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Men Owe Women Nothing

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The Role Of Men According To Entitled Princesses And Bigots

Disclaimer: As per usual the same rule applies. Of course this article is not directed at all women. Just entitled narcissists living in a delusional bubble of female entitlement.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly some women in the media like to tell men what to do with their own lives and dictate to men what they owe women, as if their vagina gives them some magical higher station in life. Here is yet another one of these articles linked here, explaining to men that they are utilities for women’s benefit and attempting to shame them into conformity. I expect articles like this to become all the more common over the coming years, as more and more women like the columnist, begin to realise that men, particularly young men, really don’t care what they think anymore and won’t play ball regardless of the guilt trips and shaming they employ. It is amusing and rather pathetic at the same time, to see these grown up children posing as independent women, erupt when they don’t get what they want from men.

I really feel sorry for women that the mainstream media seems to want these children to speak on your behalf and tell men what do. It has not gone unnoticed by me, or by other men, that the media likes to pick the worst of womankind and give them space to promote their garbage. It is simple really. Women have a choice, they can either accept the responsibilities, obligations and accountability that comes with being equals to men, or they can resort to temper tantrums and passive aggressive shaming tactics when they don't get their own way, like little girls.

The article begins honestly enough as they usually do, before the predictable segway into hypocrisy. Should people and particularly men, give seats to elderly or pregnant women on trains and buses? Sure in my opinion and so should women. But the gender is irrelevant here. If I see an elderly man, or a father carrying around an infant, I am just as likely to offer him a seat. Then of course the article takes it’s predictable declining path. I won’t bother to repeat the column word for word, just read it if you can stand the narcissism and entitlement wafting off the pages. Quoting directly from the article when the author makes some bizarre reference to the Golden Girls, the bigotry is there in print for all to read:

"....a line in the last season of The Golden Girls where she explains to a suitor: “I don’t want to be treated like your equal. No! I want to be treated much better than you.” That should be the ideal all women strive for in life. It’s not only pregnant woman who deserve to be treated with all due deference."

The message in the article is clear. According to the columnist, women should be treated as equals to men when it is convenient, but be given special privileges when sexist double standards benefit women. Suddenly sexism is no longer a problem when women are benefiting at men’s expense, even to the point where men are dying. Of course if you reversed the genders, it is suddenly misogyny, but if men get the short end of the stick it is all ok. Yeah that is perfectly consistent logic. Then again who said the column was logical?

Men Do Not Owe Women Their Lives- If You Don't Like It Too Bad

The author goes on to discuss the Titanic and the change in the social behaviour of men since then and brings up the recent case of the Costa Concordia. Apparently the fact men were not willing to place the lives of women above their own, does not meet her expectations or approval. Apparently we can “shove it where the sun don’t shine”.

Is that supposed to shock men like me into volunteering to die for her benefit? Seriously? Why on Earth would any man want to die for women that are consumed with their own sense of entitlement and narcissism? I did not get the memo that men owe women their lives and the columnist has absolutely no right to tell men to die for women like her.

The Delusional Bubble Of The Princess Culture

Why don’t women die for men and children? Why don’t women go and fight on the front lines? Why don’t women pay the bill on a date? Women have no right to make demands of men and that especially applies when they don’t expect themselves to live up to their own ridiculous infantile expectations. It is the complete lack of introspection and personal accountability whilst they make demands of others and particularly men, that will be the undoing of the modern princess in the years to come.

Rant and rave all you want, the days of chivalry and men acting as disposable utilities for women’s benefit are over. Equality is equality and bigotry is bigotry. The author can window dress her double standards up all she likes. Elevating the lives of women above men and making demands of men with no reciprocal act of generosity or sacrifice expected from women, is bigotry. The columnist states her article is not an admission that she considers herself to be superior and yet the reference she made to the Golden Girls and in other instances throughout her column, indicates that she does. Again I quote directly from her article:

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"....a line in the last season of The Golden Girls where she explains to a suitor: “I don’t want to be treated like your equal. No! I want to be treated much better than you.” That should be the ideal all women strive for in life. It’s not only pregnant woman who deserve to be treated with all due deference."

There is a difference between being polite and respectful to women and treating women with chivalrous deference as if they are your betters or superiors. Of course the modern princess culture makes no such distinction, because they are deluded into believing they are owed such special treatment from men and men should expect nothing in return. This article is an admission that certain women feel they have some entitlement from men, which at the end of the day has no basis to it in reality. Now men are popping their delusional bubble and failing to heed to their narcissistic demands. Reality bites doesn’t it? But please do keep the temper tantrums coming. It makes us men laugh.

As for my own opinion on these matters, I have this "strange" idea that men owe women absolutely nothing and that men certainly do not owe women their lives. That men are human beings and are not utilities to be judged by how well they benefit women. Just as women are not sex objects, men are not women’s lap dogs. Women can get a job and work and pay bills. With their education and degrees there are no excuses. I fully expect women to pull their own weight and be accountable for their actions. I regard anything less as parasitism.

Sorry to pop the fantasy bubble of female entitlement, but in the real world a lot of men really don’t care about what modern princesses want.

Men are going their own way and if some women don’t like it, then too bad.

Such women can take their sense of entitlement and narcissism and shove it!

Get over yourselves, put your big girl pants on and grow up.

The Princess And The Plow Horse


Ryan (author) from Australia on December 27, 2014:

Darrin-Bravo man, bravo. Could not have said it better myself. It is certainly a real eye opener.

darrin on December 25, 2014:

i advise any man who has a wife who cries foul everytime she doesn't get everything her little heart desires to ask himself what would he do differently if he was in a same sex relationship

how long would he be willing to go out working 50 hours a week and come home to HIM with a face like a slapped arse acting badly done to without a kind word to say about him

its a real eye opener

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