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Married Men Rarely Leave

Sometimes You May Not Know Until Your Deep In It


Loving A Married Man is A No No

Married men rarely leave! They are the biggest liars, they would cheat with you lied to her love you lie to you and in the end rarely leave.The onky way he leaves is if she lets go of him. But he will plead and beg to stay in a loveless marriage most of the time just for comfort.

Never trust a married man because that’s cheating even entertaining him your the other women. Their heart and minds may be in your place but once again they rarely leave. I’m reminded of a guy saying my home was at his mistress house. But he was spending the night with his wife. yet and still he continued to go home to his wife. The women he was with out of obligation. As he would say if you got with someone and they were I a good situation but once with you their health etc or life start to change. And you’d rather leave them in a good place then now that they aren’t in the same place, or fit situation. Married men come up with all types of untruths and some are truths. The children how can I care for you she’s going to put me on child support. It’s one excuse after the other. And you believe him you live for him and the time you have with him but he won’t leave her. I’m often cases women will leave the man before he leaves. She’s just like you letting him back and forth. Hoping he will see her for the wonderful women she is. And change but that doesn’t happen until one of you. Yes one of the two of you stop allowing him to run back and forth. Are better yet the wife catches him. And then he’s all tears and afraid of what may happen. Men do too much, I must add. Know he’s going to run back to his mistress with a lie. Are tell her not to say anything if she calls or questions if she gets phone information.

Just because he pampers you, love you, and he’s truthful to you, that doesn’t mean he’s gonna leave. So word to the wise do not get involved with a married man.

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