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Men Trap Women Too

Yeap it’s true men be on that Sh$t too

A lot of people are always talking about how she trapped him. He didn’t want to be with her. They were messing around and she got pregnant on purpose to keep him. Yes we are all so familiar with other this. It’s been going on for years. But the dirty truth is men have been doing this same thing to women . But it’s never discussed. It’s a little secret, because men are suppose to be the dominate ones a women chase and wants. But some men want what they want and will go to any link to get it. Whether it’s putting a hole in a condom or slipping it off.
Ive heard women say the condom burst but what we need to be aware of it that men know when a condom bus. And this answer came from and honest man. He said it starts to feel different in fact he said it feels amazing. And if a man lie to you and say he didn’t know it burst or came off he’s lying. Ladies you hear that. You need to bring your own condom to the party and slide it on too. Are he might get his wish you as a, “ Baby Momma“! His wish come true your suck communicating with this man as a father of your child or children .

Now Look At You He Got Ya He Think You Ain’t Going Nowhere


This Is Fact Men Can Be Slimy Too


Hard core facts men will set you up in the blink of an eye. Baby let me feel it I promise I will cum out. And does he NO!!! That’s not an accident you just fell in it and pop goes the baby. And there you have it a ,”Baby Daddy”! And that will be his forever excuse too stay in your life. And a lot of women want to be with the man that fathers their children/ child whether he’s a good man or not. Women feel the need to stay with that person.
He could be the most abusive worse men on this planet, but he Fathered your child / children. And you feel the need especially a lot to women that came from two family homes. They will stay and deal with it. And one day you look around with a life filled with regrets. Wishing you could have been loved or did what you wanted too. A lot of men not all will stop your goals and your success so you will have to depend on them. And once that happens a lot if women loose themselves in the process. Find you with or without a man. With or without a child. Sometimes it’s ok to raise your child/children a lot. It maybe better to have two happy homes then one miserable home.
Ladies don’t get trapped in that spider web. Tupac said it best:” what a tangled web we weave when we conspire to conceive“!

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