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Midlife Crisis or Not?

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I'm not old. I'm still young and can do anything I want.

I'm not old. I'm still young and can do anything I want.

If you are in a relationship or married, temptation can be hard to resist. It can lead you to believe that you deserve more, that you want more. It can mess with your entire life. Is it worth the risk of losing everything you have? Some people can be so lost in themselves that when another person (outside the relationship) begins to whisper in their ears; they immediately fall prey.

This seems to happen very often in relationships. When you are a couple that has been married or together for decades you can fall into this situation easily. How can this be resisted? Well, that all determines on the person who is tempted and the reasons behind it but what if there is no reasonable explanation?

For the MEN who fall into the temptations, they will blame it on “Midlife Crisis.” Is this their excuse or their reality? What exactly does this mean? Men have their sexual peak in their early years. So, does this mean that when they reach their forties or fifty’s their libido just decides to go on a rampage? There are many factors that equal to falling astray. The definition of “Midlife Crisis” is a variety of mental feelings of the guilt they feel of not achieving what they have always wanted when they were younger. They are not happy with how they see themself and crave a different version of themselves. It can range from career, health, love and or financial choices. All these issues have a great impact on the body and mind. A man will experience anxiety, depression, impotence without even realizing he is in a midlife crisis. Unfortunately, when they realize and finally accept what has happened to them; they have already lost everything they thought they were missing.

For the WOMEN who fall into temptation while in a relationship or marriage. It isn’t called “midlife crisis” it’s called an affair. When a woman goes outside the relationship/marriage the main reason is always, neglect, lack of affection, loneliness. It’s that simple. Of course, this isn’t a justification for the behavior; it’s just the main reason.

Love doesn’t take precedence when it comes to men and their midlife crisis phase. It is sad and many involved parties will be emotionally hurt by one person’s actions. The men who go through this believe that breaking free from their commitments is what they want & need. The illusions of a better life are what they have embedded in their minds and that may be the case for some men. But for others it’s the pathway to a self-sabotaged road in where they do not know what is waiting for them.

At the end of the day nothing or no one else matters when men go through this phase. All they are consumed with is their needs and wants. They will give up their current life to focus on a new one. It isn’t another person’s fault when a man goes through this phase. The partner could have been the world to them or perhaps the opposite. The result remains the same. The man going through mid-life crisis was simply not happy, wants his freedom, to have options and not be tied down to any commitments to anyone or anything. No one or nothing can change this behavior.

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However, If or when your life doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it would be. You cannot expect to go back to those you hurt while going through your crisis. Midlife crisis is exactly that, a crisis that makes one walk away from everything they already had, to the uncertainties of what lies ahead of them. This is the crisis..

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