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Media and Technology In Marriage

Controlling The Effects of M&T In Marriages

For you to be able to control the effect of M&T, you must realise that media steals your time, it invades your mind and also affect your expectations of your partner.

Examine Yourself

  • How much time do you spend online? Do you spend equal or more time offline with your family?
  • Do you notice that you are quick to go online when things are not going well at home, whether in your marriage or with your kids?
  • Do you intentionally seek out affirmation from others by what you say online?
  • Have you formed unhealthy relationships with others you have met or known online?
  • Is TV, radio or newspaper your place of solace?

Influence Of Media and Technology

In marriage, the negative and positive effects of Media and Technology (M&T) always go together. How to avoid the former and the benefit from the latter is the great challenge.


  1. What does the medium enhance?
  2. What does the medium make obsolete?
  3. What does the medium retrieve that had been obsolesced earlier?
  4. What does the medium flip into when pushed to extremes?
A couple on mobile phone and laptop

A couple on mobile phone and laptop

Positive and Negative Impacts of Media on M&T


  • It enhances your ability to stay continually connected to your spouse throughout the day or when you are not around.
  • It can relieve the stress of loneliness i.e watching TV for entertainment, reading magazines etc
  • It stores and retrieves part of our story that may be previously unknown i.e birthday parties, birth ceremonies, baby videos recorded etc
  • It is a huge mountain of knowledge if well utilised and maximized i.e. using to write informative articles such as this, getting information on how to influence in a positive way etc


  • Media contends and steal our time if not properly utilized i.e wasting lots of time on social media, having unnecessary chats on mobile phones etc
  • It invades our mind, your mind takes in different information from various sources on the internet and this can easily affect our person in a negative way
  • It impacts on your expectation of your spouse, i.e you know both positive and negative character of your spouse while you can only feel that the person you are chatting with on social media is nicer and better than your spouse, whereas you can only see their positive side.
  • It makes you prioritize social media relationship over the real life relationship
  • It evades attachment and connection, face to face contact, touch, genuine relatedness and depth of connection.
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A kid working on a laptop

A kid working on a laptop

Impacts of M & T on Children

The negative impacts of M&T on children can not be overemphasized, they are as follows

  • It create addictive tendencies on the children, some children cannot do without playing computer games which they prefer than studying or doing their home work.
  • It increases the risk of lesser physical and human interaction, children do not have desires in going to park to jump or play with their friends and mates again.
  • They absorb strange messages and doctrines from strange culture and people.
  • It multiplies the risk of increased temperament weakness.
  • Cyber bullying, children can be bullied using media which can affect their self esteem.

The Positive Impacts of M&T

  • If children are encouraged to channel their energy into using media positively, such as studying biographies of great people, watching programmes on how things are invented, this can influence them positively.
  • Let them know that if media is positively utilized, they can also be great inventors such as creating applications etc
  • Children can also source for information for their homework.

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Gender active users of M&T


  • Facebook has over 1.15 billion users
  • Google has over 343 million users, about 67% are male
  • There are over 3 million LinkedIn company pages
  • Over 16 billion photos are uploaded on Instagram
  • Twitter has over 500 million active users
  • Over 1 billion unique monthly visitors on YouTube

Source: Google 2013

Happy family having fun with no gadget whatsoever

Happy family having fun with no gadget whatsoever

Bonding in Marriage

Before the advent of media and technology, spouses bond and have fun together without letting anything come between them. They travel, have dinners (both family dinner), they interacted more, they cuddle and hug each other.

If there can be rules concerning media in the home such as, no picking of calls when eating as a family, no switching on of the TV until after homework has been completed, find a lot of time to communicate with each other daily etc, the negative impact of M&T will be reduced.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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