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Marrying Your Forever Best Friend

An amateur writer, and the wife of the most amazing husband.

How I've Stayed Best Friends With My Husband-

My husband has been one of my best friends since the day I met him, back in 2012. When I say it out loud, it kind of sounds like one of those cheesy “chick flick” movies-

“I started working in a new department at WalMart in the town where I just moved to. On one of my first afternoon shifts there, he walked past me. When we made eye contact for just a few seconds, I just knew.”

You do have to take into consideration that everyone is different. Both my husband and I are quite easy-going people. We like to be silly and talk about some weird and crazy things. Hahaha. That’s what makes us a good pair though, and I’m sure you have your own quirk with your partner as well. Embrace that. Life is busy- if you’re not having fun doing it, then I think it’s time you look for a change.


Communication is Key

I tell my husband everything. Anything that happened out of the day-to-day norm, if I talked to someone that I had a disagreement with or heard good/bad news. I also let him know how I’m feeling about certain things, or if I’m just having an off day. Guys, even if I get an unsolicited dick pic- I share this with my husband. Hahah. I mean, he hates it- But I don’t want to see it either, so it’s only fair. But it builds trust and talking about things becomes easier the more you do it. However, like I said before, you do have to take into consideration that everyone is different.

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Be Supportive of Their Hobbies

My husband is interested in all kinds of amazing things that are far to complicated for me to comprehend. However, I support him anyways. I listen to his little “nerd-out” whenever he has them, I keep him company while he’s doing it if he wants me to, and I brag about his stuff to my friends and family. How he does it, I have no idea! But who cares? My husband loves it, so it must be special. He is always my biggest #1 fan in everything I do. He always encourages me to do the things I love and offers to help anyway he can. There are boundaries to this of course; some people prefer doing hobbies alone, or you may think their hobbies are unhealthy. Which leads me back to communication- Share that with your partner and tell them how you feel.

One of My husband's astrophotography photos- See, isn't it amazing?

One of My husband's astrophotography photos- See, isn't it amazing?

Show Them Affection

Any chance I get to show my husband that I love him, I take it. A little snuggle from behind when one of us is doing the dishes, or cooking. Holding his hand while were walking around a store or going for a walk. Kissing him when he leaves for work, or just because he was looking pretty cute. Haha. It’s the little reminders throughout the day that show them you care. Of course, there is always making love- But sometimes life can get to busy, and before you know it; it’s been 3 months since you have. Some people are more intimate than others, so you should communicate that with your partner to ensure you wouldn’t be crossing any boundaries.

Compromise in Arguments

My marriage is one of the lucky few that have very little arguments within it. Sure, we have stresses- But we are strong believers in communication and compromising. It really depends on the argument topic of course, but a famous one is “Where do you want to go for dinner?”. My husband and I are BOTH very indecisive people- This could be an hour-long discussion if we let it. But now, I narrow it down to 2 places, and he decides between the two. Or vise-versa. When one of us has hurt the other’s feelings or done something that has pissed the other off; we talk about it right away. “I am upset because you [insert incident]. It bothered me because [insert reason].” If we can’t agree on the correct solution, we create a new solution until we agree. In a matter of opinions- You’re allowed to agree to disagree; we are not all the same kind of thinkers, and that’s okay.


We are a team, not competitors. We have inside jokes, or nicknames for items- Or actions. It’s like our “secret code.” At least we like to think so, and that’s all that matters to us.

Overall, you chose this person. Whether it be because they are funny, romantic, comforting, or understanding, etc. Enjoy those qualities, let them know you love them-

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