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Medieval Fairy Themed Wedding

The Woodland Faerie Bridal Couple

— Picture yourself standing in the middle of a vast woodland setting;

♥ Your best friend and companion is about to become your lover for ever. As the sun begins to warm your cheeks, the two of you exchange smiles, as you pass by the wedding guests. As you press softly towards your confessed betrothal, tears well up in your father's eyes. With a passing step you look down at your feet, overwhelmed by the romance of the faerie woodland scenery; you take a big breath in, and suddenly realize that this is YOUR big moment.

♥ Now that you have been presented to your betrothed, the two of you find yourselves standing in front of family members and friends. The poetry of song and romance, which you have created, completely entrances every guest there- in the moment of your love.

♥ With the sounds of God's natural orchestra playing a soft, background, melody; spirited guests are swept up in romantic symbolism, which harks from ribbon laced, whimsical, bridal bouquets, and sweet fragrances of fresh Spring flowers. It is at that epic moment of true romance, when the two of you will exchange passionate, handwritten, wedding vows.

Botanical Print From The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages

The European Middle Ages; is the time period in history, between the fifth century and fifteenth century ce. Which is the time period that proceeded the fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth century ce, and the end of the Renaissance period in the fifteenth century ce. It is a period of time, which sees a great revival of the Arts. It was also a time when people blossomed with creativity and wealth . During the Middle ages, Classical learning and culture sees a huge revival, and the ancient worlds of Greece and Italy serve as inspirations, in the creative minds of builders and artisans.

The Middle ages provided the foundation, for the complete transformation of Europe, out of the Dark ages. There was an epic rebirth of ideas and creativity, and an abundance of personal wealth and growth, brought about by the thirst of Europeans', for knowledge. Because of this renewed knowledge the people now had, the Middle ages of Europe would be heavily influenced by ancient Greek and Roman architecture, paintings, poetry, and playwrights. It was truly a glorious time to be an inventor, sculptor, painter, or writer.

Faerie Poetry

  • Celtic Fairy Poetry | Fairy Stories | CelticFairyMusic.com
    While music is associated with the fairies themselves, poets, particularly Irish poets, have been inspired by the otherworld for centuries. Here is a selection of Celtic poems from as early as the 12th Century taken from the Book of Leinster, up to t
  • Fairies In Bluebell Woods
    In the springtime where the bluebells spread, Is a magical wonderland where fairies are wed..., by David Ross

Wedding Music Perfect for A Faerie Themed Wedding

Music plays an important role during the wedding ceremony. It helps to set the mood and tone of the wedding. I would like to suggest that you use only wood wind or string instruments on your big day. A lovely quartet of violins might be in order. Also, add a Harpist to the music mixture. Try to ensure that you choose soft music, and nature sounds. You do not want music that is to heavy or long winded. I would also try to stay away from traditional wedding music (like Canon in D), and branch out and try to use some melodies that are not considered traditional wedding music. Try the music of Enya. If you are not spiritual or religious people, replace the scripture reading with a poetry reading. Instead of lighting a unity candle, open a cage of butterflies and let them go free. Butterflies are the symbolism for "New Beginnings."

Tips and Ideas For The Perfect Event

♥ Whether you are interested in hosting a mystical, Celtic-style, Fairy wedding, or have chosen to use a scene, straight from the mythical Elfin city of Rivendell as your inspiration; make sure that you and your lover are wearing comparable themed bridal wear.

♥ Another idea for your Medieval/Fairy/Elf style wedding is to incorporate old English or Irish wedding traditions. There is one old English tradition of how English couples getting married, would exchange their vows outside their wedding chapel and in the chapel's doorway. This literally allowed anyone who wanted to be a witnessed to the wedding to watch. If you wanted to somehow re-create this idea in an outdoor setting, you might use a wooden or wrought iron archway to stand underneath. The outdoor setting (I feel) would only enhance this look even further.

Pictorial of Faerie Wedding Ideas


Wedding Traditions From The Middle Ages

For a lovely Irish tradition, you might want to choose some lavender to mix in with the floral table arrangements or the bridal bouquets. English lavender, is an ancient Irish symbol of love, loyalty, devotion and even luck to many an Irish bride. During the Middle Ages, English Lavender was often mixed with the bride’s wedding flowers to help insure a happy and long-lasting union.

A great Scottish tradition to add, might be the one were following the wedding ceremony, the entire wedding party would be led by bagpipers to a lavish wedding reception/party. Once at the reception, the pipers would play lively tunes for hours on end and outdoor feasting and dancing and general merrymaking would begin and often last the entire night. Traditionally the first dance of the night, customarily a reel, was led by the wedding couple, after which everyone joined in and the festivities went on non-stop.

Epic Fairy Woodland Colors

Fairytale bridal bouquets and floral arrangements, are best showcased by color palettes native among the woodland areas and pine forests of Wales, Great Britain, and Ireland.

  • Springtime color hues of royal purple and blue are common beauties found in among the ancient oak groves.
  • Woodland ground cover made of wood chips, lichen and moss are adorned by bluebells, primrose and wood sorrel. As the rays of sunshine, strain to be seen through the four hundred year old tree canopy of an ancient woodland forest, fleeting hints of honeysuckle and wood violets, play peek-a-boo with its native friends- the bumble bee and butterfly.
  • Bouncing shadows and whispering branches of willow and cherry wood, create an epic kaleidoscope of beauty richly inspired by lords-and-ladies, wild garlic and bubble-gum pink dog rose stems.

Keep all of these colors and flower species in mind, when meeting with a florist. Whimsical floral arrangements work perfect for a fairy wedding. The colors blend nicely with the natural landscape of old oak trees and green ferns. Do not be afraid to add brighter hints of orange and yellow to contrast the blue and purple hues of bluebells and lavender.

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Re-visit the Woodland Forests of Old

Bluebell Woods at Coed Cefn Crickhowell near Abergavenny Wales  Photograph by Alamy

Bluebell Woods at Coed Cefn Crickhowell near Abergavenny Wales Photograph by Alamy

English Woodlands and Forests Links

Outdoor Fairytale Setting

Grapevine branches and archways are a great added touch to any outdoor wedding.

Grapevine branches and archways are a great added touch to any outdoor wedding.

Where Do Fairies (Faeries) come from???

  • Fairy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The concept of "fairy" in the narrow sense is unique to English folklore, conflating Germanic elves with influences from Celtic and Romance (French) folklores, and later made "diminutive" according to the tastes of Victorian era "fairy tales..."


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