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Couples from Interracial Marriage --Three Lives That Changed Forever


Here are some examples that come from real life stories, names have been changed for privacy.

IS This a Trend or a Need?

Have seen couples that have made the move, and they have changed their lives... forever. We have learned from the past, that from time to time, society has rearrange itself due to war, famine and even catastrophes. Comes to our mind the Vikings and their kidnapping of women from 'Terra Britannica.' Comes in vivid time sharing, Attila and his Huns; marrying his people into the doors of eastern Europe.

Nowadays, war and lack of opportunities made couples to think twice about dating, committing or getting involved with the guy/girl next door like our great granparents did. The world has become close with this Internet phenomenon, and dating has brought love to our door's step easier than our parents thought, just 15 years ago. Unbelievable! But let's share some palpable stories, that will make you feel like you were next to them.


Interracial marriage in the United States has been fully legal in all U.S. states since the 1967 Supreme Court decision that deemed anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional, with many states choosing to legalize interracial marriage at much earlier dates.

Jones, Nicholas A.; Amy Symens Smith. "The Two or More Races Population: 2000. Census 2000 Brief

Yep! Met her on that dating site!

I was divorced for 3 years and I was doing so well. Hi, my name is Sean, and I'm a software Engineer here in Boston Massachusetts. One day I got this sound advice from my friend Peter. We both graduated from MIT, right here, and he was already dating this girl from the Philippines. She was brought over, and they both got married 18 months ago. So, last Christmas I felt that I really hit rock bottom. For the very first time in my life I felt so lonely at 38. Nicholas Cage movie, "the family man" made me think again what if..? Peter felt for me and told me to find my better half.... on that net?

To make this story short I met this Argentinian bombshell with Lebanese and French background. I was able to communicate because Marina was a flight hostess 'with an edge.' We both met in NYC after picking her up at JFK... and I was... Oh Lord! I was knocked down by her beauty. Her manners and openness made me fall for her immediately.

Last February we decided to go to her Country and all was like... I felt in another world. She wanted to dance a tango with me, and I agreed. Felt like actually it was my last tango in Buenos Aires. Her food was delicious. Hold it reader!! Eating my spaghetti meatballs as I write.

Momma mia! That 'milanesa' or crispy fried pieces of thin-sliced meat, usually steak, made me love every second of that Country. I felt like... I wanted to jump into the ocean for her. Forget about Martha's Vineyard, or even Hollywood boulevard. I was there for 3 weeks and, I was not the same anymore. It felt like meeting Marina was a blessing, and even made me look younger. She is 29 and we have hit it off! I know I rushed and got involved with her, but life is too short for anyone. Not even thinking about this green card mess. I would love to buy my own retirement on austral shores near that 'Patagonia' and she seems to get adapted to my 'Super Bowls,' ya know?


Met him in School...Where else?

I met my husband in 2003, at this international Cuisine School. My name is Rachael, and my hubby is Francis from Accra-Ghana. What really attracted me from him was the fact that he was already an Engineer and wanted to learn how to cook our 'American recipes,' like he said with his cute accent. Being honest from the beginning: He was very jealous of my teacher, this senior chef called Guissepe Zartoli. I was surprised how healthy people from Accra eat. From boiled and cooked plantains, to that avocado with smoked fish. By the way, I'm half Irish and Italian. I was raising my daughter Rose on my own for 7 years, when Francis came into the picture. Rose thought I was a failure to her dad, and getting involved with Francis took thinks to a different level. We had a second daughter that looks just like Rihanna and with a cute shape, after mommy of course! What can I tell you guys... just make sure you can love your husband for what he is. Love can make up for the differences.

My daughter Rose is heading to college next year, and is giving in little by little. On 2009 I went to Africa and saw Accra by myself. I even met her grandmother, who barely spoke Ghanian (Nzema) and French. My parents never accepted Francis though. When my auntie Christy died in 2007, we were not invited to her funeral. So that was the sad part in this messy soap opera. However, I see that my mother is already changing her ways, and realizing that Francis was there for me all along. My little treasure Frances, the one that looks like Rihanna, is helping me in winning my mother's heart back.


A teacher and so much in love...!

My name is Nicole and I'm from Bristol United Kingdom. I'm already 24 and this is my story, unfolding as we speak:

Met Charles on the net, and we thought we were soul mates; and probably met before, because, even though he was 41, we thought so alike. He was from Connecticut U.S. 'On the other side of the pond' as we did say. Met him in 2008 in here, at this free chatline, and we started chatting for hours after hours. From chatting we went into long phone conversations. There was not access for me to get an IPhone to get connected 24/7. Virgin cells were so expensive in those days, and we didn't even know about those upcoming IPads. Charles did buy calling cards and... he didn't care about the weekly cost.

We were 3, 359 miles away from each other and I wanted so bad to travel to New York. Deep in my heart I knew America would fall in love with my Celtic accent. My mother is from Cardiff and dad was born in London. I was ready to commit with Charles until one morning my parents... made me swear not to see him again or even contacted him. Had to changed my phone number... but kept a secret email for both of us. I started to teach in a school here in Clifton across the bridge from Bristol. I was broken hearted: I emailed him my graduation pictures, and even told him about the day... that I was set on a blind date fixed by my girlfriends, to meet a local lad. I know he was waiting for me... and maybe some day would have the guts to travel to New York, but I'm going to marry Liam in June. You might think parents just want the best for you, but I'm trying to keep everyone happy. Liam has done his best to keep me happy... but at times, more than just sometimes, I wonder what would've been my life being married to an American? I guess real life don't look for happy endings.... unless we make it happen ourselves. Hold on! I'm checking a flight on that cheap tickets dot com site. If Emma Watson did it, why not me?

This is just too much!

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