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Maybe Fate

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Last words

"Tommy, I can't do this..."

He looked up at her from his hospital bed as she went into a soliloquy. He didn't listen. Never listened to her. Ashley was pretty. That was the complete list of her virtues.

As he lay there he thought of his team, hoped they'd be successful. No. Was sure they'd get the shooter.

At some point Ashley said something about love, then, "Good Bye..Tommy.." and held a moment.

He didn't say anything, but then he never had. She always did most of the talking.
After posing a half of a minute, she walked out.

A small smile of relief floated on his face, perhaps equal to that when he heard he would be alright.

Heart Broke

Ashley didn't bother to wipe the tears that ran down her face. She hated herself for leaving him when he needed her, but she had been through too much in her life to stay.

Being involved with a police officer was never in her portfolio. She wanted a stable man. A man who went to work and came home at the same time every day. A man she could depend on, who couldn't be called away at any hour and be thrown into danger.

As the elevator arrived she stepped in, went down to the lobby, then out to her car.

She sat a moment, then decided that she must leave the city, go far away so that she wouldn't have a moment of weakness and reach for Tommy.

Maybe it was cowardly but she didn't care. She had a right to her life, to a happy life. And there was nothing to hold her here.

Yes! She'd leave now... get to her flat, pack, call her sister, and be gone to see the sun rise from a distant city.

Watching the Door

Tommy watched the door and saw Lena, his partner, enter.

"Why didn't you tell me you had surgery?" she barked.

"I didn't want you to worry..." he said as if talking to a friend, not a co-worker.

"Worry?" she jerked.

"Be distracted. It was a dangerous mission."

"Tell me about it.." she said dropping into the chair, then, looking around; "Where's Ashley?"

"I sent her home," he lied, then, "give me the details."

Lena went into every action the team had taken and he hung on every word. He stared into her face, wanting to see her every day of his life.

They discussed the operation, then, seeing the time said she had to go, and held a moment.

Tommy wanted her to kiss him, but she didn't.

"Ian is probably wondering where I am..." Lena flipped moving to the door.

"Hey! I expect to see you tomorrow!" he called as she left the room.

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Good News

Lena left Tommy's room and went to the desk. She showed her badge, asked for the doctor.

The doctor came and she asked: "When can he return to work?" as a cover for inquiring about his health.

"No earlier than six weeks..."

"Full schedule?"


Wanting Tommy in her atmosphere she asked; "What about a desk post?"

"I don't want him sitting. Standing or lying down, but not much sitting."

"Thank you.." Lena said gratefully, then moved to the elevator, a smile exploding on her face. Tommy would heal and be as he was!

As she rode down she thought of their last undercover assignment. In a way, for her, it wasn't play acting.

Of course, she had to keep that under wraps.

Thinking of Her

Tommy thought of Lena, recalling their last undercover mission when they pretended to be a couple. They had played it well, hugging, kissing... yes.. he could taste the kisses even now.

For him, honest, it wasn't play. He felt something for her, maybe she held the same feelings....maybe...

But he had been with Ashley and Lena was with Ian.

If he hadn't wasted time with Ashley...?

Too late for that. He had. He had made it seem he was truly hooked into her, so perhaps that is why Lena linked with Ian.

Or maybe she loved Ian.

He didn't know.

Only that Ashley was happily out of his life and maybe fate would toss he and Lena together.

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