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Feminist Hypocrisy And Bigotry. We Men Are Fed Up!

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Why I Write What I Write:

I am a feminist (please read on to understand what I mean by that) and I am a man. That is to say I believe women are of equal value to men and that women should have equal rights and opportunities to that of men. I am for the advocacy of women's rights without treading on the rights of men or disrespecting them in the process. I call that authentic feminism. I want to reclaim the word feminist, from the bigots and hypocrites calling themselves feminists and no I don't believe in patriarchy theory. Like most men, I have been constantly bombarded as a man by the hypocrisy of elements of the media, society and the feminist movement itself, on an almost daily basis for the majority of my life (especially being a generation Y male). I am writing this article and setting up this Hub profile, because frankly I am sick and tired of the hypocritical diatribes inflicted on men over what feels like every second of our existence. In addition, I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the omission of the acknowledgment of sexism against men and men’s problems and the associated societal inaction to tackle them.

Of course there will be some that say, “Quit your whinging”. From my perspective, I find such remarks baseless and highly manipulative. Why is it that as a man I don’t have the right to complain about blatant forms of discrimination and sexism against me? Why should I agree not to stand up for my rights as a man or even as a human being? To me such comments are designed to punish men into conforming to their own subjugation. It is shameless manipulation and I will have none of it. This tactic is highly prevalent and it needs to be called out for what it is-manipulation. Women famously claimed back the word slut. Well, I am claiming back the freedom to protect my rights as a man, live with it!

Men’s Rights And The Feminist Movement:

So as can be clearly inferred from above, whilst I am a feminist, I am also a masculist (or masculinist, whichever you prefer). That is, I believe that men are of equal value to women and should have equal rights and opportunities to that of women. I do get rather irritated at the notion put forward by a substantial number of feminists, that men’s rights issues are non-issues and that the men’s rights movement is anti-women. How exactly does the equality of women become undermined by action taken to seek to equality for men and address the sexism against them? The men’s rights movement is seeking equality for men, not supremacy. Therefore I fail to see the connection on how that threatens women’s equality.

Unfortunately it has been my experience that the feminist movement contains a substantial number of hypocrites and bigots. Of course not all feminists belong to this group, but a fair chunk of them do. It’s as if some of them are afraid of recognising the duality of sexism because it might undermine the progress of the feminist movement. What I mean by the duality of sexism, is that sexism against both men and women exists. However I don’t think fear explains most of it. Frankly I think most of these feminists are simply incredibly narcissistic and machiavellian individuals. Feminism for them is about maximising self interest rather than advocating fairness and justice. They do not want equality and whilst they will not dare admit it in public, it is plainly clear that they want gender supremacy and hide behind a false banner of egalitarianism when it suits them. They manipulate, deceive and distort people’s perceptions for their own twisted sense of entitlement.

The Fallacy Of The Us Against Them Mentality:

For some reason many feminists (but not all) seem to ignore or be unaware of the reality that sexism against men and against women are not mutually exclusive phenomena. If I have a daughter, I have the right to see that my daughter has the all the opportunities my son has. If my potential future wife has a son, she has the right to see that her son has all the opportunities her daughter has. As a potential future husband, I want the right to have an environment where my wife can find equal employment to my own and walk around at night safely. If I have a potential future wife, she has the right to see that I have as much support from our legal, health and education systems as women do.

Clearly women and men care about each others wellbeing. Ergo the rights of men and women are not mutually exclusive. The simple fact is, there are no women’s’ rights or men’s rights, there are just human rights. Yet a substantial number of feminists seem ignorant or choose to ignore this inconvenient reality and instead engage in this us against them trench warfare. It’s counterproductive and it undermines the legitimacy of feminism. Men and women do not live on islands. Our lives are interconnected and what affects one, will inevitably affect the other. I love the women in my life and it is part of men’s’ rights to see that women are given equality because we as men care for them. Likewise true feminism recognises that women have a right to see the men they love in their lives given equality because women deeply care for men.

Concluding Remarks:

I promise this is just the opening salvo and I am but one of an exponentially growing number of men that have had enough. I am 29 years old and belong to the group of generation Y men that have known nothing other than hostility against our masculinity since birth. As boys we grew up in an environment constantly attacking our male identity. The damage that the radical forms of the feminist movement which have been prevalent in our society over last 25 or so years (and I say prevalent because yes they are commonplace), have done to boys and are continuing to inflict on them is literally indescribable. Rest assured there will be many articles to come. There is so much misandric garbage out there you could probably do a doctorate on the subject.

If feminists and women in general want true equality, then you must make it your mission to call out those in your ranks for the bigots and hypocrites that they are. There are some admirable women such as Karen Straughan and Alison Tieman on YouTube that have done exactly that. However they are a small few and are just a drop in the ocean. Society needs more women like them, indeed its survival depends on it. We need collective action by women and feminist bodies to address the bigotry and hypocrisy within their ranks. By staying silent on blatant misandry by these so called feminists, you are passively confirming what they say represents what you stand for. By failing to recognise and support action to address men’s problems, you are partly responsible for perpetuating those problems and also their eventual devastating consequences. Let me modify the words of Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good women to do nothing”.

I guess there will be some women that will spin what I say so that I come off as some misogynist. Apparently to these women if I am not blindly agreeing with everything they say I am a misogynist and therefore not a feminist. Apparently to these women standing up for my rights as a man makes me anti-women. Apparently to these women acknowledging the rampant misandry in our society is anti-feminist. Hence I thought I would call myself the "MasculistFeminist". The machiavellians of this world love to label people and I thought I would beat them to it. Labelling allows them to ostracise those that think for themselves, reinforce group conformity and strengthen their control over others. Alternatively perhaps they will play the old card of downplaying what I say. That is suggesting that men’s problems and misandry are some myth. Or possibly they will claim it is the sole responsibility of men to address men’s issues. They have certainly become experts at drawing people’s attention away from the reality that problems that affect men will eventually negatively affect women and the reality that men are shamed from standing up for themselves on gender issues. To these women I say this, you can only hold a cork underwater for so long….

For further discussion on feminism, please consult my articles on why so many people are against feminism, why feminism is hate, why feminist patriarchy theory is wrong, why feminist ideology is dangerous, how feminism is a business and how feminism could contribute to social collapse. For discussion on men's human rights issues, please read my Hubs on why men's issues are ignored and on gynocentrism first and then consult my Hub profile for other articles on men's human rights.

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Why Feminism Is A Cancer Which Will Destroy Western Society


Ryan (author) from Australia on October 03, 2015:

rocky-Thank you for your well written response and your account of your life experience and perspective on things. Things are changing slowly and more and more men are starting to speak up against the blatant hypocrisy, hate and bigotry of modern feminism. This is particularly true for young men like myself that were born into this man hating feminist social environment. People might want to consult my article on gynocentrism to understand the mechanics behind why society so easily slides into seeing women as damsels in distress and perpetual victims, in constant need of saving from "oppressive" and "evil" men and the mythical Western "patriarchy".

Society will evolve beyond this feminist nonsense, but it must evolve fast, because the social and economic consequences that feminism has sown from the epidemic of single mother households, the biased and corrupt family court system and lopsided divorce, fatherlessness and the boy crisis in our biased feminist influenced education system, just to name a few, will start to have a serious impact soon (as in within a decade or so). We can already see some of the negative impacts now. We cannot avoid the damage that has already been done, but if people don't start rising up in mass against this feminist nonsense soon, society itself will start to break down socially and economically. People might want to look up a YouTube video by Karen Straughan called, "Fempocalypse" if they doubt that.

rocky on September 28, 2015:

I have talked with other men about the issues we face. Problem is we have been raised (by women/society) to see women as perpetual victim/children; most men don't really want to discuss the inequities - complainers are weak. Ironically - feminists incessantly bleating about their 'rights' has caused me and other men I'm sure to pause for a 'hey wait a minute" moment.

Raised in the 60's by women I was constantly spoon fed a diet of women good men bad. All the ills in the world would suddenly be corrected if men would stop...being men. "Your father is such a ____, don't you be like that". Funny thing - I observed 'mom' throwing a pot of hot coffee on dad but never saw him hit her. She also left for a year without so much as a goodbye or explanation when I was 12. Made me walk several city blocks with a ruptured appendix and told me to 'walk standing straight' - I was embarrassing her. Thanks mom. Wonder why he attempted suicide when I was 12? hmm...

I ventured out into the world as a fully fledged mangina - ready to battle for all the oppressed women. Took years of abuse from my 'little woman' and divorce to put a spotlight on all the crap men are put through as oppressors of the women. Feminism's control of family court has put countless children in harm's way from abusive mothers - they have much to answer for in this regard. Want to discuss male suicide or women as sexual predators or abusers of children? Nuh-uh. We will block doors, scream, pull fire alarms, call you f'ing scum....

My experience has been that while some women are wonderful and caring - the abusive women are the most cruel creatures I've encountered and use the mask of victim-hood to get away with it. The fact that militant sexist hateful feminists speak for "all women" is a sad reflection on the gender. Watching the segment of "the talk" where the genital mutilation of a man was humorous to all the women there convinced me that male hatred is so innate to women they hardly even notice it.

When the Italian liner ran aground many women were shocked and dismayed that men were pushing them aside to get into the lifeboats. Why didn't the men assure the survival of the women by putting them first? Equality, but not in a crisis? Equality but special treatment?

Ladies - you have allowed many man-hating feminists to speak for you; time to grow a set and speak up. Woman up.

Ryan (author) from Australia on September 10, 2015:

ToHellWithThem-Well said. Feminism is an ideology, it is not synonymous with women and disagreeing with their seriously flawed beliefs and frankly hateful view of men, does not make one anti-woman. It makes someone quite sane actually. Of course feminists would like everyone to equate any criticism directed their way as examples of misogyny, instead of people holding feminists accountable for their poor conduct.

Tohellwiththem on August 31, 2015:

This my first ever post on any forum anywhere. I just want to thank all of the contributors for such excellent, articulate, incisive and ultimately convincing arguments. I thought I was the only one to have woken up to the blatant hypocrisy in modern feminism. It is very tempting these days to write off women altogether but for the sake of my wife Andrea and daughter Caitlin, who aren't misandrist female supremacists, I will persevere.

Ryan (author) from Australia on May 06, 2015:

Daredevil21-That is one of many double standards and examples of hypocrisy that gender ideologues often wilfully ignore and often promote themselves.

Daredevil21 on May 06, 2015:

See i think women wanting equal rights is great i think men and woman should be equal but if you look at the inequalities for example-If a woman is overweight then oh she is beautiful but if a male is overweight how do women treat them,it is okay for women to ogle over male models and guys that are ripped, but if a male looks at female models or such they are perverts it is one big hypocrisy.

Ryan (author) from Australia on February 07, 2015:

Passive Physicist-I have had similar experiences with feminists and their snide arrogance, delusional mindset of moral superiority, trivialisation and hostility toward any discussion of men's issues and blatant bigotry. Reason and logic are not in the drivers seat in feminists brains. Like religious zealots, feminists worship a central ideological dogma and let emotion run them like a herd of mindless sheep. I would ignore feminists, except for the fact that they have enormous influence in politics, the mainstream media, academia, the legal system and almost every other social sphere you care to name in the West and are doing enormous damage to society, especially for men and boys.

Passive Physicist on February 07, 2015:

Thank you so much for this. I met some feminist friends this past year and they're constantly treating me like it's a crime that I'm a male. They refuse to listen to any reason outside of their own cause. They treat human rights in general as if they're less important than feminist rights. I cannot argue with any aspect of their feminism without getting ripped apart by both of them for being "sexist". It's extremely frustrating. I don't see how a movement can be genuine unless it's willing to face criticism. Without criticism, it becomes polarized and unmoving. The way they sarcastically rip apart anybody that doesn't agree with them wholeheartedly or how they don't support men who are pushing for their own cause disgusts me. We should all be in this together, but it feels like they're constantly attacking men.

Ryan (author) from Australia on December 28, 2014:

Robert-Modern feminism is a bigoted hate movement focused on pursuing female supremacy under the cloak and false banner of "gender equality". Feminism has been and still is a trojan horse and a fraud. It is the physical embodiment of rampant unchecked gynocentrism (see my article on gynocentrism for more information). Your story is just one of many happening to men across the West and all over the world. Future generations, especially our boys, will not forgive us for failing to do nothing to stop feminism and their bigotry. A substantial number of young men are aware of the mass manipulation of feminist social engineering on society you are referring to. In response to this growing awareness, many of these young men are opting out of marriage, the toxic financial slavery of the "be a real man" breadwinner role and even relationships with women entirely. In the West some call this social phenomenon "MGTOW" or "Men Going Their Own Way". Man bashing bigots in the media call it "Peter Pan Syndrome", "Failure To Launch" and "Man Boys" in their "Man Up" articles. In Japan they call these large numbers of young men "Grasseaters" and "Herbivore Men". The media bigots can shame and ostracise these young men all they like. Young men don't care what they have to say anymore. These young men are awake. They are not getting back on the treadmill to earn money women spend while men die sooner and they won't participate in a social system designed to benefit women at men's expense and where men are ridiculed and discriminated against with impunity. The cat is out of the bag. We are literally talking about millions of young men now opting out of this man-hating gynocentric social environment and the numbers are growing at an ever increasing rate each year. In Japan it has been causing serious concern for the government and economists. In the US there are already signs it is beginning to be noticed by government and the mainstream media. Without men supporting the gynocentric social system feminism reinforces, the whole thing collapses like the house of cards that it is.

Robert on December 26, 2014:

I wholeheartedly agree with you. While feminism is reasonable, what it has turned into is not. Not only is this young generation's males being taught by extreme feminist parents that they should carer to women, but the females are being taught to take full use of it. This is prevalent in my school, where a teacher committed suicide over his wife leaving him. I took the liberty to track his ex-wife down to offer condolences, and found that she was not grieving, actually, she was suing his family for full ownership of his posessions, as he had not edited his will, and was filing a life insurance claim. I was sure it would be denied, however, it was a possibility that she would ironically scream feminism. I was disgusted and promptly left. After I told my acquaintances and it spread through the school, the general consensus of the school was pity for the ex-wife. I hope we can fix this mentality so that our future generations will nit be tricked by such manipulation.

Ryan (author) from Australia on December 04, 2014:

Nate-I have written articles about both the feminist wage gap myth and the fraudulent feminist rape statistics. See my article on the feminist patriarchy theory and scroll down to the embedded video lecture with Dr. Warren Farrell and the associated written section on the wage gap myth with links to Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers, former chief economist of the US department of labor Diana Furchtgott-Roth and leading economist Prof. Thomas Sowell, all debunking the gender wage gap lie. For my article on debunking the fraud that is feminist rape statistics and the deliberate silencing of female perpetrated sexual assault of men and boys by feminist academicians and the general denial of it by wider society, see my article on rape. Both areas incidently generate a lot of revenue, political influence and public support for the feminist movement and related industries. There is a strong profit motive and political incentive to promote their bogus statistics, lies and myths on the wage gap, rape and domestic violence and anyone that dares to speak out against it is branded a misogynist, especially if they are male. For reporters and politicians, speaking out effectively means career suicide thanks to feminist lobby groups and the influence of feminism in the mainstream media. It is all very orwellian. Just ask Erin Pizzey the founder of the first women's shelter, who was subject to feminist death threats and bomb threats to the point where she had to flee her own country.

Feminists know the public has a knee jerk "must protect the womenz" reaction and will believe whatever they are told about women's issues like mindless sheep, without even bothering to critically examine what lies they are being told. The public is just as culpable as feminists are in keeping these baseless myths alive. Gynocentrism (please see my article on it), is at the root of all of it. Men need to get off their horses and women need to get off their pedestals. Both sexes need to start treating each other as true equals, with equal accountability and responsibility and using their brains for a change! Women are not more deserving of sympathy simply because they are women and women's issues are not an excuse to engage in emotional hysteria, play on peoples emotions, abandon intellectual accountability, brainwash young people and scam people of their money, votes and support.

As for gamergate, feminism has a long track record of invading male spaces and social spheres and imposing their views and their double standards. For the first time in a long time, feminism is getting resistance and finding there is a shortage of male white knights seeking female social approval to enforce their agenda. This group of men is not going to play ball with gynocentrism, they don't care about female social approval, they just want to play video games to chillax in peace without some feminist shrieking misogyny in their ears.

And feminists wonder why they are disliked.....

Nate on November 28, 2014:

I wish you would have mentioned the wage gap myth and the misleading rape statistics (based on an extremely misleading study) that feminists are constantly using. If you want to see some of the most insane feminazi propaganda...check out #Gamergate.

Ryan (author) from Australia on August 13, 2014:

PMARTIN-Thanks for sharing. I share your frustration and your sense of urgency. Your story is just one of many that highlights the reason why men's issues needs to be taken seriously and why the dismissive and vile feminist attitude toward the welfare of men and boys does not have a leg to stand on. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments. Might I recommend an article of mine titled, "Young Men Are Going On Strike", which can be reached in my Hub Profile with my other articles and a YouTube video by Karen Straughan called "Fempocalypse".

With respect to marriage, let me refer you to my article titled, “Parasitism And The Marriage Strike” and my other hub titled, “Men, Suicide, Divorce And Family Court”. I would also recommend my Hub titled, “Two High Profile Cases Of Divorce, Family Break Up And Misandry”. The bottom line being that in Western Society men should boycott the marriage-divorce-family court pipeline, which has been designed specifically to entrap them, exploit them and even imprison them for the benefit of their ex-wives and the state. If men want to settle down with a woman in the West, make sure you get legal advice first and don’t marry. I will repeat that, do not marry. Go de facto and get legal advice first before settling down. Men need to choose the women they want to associate with wisely. Sociopaths and narcissists are best avoided. Especially given the current legal climate that treats men as guilty before innocent if a false allegation is levelled against them.

PMARTIN on August 12, 2014:

I know it takes time to get progress moving but when the opposition is moving 100 mph, we can't go at 50 especially since in a few years Mrs Clinton could be our President. As you stated they are already working on our little boys in the school system but even worse moms are doing a job on them. Ive read post even here on the Hub about how mothers raise their boys. Everything so far is teaching them to yield to women. Nothing about teaching to stand up and be strong as they teach girls. Unrelated question here. I knew a friend (man) who had a close call in marriage regarding a golddigger. What saved him from financial loss is that in that State one has to be married at least one year to receive alimony. The wife did not know that and her scheme did not work. Is this a common period of time in all States? s there legislation in progress to make this happen? I feel that since so much emphasis is on equality then if you divorce within 5 years you walk away with what you brought in--men can keep their pensions, 401Ks and she can go back to working at the beauty Salon. 5 years is a long time to pretend to love someone.

Ryan (author) from Australia on August 12, 2014:

I just thought I would add an extra bit here relating to the discussion on the social awareness of men's issues brought up in a recent comment. A good analogy to think of and reflect on is the frog in boiling water. The metaphor goes that if you place a frog in cold water and slowly heat it up until it boils, then the frog will be boiled alive. The point being that people are often slow to react or remain unresponsive to change when it is gradual, including negative change. The story of men's issues is one such example of this. Climate change and the global debt crisis are others.

Our society has been subject to decades of feminist social engineering. The marginalisation of men and boys in society has been introduced slowly and gradually and consequently most of the public, have failed to identify the serious problems affecting men and boys. The boy crisis in education and the corruption in the family court system are two classic examples of this. Both issues have been allowed to fester for decades. For young men, we were born into this environment, so for a large number of us, we caught on that something was seriously wrong fairly quickly even if we were only semi-conscious of it. We got thrown into the pot when it was already halfway to boiling point. We had not been slowly and gradually desensitised to the misandry pouring from feminism like older generations had (with some exceptions of course) and thus we noticed how hostile the culture had become to men and boys.

But there is more at play here, feminism and the bigots behind it have gone to great lengths to hide what they are doing. They have used the cloak of equality to shame anyone that holds them accountable. They have been quick to gain an influence in the media and government bureaucracy to control what information the public is getting, what issues are brought to the public's attention and how issues are framed. It has also allowed them to silence dissenting opinion. Consequently because of this, feminism and their bigotry has flown under peoples radar for years.

We have all been subject to mass psychological manipulation by the feminist movement. Manipulation that is well funded and well entrenched in our governments, media, legal systems and education systems. Hence why I have added links to eight other articles in the final paragraph in my article above to help people deprogram and understand what is happening and how they are being manipulated.

Feminism has gone relatively unchallenged for decades and like a weed is well rooted in our social structure, institutions and culture. So people need to be aware that social change is not going to come quickly initially. One by one we are each waking up. Society is slowly becoming aware of the reality that modern feminism is fraud and is really about female supremacy, but it is going to take time. I liken social change to a non-linear equation. Social change might start off slowly, but once a tipping point is reached it goes exponential and then moves very rapidly. We are approaching that tipping point and the reason for that is because the very survival of society itself depends on challenging feminism. If our boys and future men cannot gain meaningful employment because of the boy crisis in education, then our Western economies are finished. Poverty, unemployment, bankruptcy, crime and mental illness will skyrocket. Oh and that is just one example. Fatherlessness is another area which is going to have enormous social and economic consequences for society.

When the survival of society is at stake and when this becomes apparent to a critical mass of people, then the rest of society will quickly catch on. All social evolutions have historically followed a pattern of a slow build up followed by rapid change. Patience is key, change happens slowly at first, but it will happen, so don't despair.

Let me quote Newtons third law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Social behaviour is no different. It is a law of nature, not just a law of physics, that change will occur and feminism will be met with an equal and opposite correcting force. Feminists can count on it! You can only hold a cork underwater for so long.

Ryan (author) from Australia on August 10, 2014:

PMARTIN-Thank you for your comment and suggestions, they are most welcome. I am certainly not shooting them down, the more solutions, support and strategies that are tried the better. Certainly I think what you have mentioned is a great idea. Mike Buchanan is running for political office in the UK with his party Justice For Men and Boys, which I think is a particularly strong leap forward for the men's human rights movement and fighting against statist feminism and their bigoted ideology, policies and practices.

In my opinion, I think what is most sufficient to bring about awareness is continued and sustained promotion of men's issues and unity and networking for those involved. Having conferences, YouTube shows and radio shows is good only for a certain period if they are simply one offs. The idea is to keep having the conferences, YouTube shows and radio shows and to keep challenging the status quo. This is exactly what is happening. Believe me, the men's human rights movement is not going away. There is going to be another international men's conference and another one and another one and another one every year for the foreseeable future. None of the promotion of men's issues is going away, in fact it is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. I think unity and networking on men's issues is crucial as well. What I mean by that is that having solidarity sends a much much stronger voice than one person in the wilderness. Hence the reason why I embed, share and use so much material from other people involved in men's rights, anti-feminism and true gender equality in my articles.

Having said that, advocacy of men's human rights and antifeminism are still very much at the grass roots. We don't have the millions of dollars the feminist movement has, or their influence and foothold in the mainstream media, political lobbying and the government bureaucracy. If we did, then awareness would spread far more quickly. Nonetheless awareness is already spreading quickly through the internet and social media. Online communication is bypassing and surpassing the traditional controls of communication that existing powerstructures have used for decades to shape and mould the cognitive map of the public on various issues. People are also becoming more and more aware that the media are not doing their job and are looking elsewhere for information.

The men's movement has a very large public profile relative to the tiny financial resources at it's disposal. So much so, that the mainstream media has been forced to pay attention to it over the last couple of years. YouTube has been a particularly useful platform to raise awareness. Karen Straughan's video titled, "Feminism and the disposable male" has over 1,000,000 views for instance. Websites such as A Voice For Men (AVFM) have proved to be particularly effective, receiving more traffic than most feminist websites and attracting the attention of the mainstream media. AVFM has also on more than one occasion left the media with egg on their faces for deliberately lying or misleading the public on men's issues, gender inequality and the men's human rights movement. The more the media lies, the more readers it loses and the more people learn the truth about men's issues.

So the online presence of the men's movement has been extremely effective and the web traffic continues to keep growing every year at an ever increasing rate. Content gets shared on facebook, email and twitter, things go viral and the medium is fluid and difficult for people to censor, suppress and distort. AVFM does already do basically everything you have mentioned, reporting on abuses, widespread legal corruption and receives millions (yes millions) of unique visitors to the site every year, many of which are men.

There are men's groups that come together in person all over the place in Canada, the United States, Australia and so on. The idea of a magazine sounds like a good idea. I am not sure if a major one exists for the men's movement, it might. I do know that there have been a number of publications recently that have been reporting and raising awareness on the men's movement. The men's movement does not have the millions of dollars to make a major publication, but certainly there have been newsletters and minor publications for men's rights. The internet has proven to be a far more effective tool than print though, because of the way content can be shared and linked together.

I would agree that we need more awareness and as our numbers grow, more and more people are becoming aware and talking about these things and challenging the status quo. There have been a number of men that have been "snared" by the corrupt legal system that have found AVFM and the men's movement online, NCFM is another major website. I will say that there have been judges, lawyers, reporters, private adminstrators and many other officials that have come under the microscope of major online men's rights publications like AVFM. Corrupt and slimy individuals are receiving blowback and are being held publicly accountable by the men's movement since the mainstream media prefers to look the other way. A particularly good place for men in trouble or having issues with family court, suicide etc to receive some social support would be the online forums on AVFM. There is a very big online community of men out there, all men or women have to do is google them.

PMARTIN on August 10, 2014:

Websites, radio shows and conferences are "nice" but not sufficient enough to bring about awareness. What's needed is for the various mens rights groups to come together and put together a nice magazine that sets at the store checkout counter. Most men have no idea what's happening and when they do get snared, they arent going to think to find a mens radio station on the internet or a website about court cases in Canada--but a magazine containing these abuses, pre marital or pre divorce advise, names of law makers who pass these laws, powerful men who could take a stand but yield to feminism and finally my pet peeve---TV shows and commercials that portray fathers especially, in a negative light. A magazine can be handed to a friend, a son or co workers. Judges, Hollywood writers and law makers will act different to avoid being next months feature story. Men who are suicidal because they've been pushed to the wall in family court--can read accounts of other men and where to go to get help--wont feel isolated, feels like he has a chance and wont destroy a life.

Ryan (author) from Australia on July 22, 2014:

-Rob. Thanks for that interesting post. The problem is the men that you describe are invisible to feminists and they still are today. Only the top 1% of the male population count for feminists, the remaining bottom 99% of men don't exist. The hundreds of thousands of men that were forcibly conscripted off to war and died, many of them only 16-20 years old, were privileged according to feminists. So were the men that worked from dawn until dusk in the fields, in the mines and in the bellies of ships to clothe and provide for their wives and children whom men were legally obligated to look after. Women had no such legal obligations placed on them to provide for their husbands and children. The male homeless and the male poor in the past never existed according to feminists, just as they don't in the eyes of feminists today. Women got the seats in the life boats, women got the exemption from selective service and women got a pass on the menial and physically dangerous work of running society. While men died for their families and their country, women lived. All those men on the Titanic giving their lives for their wives and children, never existed according to feminists. The past was not black and white like feminists claim that it was. Both genders faced different forms of hardship, but men certainly were not some privileged class that oppressed women. The male and female aristocracy were the privileged and it was the state which the aristocrats ran, that oppressed the men and women commoners below them. But feminists would like us all to believe their lie so they can justify their hypocrisy in the same of equality over some past wrong that never happened, that gives women some baseless form of moral superiority over men. The feminist account of history is about instilling guilt in men to acquire power, playing on men's protective instincts of women, pulling the wool over peoples eyes and pushing their agenda of female supremacy forward in government policy, the courts, the media and the education system, all of which they have their tentacles in.

Rob on July 22, 2014:

Good posts!

I was brought up in the South-West England and in the late 1800's most boys started work in the mines at the age of 12. Most of these boys ended up deaf in by the time they reached 20 due to the noise. Working in damp, dark and dangerous conditions took its toll. Accidents maimed and killed many, and you were considered lucky if you reached the age of 40. If you didn't work then you would starve. This state of affairs was not restricted to mining in the South West England, but my example just reflects how life was for the common man in the past.

It irritates me when a privileged middle class feminist, whose sense of self entitlement knows no bounds pokes her head up and tries to tell us how men had it so easy throughout history while women were oppressed by them.

Ryan (author) from Australia on July 07, 2014:

MiasmicClarity-Thanks for your comment. In many ways the problem with modern feminism is simple. Equality works both ways or it does not work at all. Both men and women face issues in this society. Ignoring, downplaying and trivialising men's issues or justifying inequality marginalising men in the name of equality is inexcusable and such hypocrisy must be exposed and those in the feminist movement held accountable for their actions. Inspiring hatred toward men and boys, discussing the genocide of men or the eugenics and infanticide of men and boys as some prominent feminist academics have and dehumanising men, has no place in a feminist movement that claims to be about gender equality. Yet despite the plethora of examples of such hostility and indifference toward men and men's issues, feminists continue to remain silent while prominent members within their own movement continue to carry out their hypocrisy and bigotry. Feminists don't self-police and instead look the other way or actively support such hate and bigotry. Feminism is not above accountability and it is not a movement for equality when it ignores inequality facing men and inspires hatred toward men.

With respect to the past. I have decided to embed another video in the article above that goes through some of the history of feminist hypocrisy. See the video in the article above titled, "An Overview Of The History Of Feminist Hypocrisy". Feminists have successfully fabricated a fiction that women have been historically oppressed by men in order for their movement to acquire political power and resources. In short, we have been lied to. The reality is that both men and women have historically faced oppression as a result of traditional gender roles being forced upon them, by a society that was trying to survive in far more harsh and primitive living conditions than our present technologically advanced society. The real oppressor was the environment, which demanded men work to do much of the physical labour which was simply beyond the physical capabilities of most women and demanded women raise children to perpetuate the community and ensure care could be provided in the future for the elderly who could no longer do the physically arduous work to support themselves. Before mass production and industrialisation, work was far more physically demanding than it is today, we did not have the luxury of talking about gender issues. Women may not have had ownership of property, but they were not legally obligated to provide for families like men were either. With rights came responsibilities which were expected of men, but not of women. Women may have had limited freedoms, but so did men. It was men that were forcibly conscripted into war, it was men that were were forced into bucket brigades and other menial and physically dangerous work for the community and it was men that died in their hundreds of thousands often against their will, protecting and providing for others and building civilisation. Neither gender had it easy in past society and yet feminism would have us believe men were some privileged upper class. Hah! Nothing could be further from the truth. The only people that have been privileged in past society have been the male and female aristocracy and the wealthy. Most men had as much privilege and freedom as most women. They worked until they died and no one had the luxury of questioning traditional gender roles lest they and their children starve to death. I could write so much more on gender and past history alone, but I already have. Click on the link in my article above in the last paragraph titled "Why Feminist Patriarchy Theory is wrong" and read it and watch the embedded video content.

Feminist ideology is not women's rights. It is a doctrine of hatred similar to Hitler's Mein Kampf (My Struggle in English), in the sense that it blames a group of people for some wrong on another group of people and uses that fiction as a self-serving justification to oppress the undesirable accused group. Whether it is men classed as oppressor of women or Jews classed as oppressor of the Germans, such thinking is hateful and frankly evil. Both Nazism and Feminism has inspired discussion of genocide and both for the same reasons. Click on the link in the article above, "Why Feminism is hate" for more on this point.

MiasmicClarity on July 02, 2014:

I honestly think you have put to words what a lot of men think who believe in equality. I wont try to take a lot of time explaining the concept as you ave already done a stupendous job. One Point I would like to highlight which I often hear is concept of these "feminists" to look at the past and trying be compensate in this era. My point is we can create a better future if we will always keep looking at past. Lets draw a line - lets amputate the part of human history which we all agree was not for the best and start a fresh. If we keep looking back and we might never move ahead.

Ryan (author) from Australia on May 03, 2014:

To answer your questions completely would require pages of writing and this response is already quite lengthy. The examples are numerous. So I will provide just a few and reference you to my other Hubs which I have linked at the end of this article and the video content I have recently attached to this very Hub itself for further examples and discussion.

How is feminism hypocritical and attacking males? Prominent feminists such as Mary Daly, Sally Miller Gearhart and a number of others (see my article on why so many people are against feminism and the video in it about feminism, genocide, eugenics and infanticide against men), have openly discussed the extermination of most of the male population and eugenics against men and boys. Influential feminist academics have written books making legal arguments for the legally sanctioned murder of men and have attempted to provide arguments to excuse adult female guards committing statutory rape against juvenile male inmates in detention centers (to examine further, see my links to both examples in my article on Why So Many People Are Against Feminism under the section Not All Feminists Are Like That). Feminists have deliberately fabricated statistics on domestic violence and rape and have omitted the substantial numbers of male victims from both spheres, despite the wealth of research and data to the contrary (please see my articles on rape and domestic violence for further discussion). They have also attempted to dismiss female pedophilia and disrupt discussion and examination of female child abuse (please see my article on rape and the video on female pedophilia).

The plethora of research on domestic violence and rape which contradicts the feminist narrative of men being default perpetrators and women perpetual victims, has been repeatedly ignored and even hidden from the public by feminists (again see my articles on domestic violence and rape and the embedded video content in those articles). In some instances bomb and death threats have even been sent to these researchers. Erin Pizzey the founder of the first women’s shelter, spoke out against feminism and their claims of domestic violence and this resulted in numerous death threats, bomb threats, her dog being killed and finally her having to flee the UK. Feminists have resorted to violence against those that criticise them, including assaulting police (as we saw at the University of Toronto in 2012 at Dr. Farrell’s Lecture). Of course none of that is covered in the feminist controlled media.

Much of feminist hypocrisy and bigotry comes from the continuous dismal and denial of men’s and boy’s rights issues and active attempts to downplay such issues and suppress or distort relevant information before it reaches the public. They can get away with this through their control of government agencies and media. They have also been actively involved in passing legislation or public policy which openly discriminates against men or marginalises their interests and concerns. We can see this play out in family courts, on college campuses with rape allegations and star chambers (see my article on rape, particularly the video at the end) and in legislation on domestic violence, rape and assault.

From my personal experience with feminism, I have found them to be hateful, ideologically closed minded and dismissive of men and boys issues. My first experience with feminism occurred at university. Spray painted along the walls of the men’s toilets of the science faculty was “all men must die” from the feminist group on campus. At this same university, forming men’s groups was met with furious hostility and opposition. Talking about the human rights of half the population was socially taboo. In direct discussion with feminists I have had the issues I bring up about men and boys, such as the boy crisis in education, dismissed, downplayed, trivialised and even made fun of. I have also found them to generally resort to shaming tactics to get their way in open conversation and discussion. For these reasons and others, aside from the occasional exception, I no longer converse with feminists.

The hypocritical diatribes levelled by feminists at men come through the media and their own propaganda. Comments from feminist bigots like Hanna Rosin that men are “obsolete”, “finished” and “redundant” in mainstream media and writing books and articles about the “End of Men”, typify the frequent man-bashing feminists of her ilk engage in through our newsprint and TV. This is the main reason I no longer watch TV or read newsprint. Man-bashing material from feminist commentators is frequent and cyclical now in their content. Maureen Dowd and her disgusting articles are other examples. Feminist propaganda frequently makes sweeping generalisations about the supposed inherent violence and deviance of masculinity. For examples of these refer to my article on rape and the video about “Teaching Men To Not Rape” (This is discussed in my article on rape and the video titled rape culture and feminist bigotry on masculinity and rape) and the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign on college campuses. Domestic violence messaging is similar, implying that I should feel ashamed as a man because of the actions of a minority of abusive men and that their violence has to do with masculinity rather than behavioural problems or psychopathy (again read my article on domestic violence for more discussion and watch the embedded video content in that article for specific examples).

Feminism has it’s tentacles in the media, the government, the legislature and in our educational institutions. Their lobbying groups our powerful and control our politicians and public policy. Criticising feminism is often met with ostracisation, career suicide and even violence. Speaking up for men’s issues is consistently ignored, downplayed and marginalised. I simply cannot answer your questions in one response. My suggestion is you read my articles and watch my linked video content in those articles for further discussion. Feminist bigotry and hypocrisy does affect me as a man, because I can’t rely on my government, education system, legal system or the media to respect my rights, interests and dignity as a man.

Feminism is not responsible for every issue affecting men. Our culture and the state also play large roles. However feminism is frequently attacking men or stifling discussion and advocacy for men’s rights. I recommend watching a lecture by Prof. Janice Fiamengo on why feminism has nothing to do with equality. If you read my article on Why So Many People Are Against Feminism and watch the video titled “Prof. Janice Fiamengo On Feminism And Double Standards”, you can watch it there.

We have all been told that feminism is about equality and yet feminism frequently acts in contradiction to that notion. If I question them on that, I get the response, “not all feminists are like that”. Not all Nazi’s were like that either, does that mean we ignore hate and bigotry within social movements? I don’t think so. Especially when they claim to stand for the exact opposite. Especially when a social movement like feminism has such hate and bigotry coming from prominent and influential members and has a historical pattern of such hypocrisy. Not all feminists are like that, does not excuse the reality that feminism is doing serious damage to society and substantially marginalising the rights and concerns of men and boys.

If feminists practiced what they preached, then they would join the rest of us in calling out the hate and bigotry within their own movement and would self police. They would not be remaining silent on such matters or criticising those that speak out against such bigotry.

Maryanne Smart on April 27, 2014:

Hi MasculistFeminist, I was wondering, what have feminists said to you that was hypocritical or attacking males? I'm interested in what specific ways you feel feminism is "constantly attacking our male identity". You said it feels like you hear hypocritical diatribes every second of the day. Who exactly, when and how? I'm not having a go, I'd really like to know. Thank you, Maryanne.

Ryan (author) from Australia on January 27, 2014:

Marginalising half the population i.e men, in the name of equality is indefensible. There is no intelligence there, only evil. When I see books being written about "The End Of Men" and half the population, I only see stupidity and hate. We live in a society that does not treat men or even boys as human and we have lived in such a society for decades. The only difference now, is that it is starting to negatively impact the bigots and hypocrites that depend on them. Men's struggles and pain has grown to a point where it has started to become inconvenient, so they have now labeled men redundant and claimed they are obsolete. Men and boys have had enough and they are starting to progressively withdraw from society in mass. A line is being drawn as we speak.

Degast on January 27, 2014:

The war on men is to being fought in the media where regrettably the antimisyognist message is more important than the lies employed to support it. Identifying where the evil lies is one thing. Formulating a politically coherent response is another. The hypocrisy is so complete absorbed into our societies that intelligent people who abhor discrimination fail to see it a justified and normal.

Ryan (author) from Australia on January 16, 2014:

To Yuri Gellar-"The power of language should not be underestimated." I could not agree more. Much of what I am doing and how I have positioned myself, is based around that understanding. Feminists have used the power of language to elude accountability and scrutiny for far too long. The meaning behind feminist language is vague and they like moving the goal posts when they get caught out. My intent is to use the meaning they convey to me about what feminism is about (or remind them of what they said they are about) against them every time they attempt to move the goal posts. Make them accountable to their own rhetoric in other words. Trap them in their own straight jacket and shaming tactics which they apply on everyone else who questions their rhetoric and dogma.

So my reasoning behind calling myself what I did was to use their (feminist) language and their false dichotomy of men's rights vs women's rights against them. I called myself masculistfeminist to provoke a form of cognitive dissonance. To confuse the bigots on how I could be both and collapse their false dichotomy. I wanted to prompt the question in peoples minds of why women's rights vs men's rights should be mutually exclusive and to highlight just how off track we have gone on gender issues. My approach has had it's fair share of criticism and that is fairly warranted given feminism's track record and my adoption of their tainted name.

At a personal level the name "masculistfeminist" was my way of giving feminists the finger and shoving their labeling tactics right back at them. To play their game against them. I have said in my profiile I am a humanist above all else. I have mentioned repeatedly that there is no men's rights or women's rights but human rights. I recommend reading my article on the "Dangers of feminist ideology and the need for a gender transition movement". That helps clarify a few things about my perspective on gender and human rights adovocacy further.

Will my approach work or was it the best idea? I don't know. Perhaps this is the wrong approach. Frankly at this stage we need to be trying everything because we are 20-30 years away from a social collapse due to our neglect of men and boys, especially the boy crisis in education and what some short-sighted bigots are calling, "The End Of Men".

Yuri Gellar on January 10, 2014:

This is a good article that is on the right path. However, we must challenge the very core of our thinking. We need to start with our language. The power of language should not be underestimated. It is essential that we avoid any unnecessary reference to gender in our language if we are truly to liberate ourselves from the concept of sexism... You have to reject the term "masculine" and "feminine" unless it is absolutely essential. It permeates your thinking and clouds your judgement. It leads to a superiority/inferiority complex, and takes our minds off a far more important issue ... Gender Equality.

It's time that feminism is associated with "sexism". The very word itself instantly invokes the concept of "women only",which in itself is a justification of further sexism from men and women. The only way to stamp this out - and to work for the better of ALL society is to black-ball the term "feminist" by associating it and equating it with female sexism. It should be the equivalent of a "female chauvinist" and treated with the same disrespect. Openly challenge feminists as sexist in the same way you would challenge a chauvinist.

A far more effective term is "gender equalist" or "gender benevolent". At any stage that anyone tries to emphasise or imply one gender over another, they should be branded as sexist, no matter how subtle the technique used.

If you look at Germaine Greer, she was very astute in recognising the power of language and its influence on thought... Discrimination (to choose) ... what a powerful idea. You no longer have the right to choose what you want. A very powerful concept. Well, now it's time to embrace language and clearly delineate those truly interested in the well-being of society as a whole ... and my friend, you won't do that through feminism. You will have as much success at convincing the chauvinist community to be gender benevolent.

I appreciate there are circumstances where you must focus on gender (eg. pregnancy and maternity related issues, or prostate cancer). These are easily justifiable as they are biologically driven - and fall within the framework of "gender equality", such that they are black and white.

If you really want to make a difference, I implore you to denounce any form of sexism ... and to do that you must change your language. Your language heavily influences how you think and act and how you view the world. Treat the words "feminism" and "masculinism" in the same way you treat "chauvinism". Your perspective will change for the better ... when you embrace this mindset.

Ryan (author) from Australia on November 24, 2013:

-Angry Equalist

You are spot on with the drip-drip effect and much of the discrimination and social engineering against men being done subtly or hidden from view under the smokescreen of feminist "equality". I called it totalitarianism by stealth in one of my other articles on "Why So Many People Are Against Feminism". Many issues facing men, such as the boy crisis in our feminised education systems and the rise in fatherlessness as a result of biased family courts, have long time generational scales. They are indeed "gradual" and do creep up on society. The problem is that these issues have been ignored for so long that they are going to lead to severe inter-generational economic and social consequences. We are starting to see some of them bare fruit now and it will get a lot worse.

Ryan (author) from Australia on November 24, 2013:

-The Batman. Thanks for the feedback. It bemuses me too that we send a message to boys that they should not hit girls and yet remain completely silent about the opposite. No one should be physically assaulting anyone-PERIOD. Having said that, people have a right to defend themselves when attacked. Just because women are generally physically weaker does not mean they can't do a lot of damage with their fists, not to mention if they use weapons or objects. A man has the right to use reasonable force to defend himself against abusive or violent women. So yes you should defend yourself. Not doing so, can potentially lead to lethal consequences or chronic injury. Violence in women should not be trivialised, it should be taken just as seriously as male violence. If people see such violence they should not pass by, they should be calling the police.

AngryEqualist on November 24, 2013:

Thank you for your acknowledgement and feedback! I too have been busy, so didn't notice the e-mail notification that you'd kindly replied. So apologies from me are in order too.

Each and every point you articulate IS for the very reason I originally said what I did. At least we are on the exact same page, as it were. It's such a relief to find someone (and a handful of others) that are event willing to 'think' about this, for most, MOST of the guys I mention this too, just glaze over, or simply aren't the tiniest bit interested. They just can't SEE what's happening, it's so well 'hidden' almost. Like with women and girls, it's the drip-drip effect, where one gets immersed without realising, as the water so slowly creeps up.

Luckily some of us are ahead of the game. I like to think we're more observant - and I indeed do sit back and look at things as rationally and logically as I can, thinking more in a macro, as opposed to micro (blinkered) sense. Of course more will 'wake up' as the tide rises; but my word some guys (and women) are just so slow to see and get what's actually happening.

Three cheers for your blog mate! Keep up the good work ;)

The Batman. on November 22, 2013:

I love this article. You took the words right out of my mouth... Or keyboard, rather.

Something I find hilarious in this day and age is that there are females that make their gender seem weaker with the "I can hit boys, but they can't hit me back because I'm a girl". It's ridiculous, especially when they complain about sexism all the time. If a girl punches me, I'll punch her right back; that's feminism right there.

Ryan (author) from Australia on November 19, 2013:

Sorry. I am sure it will come to you eventually. It is not hard to find an example of man bashing in this society.

Ryan (author) from Australia on November 19, 2013:

My apologies, I have been a bit busy last couple of weeks and have not had the time to get on here. I do get to them eventually. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and comprehensive response.

"Men almost feel apologetic for even existing; they've lost their identity and where and what exactly their role is now! So many poor young, emasculated boys, who just don't know how oppressed THEY now are and how at the same time, girls are allowed to pretty much say and do as they like, with NO worries or thoughts as to how all this is affecting males."

Of all the things that concern me most, it is what we are doing to boys that really stands out. At least men has some capability to detect and protect themselves from psychological abuse. Boys are too young to understand what is being done to them let alone protect themselves from it.

"Girls and women are allowed to feel somehow vastly superior, for just BEING a female."

Yes absolutely. People are entitled to a basic level of respect regardless of gender, but putting women on a pedestal simply for having a vagina is undeserved. Such a line of thinking has been witnessed with the American South and the KKK. Same bigoted line of reasoning, just different groups of society with the complementary self serving "justifications". Ironically this is not only misandry, but misogyny, as you deny women the right to be imperfect and make mistakes. Being imperfect is part of being a "real person" and therefore we take away part of women's humanity when we undeservedly deify them. Women are equal to men, not superior. Anything more or less is the textbook definition of bigotry and discrimination.

"However, what worries me more than anything, is those at the top of the feminist movement (the evil, manipulative, really misandric ones) are the ones entrapping innocent young girls and women into believing that feminism is about equality - which it once was, but is most definitely NOT any longer."

Again as with boys this of great concern to me, because we are talking about younger people whose minds are not fully developed or whom are still finding their place in the world. These girls and young women are basically being indoctrinated and exploited by bigots and hypocrites posing as advocates of equality under the banner of feminism and using patriarchy theory to define what would otherwise be morally indefensible as righteous. The Nazi's thought they were doing the "right" thing too.

When people start framing the world in boxes, you can have the brightest person in the world reduced to an idiot. That is what ideological thinking like patriarchy theory is doing to the brains of young men and women.

"All these government-sponsored workplace skill training positions which are paid for from taxpayers money (mostly men's as we pay the largest amount of tax of course) to help only women also angers me."

The problem with feminism is that it focuses on equality of outcomes rather than equality of opportunity. People are going to have different interests, goals, talents etcetera. Feminism completely ignores this and expects women to be clones of men. That is the difference between reality and ideological delusion. If women are not numerically represented at the same level as men in some area, that does not automatically mean discrimination, it could be due to different interests and women exercising their freedom of choice.

"As you say, the Internet is helping this enormously (another male invention;)"

Yes, I have to admire the irony that it was technology that allowed feminism to emerge (by automating physical labour) and it will be technology that forces feminism to implode or transform into something authentic.

Darkproxy from Ohio on November 01, 2013:

You finally opened comments on this, the problem for me is that well I forgot what I really wanted to say.

AngryEqualist on November 01, 2013:

Thank you too. I've heard/watched stuff from ManWomanMyth and Warren Farrell, but I haven't come across the others you mention, so I'll definitely check them out.

I just can't believe how angry I feel deep inside whenever I now hear yet another so-called feminist speaking on the radio or TV and the now widely assumed and held belief that somehow woman are STILL less represented and 'downtrodden' in the western world (and this is the UK media, where I'm based); and as you say, it goes totally unchallenged. I believe it's because of the drip-drip effect of the grossly unfair manipulation propagated by the feminist movement. Men almost feel apologetic for even existing; they've lost their identity and where and what exactly their role is now! So many poor young, emasculated boys, who just don't know how oppressed THEY now are and how at the same time, girls are allowed to pretty much say and do as they like, with NO worries or thoughts as to how all this is affecting males.

Girls and women are allowed to feel somehow vastly superior, for just BEING a female. They seem to revel and overtly 'love' themselves and the pseudo-freedom they've now attained (I say pseudo because it's at the expense and cost of former male virtues). All this 'girl power' is really, really making me feel jaded and resentful.

However, what worries me more than anything, is those at the top of the feminist movement (the evil, manipulative, really misandric ones) are the ones entrapping innocent young girls and women into believing that feminism is about equality - which it once was, but is most definitely NOT any longer. They've indoctrinated and brainwashed them into thinking and believing that they are indeed suppressed. They swallow this because a/ the numbers of women in various forms of employment are outnumbered by quite a margin (not everywhere, but overall), and so this figures support this; and b/ because the drip-drip effect of the total immersion of our society, where things go unchallenged by men (so they feel it must be true) and women 'issues' and representation surround them! We have 'well woman' healthcare clinics (WHY? it's acknowledged that men die earlier on average and seek less help, so are more prone to die earlier - why aren't they giving well-man clinics!?); and there is a whole profession of doctors called gynaecologists, which are specifically for women, but there is NO equivalent for men! Again WHY?!

Women's breast cancer gets 8 times more funding than men's prosate cancer, even though many more men suffer from prostate cancer than women do from breast cancer. Again WHY?!

We have a 'Minister for women', a position in government to represent women, but NO equivalent for men. WHY?! Women have whinged and moan for the best part of 50 years now, but somehow that's okay. But if a man moans about an injustice, he's labelled a whinger, when we've only just started challenging the situation! Women are used to whinging, so are blind to seeing the hypocrisy of laying this charge at men, as they are so used to it it's almost in their DNA; and we aren't used to hearing men stand up for ourselves, so it's noticeable when we do and they don't like the challenge.

Then we have 'Womans' Hour' on the radio. A programme that airs every weekday and Saturday too, spending time bashing men, playing women as victims etc., when now they run so dry of material, that they can only keep the charade up by stating cases overseas. Well, this isn't out of concern for those people so much as chest-thumping and name calling against MEN; thereby propagating and supporting their message that women are stifled and so terribly treated and represented. This is purely to bolster their standing in Britain, and to keep this myth going.

All these government-sponsored workplace skill training positions which are paid for from taxpayers money (mostly men's as we pay the largest amount of tax of course) to help only women also angers me. Yet STILL the numbers of women entering the engineering, science and building sector fails to attract more women. So it's women who've failed to swell their representation, not men. Women have failed themselves, and they can't blame men, but somehow they still do!

Domestic violence is roughly 50/50 too, with MORE child abuse coming from mothers than fathers, but they hate, absolutely can't stand to be told this and will vigorously deny it, somehow twisting the figures.

They talk about rape, but ignore the rape of men.... oh, hang on, there is no 'rape' defined for men having been exposed to this crime. It's just not recognised as such, so of course it's going to be men raping women and not vice versa.

I could go on and on, but I'm sure you're already well aware of all this. The whole situation beggars belief! I'm sick to the teeth. As you say, it's the beginning of the end of feminism, as men and fair-minded women challenge what's really going on, and the injustice towards men is now becoming clearer. As you say, the Internet is helping this enormously (another male invention;)

Ryan (author) from Australia on November 01, 2013:

Thanks for your response and encouraging words. Our mainstream media, lawmakers and politicians have been looking in the other direction or actively supporting feminist hypocrisy for decades. The only difference now is that feminists are losing control over the flow of information thanks to the internet. Finally these bigots are being held accountable and feminist hypocrisy is slowly but surely being exposed. It has been feminist control over the mainstream media, politics, education and our legal systems that has enabled their bigotry to go unchallenged.

Like any weed, cancer or totalitarian influence, feminism will eventually destroy it's host (society). Focusing solely on the issues of half the population and intentionally ignoring or marginalising the other half of society is a recipe for disaster. This is what narrow and antagonistic ideologies like feminist patriarchy theory accomplish. The trajectory we are on is unsustainable and the beginnings of a social revolution is already underway. Judging from the response from ABCs 20/20 interview with Paul Elam, it has them scared. They can't control the narrative anymore and the truth is getting out.

I do follow GirlWritesWhat and her material is excellent in the detail and comprehensive scope it covers. ManWomanMyth, Paul Elam (founder of A Voice For Men, an excellent website), Dr. Warren Farrell, JohnTheOther and Typhon Blue also have some great material (and many others!).

The number of dissident voices is growing every day and there are now already too many of us to ignore.

AngryEqualist on October 31, 2013:

Excellent writing, Masculist-Feminist. The 2nd paragraph after the subtitle 'Men’s rights and the Feminist movement:' is particularly relevant as you've homed in with laser sharp observation the underlying thinking that feminism propagates, somehow, in that the thoughts behind feminism are so deeply flawed and sexist - so the irony, hypocrisy and misandric thoughts and ways of what our western society is now is now 'accepting'. So much going unchallenged. It's been a creeping weed in my view, slowly spreading and stifling while we sit looking in the other direction.

I've signed up to follow your posts, as I do with GirlWritesWhat, whom I guess you know about and follow too. If not, then do see and hear her on YouTube. A really great woman!

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