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Men Who Like to Save Women: The Best Men of All

Men Who Save Women: Having someone hold your hand throughout life is the best feeling in the world.

Men Who Save Women: Having someone hold your hand throughout life is the best feeling in the world.

Sometimes crudely called captain save a hoe, men who like to save women are treasures in a large and dangerous ocean, and are the best catch of all. Here is why rescuing a damsel in distress is one of the most meaningful gestures possible.

Why "Saving" a Woman is a Good Thing

Not everyone is strong, tough, or rock-solid, and not everyone is meant to be. Sometimes a person comes along, fills that gap in, and completes you. You can bet you complete them too.

Independence and Mutual Love do not Go Together

We live in a time when men and women are praised for being independent of each other, but independence does not a good relationship make. You either want a relationship or you want independence, not both.

Independence is for people who say they don't "need" a man or woman. It's for people who are strictly self-serving and want to be able to say goodbye to their partner when their partner is the least bit bothersome or annoying.

Mutual love, in fact, is based on need. When you need someone, it hurts to say goodbye, and you would never do it intentionally. If more marriages were based on need, that 50% divorce rate would dramatically decline.

When you save someone, when someone saves you, that need is solidly being fulfilled.

"My Husband Rescued Me"

Carrie was in her 30s and losing hope that she'd meet the right kind of guy. "I had done tons of online dating just trying to find a good, decent guy, but it never worked. They were either not interested in me at all and would drop off the face of the earth, or they were only interested in sleeping with me. It broke my heart every day to be alone and feel unwanted and unattractive."

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"But I really I was an attractive and good woman, and personally I think these guys were crazy not to like me, but nothing seemed to click for me. I really thought I was going to end up alone. In addition, my career was going nowhere and my work life was miserable. Well, I met a guy by accident online, in a chat room. I just started talking to him. He listened to my problems and concerns all day until I got them out of my system. In addition, he told me some of his problems as well, which included a great deal of loneliness. We bonded online, traded pictures, and met after five months."

"In the back of my mind I thought he was going to reject me still, just like all the others did. But instead, when he met me, he embraced me and told me I was beautiful and he was so happy to be there with me. He told me I was the first woman he ever met that he wanted to marry and knew I was the one for him. We were married a year ago, and I am so grateful he came into my life."

"You know someone will be there for you through thick and thin when you first bonded over hard times. Our lives together are very happy now and I am pretty sure he saved my life."

A Relationship Based on a Deep Connection

Most men and women get into relationships based on some form of physical attraction. When someone saves you, however, your relationship is based on much, much more than anything sex appeal can produce. It means someone came into your life, saw you were in need, and came to your rescue. They reached deep into your soul and added in there what you thought you would never find.

  • Perhaps he took you out of harm's way
  • Maybe he saved your spirit
  • Perhaps he mended your broken heart
  • Maybe he gave you shelter

When a man rescues a damsel in distress, he not only gives from his noble sense of what is right, he also receives. Every good man has a hero inside of him, and when you allow him to help you, he feels like that hero he was meant to be all along. It strokes his ego and makes him feel like a real man.

In return, he gets a woman that physically and emotionally loves him and be dedicated to him. Loyalty and gratitude mean a lot to a man, and when you give these things to him, he feels a sense of security. Those are his needs.

We All Need Someone

No one is meant to bear the brunt of life alone. This is often why people turn to alcohol, drugs, violence, and crime. They are lacking in some form of emotional fulfillment. Whether they were deprived of it as a child or as an adult. "Saving" someone closes that gap, whether you are the saver or the "savee." Men who like to save women quietly acknowledge this to themselves.

Many modern women would say, "I don't need another father," or "I don't need someone to save me." You probably don't. But plenty of us women out there were changed for the better when a man came along and reached out to us in our time of need. The noble side of men will always have our gratitude and eternal respect.

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