anything else in this world.

She gives us hope and helps us build our morality.

A mother, who nourished us when we were babies, a playing partner when we were small, a quarrel partner when we were disturbed in our teenage years, a best friend in our youth, a teacher, a health inspector, and a great wise person. Who has as much knowledge as possible in her dictionary and can give us any advice about anything and everything in the world? She represents us in so many ways, no matter what we need. Especially, when children are, an infant, a teenager, a young adult, an adult, or whatever phase they might be in no matter; mothers are always there for them in every respective way. A mother, who is our guidance for discipline, a teacher for our wisdom or sometimes a tight schedule maker, who is always keeping every child organized and proper. Keeping clean, watching over us for our health and for our safety is something that is always in her routine. Support us every time no matter when, how, and where physically and in mentally so we can always stand up for ourselves. They teach us to respect and be respected by others, teaches us to be true to ourselves and be confident of ourselves, when we are confronting ourselves/someone else. If a child is mischievous and naughty, a mother is always there to guide them through and be protective over them from any harm. She builds her child's mind with moral support, with love, and comforting. She never gives up and never stops loving her children no matter what.

Having a mother and being a mother can be so intimidating?

There is a time you may wonder how she works so hard, without any complaints and without any sign of regrets? Especially, when a child is so difficult, ill, or troubled to handle? When everything looks so difficult to bear all the stress, that time mother takes care of all these types of situations like a supermom. Mother is the only one who knows how to confront these problems, when there is nowhere to turn for support. When we need comfort and a piece in our mind in our worst time our mothers are always there for us. It is in your mother's love and affection that eases us from every type of harmony and discomforts. It is in her love and in her affection that connects and creates bonds between families. Mothers are the one who is so uniquely and universally pure of heart and gives us so much support in every possible way. She is always supportive of you, nice, kind, so lovable, helpful, funny and gives us joy to this world. A person, who you can count on, trust hundred percent, and can share everything and anything like a best friend. But sometimes, we forget them, we complain when we are older and become selfish enough to deny their love, their support, and all their hard work. We argue, quarrel, treat them badly, become selfish, bitter and forget all our childhood. Never realize what they have been through, we forget who we are and where we come from. We never realize how we hurt them, when we forget them. But it comes back once we become a mother. That's when we realize that mothers are always right and how much it takes to become one. They know and can feel every child's and their capabilities. Even in our worst times, they come forward to rescue us from any misery and feel our agony. They always find a way to treat you right and with their affection. They can always understand our perspective, our psychology and try to fit into our mind with their love, so we don’t fall apart.

It is our responsibility to value our mother's love and her care for us and when we were child, and as a grown up. As we are a bit wiser to understand that one point, they need that same support and it is our turn as we are older and responsible enough, it is time for us to pay that same respect and pampering to them. By treating them right with good behaviour, good hugs, looking after them when they need it, being their good companion when they are lonely and so on are few cares, we need to pay them back. I mean if they can be your best friend when you are little then you can obviously be their best friend when they need it most. Show them some love and respect, don't forget it's your turn to be their parents. These are just some examples that can make your parents feel like that past with the same sensation as when you were little.

A Mother who always feels for us cares for us and cries for us as they share their love for us. They are there for us hundred percent in all forms and in every way in our heart. Though, sometimes some of us don't appreciate/understand them. But we can always try to feel their love and treat them right. Because of every little thing, she does for us from the bottom of her heart; without any self-needs, with so much care, and with love. Simply mothers are great and heavenly, their feelings have no match for anything or have no comparison, their emotions and their love are always so cherishing. Mothers all over the world, you are simply great!

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Instructions about how to behave with your mother.

  1. Respect your mother. Be polite with them. Don't give her hard time.
  2. Take care of them when they are old like, they took care of you when you were young. Always ask questions if you are confused. Be her best friend.

Our mother is our infinite comfort

"A mother, who nourished us when we were baby, then she became our playing partner when we were small, a quarrel partner when we were disturbed in our teenager, a best friend in our youth, a teacher, a physician, and a wise person who can give us any advice about anything and everything. She represents us in every way, whenever we needed her to become of that someone in need."

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