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MewGulf Dowry

Mery Anne is an Information Technology Students and a Big Fan of MEWGULF Ship

How Does MewGulf Dowry Begin

credits to the photo owner

credits to the photo owner

The dowry idea came from their series together which is TharnType The Series. In the special episode where Type(Gulf's character) bring Tharn(Mew's character) back on his hometown to introduce to his parents. Type's mom brought up the topic of giving a 10 million dowry because one of their neighbor had a 10M dowry, so he Tharn that 10M dowry is also enough for Type since he is naughty. Then the Dowry journey begins...


Later in one of their events the dowry has been brought up, where the fan ask Mew if he collected the dowry yet, if not then they the fan will give them a check with the dowry amount, but Gulf said that it should be Mew's own money. Mew ask gulf how much does he need and the baby said that 20 Million Baht.

In every interview and event they had, they are always ask about the dowry and if Gulf lower the price but Gulf always said that "Let's see if Phi Mew behaves himself" it was always 20M until June 25 this year in there Dentiste live where they have a bet that if Gulf can't make Mew shy then Gulf need to give Mew a 1M baht, then Gulf said that if that's the case then the dowry will reduce to 19M which really happen because Gulf didn't manage to make Mew shy.

In their live this month in Destiny Clinic, the MC ask Mew if the 19M dowry has been completed, and Mew said "I ALREADY HAVE THE 19M ALREADY" yes fellow waanjai(MewGulf fanclub) the dowry is finally ready and Mew is just waiting for "someone to love him back" as he said.

During one of Gulf's event/live a fan ask him if he is ready to accept Mew love and you know what Gulf answered?

"Phi Mew said that the dowry is ready, but he doesn't come to ask me yet."

"What if he ask you already?" the fan ask

"Then he have to ask my mom." Gulf answered,

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"And if mom agree?" fan ask again,

"Then let's wait and see." gulf finally anwered.

A few days later, during Mew Solo Event the MC ask him if it's true that Gulf is only waiting for him to propose but our Phi Mew answered "How can I proposed if where not together? We need to become boyfriends first before I propose"

The fandom went to trend a hashtag that "if you want to propose, propose already" because the two are really enjoying making the fans crazy with all of the sigway and alibi every time they are ask about their relationship. The never ending "Phi-Nong who love each other" will always be their answer. The fans even came up with a quote the MewGulf is "Phi-Nong who love each other a little bit more than normal and are serious with each other, who showered together and want to stay with each other for a long time and forever" that quote is composed of all their answers regarding their relationship. They also leveled their relationship as 8 out of 10 from the start until now because they reserved the other 2 for their relationship development. But since Waanjais are aspiring detectives they assumes that, they always said 8 because if you turn the 8 horizontally is because infinite, so that's why that even after 1 year and 7 months of being together the level stays at 8 not even 0.01 is added.

Credits to the photo owner

Credits to the photo owner

With all the said train of events and answer about the dowry and to their relationship the fans are just waiting for them to finally give them the answer that they want.

But neither the less the fans are very happy with how MewGulf relationship are developing in a very healthy paced. The fans are contended with how they support, give importance and always stay on each other's side no matter what happen and most importantly the fans are so impress on how they take care and protect each other.

So, Waanjai let's just wait for the continuation of "Mewgulf Dowry Saga" and see what will happen in the future, for the mean time let's enjoy MewGulfing and have diabetes because of their sweetness.

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