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Marguerite Ann, My Forever Best Friend

When We Met

The first time I ever saw Peggy, it was a very quick interaction. I was on the phone assisting a customer at work, and the HR woman at our new shared workplace introduced us briefly. It would be another week or two until we finally worked together. Immediately she started talking to me about things I had zero interest in. The thing was, even though I had no interest in wrestling, K-Pop, or Britney Spears, I found myself captivated by every single word. At first sight I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and that's still true. Although I didn't care about anything she was ranting about, the light in her eyes when she was talking about her interests was more than enough to draw me in and wish she'd never stop talking. As her and I now know, she doesn't stop talking so it's very beneficial for the two of us. I was obsessed, though. I would constantly check the work schedule to see when we would be on shift together. When we were on shift together, I couldn't look away. I was so wrapped up in her beautiful smile. Her beautiful shiny blue eyes. Her crazy sense of humor. It was so hard to do my job when she as around because all my attention was put in her direction.

The Photo I Would Show Other People When They Asked What She Looked Like


We Both Quit

Around the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we both stopped working at Home Depot. Our friendship then became through text exclusively for a while. I would constantly check her Isntagram to see if there was any new posts I somehow missed. I missed being able to see her two or three times a week in that awful work environment that we both hated. Suddenly our text conversations got later and later. Suddenly it's 2 AM. Suddenly it's 5 AM. We're still talking but somehow I don't want to sleep just yet. I would be sending her pictures of baseball stadiums. She would be sending me gossip girl memes. Again, she was never interested in baseball and I was never interested in gossip girl. We didn't care. We just wanted to talk to each other. The next time I would be able to see her in person was at a fire in our friend Julianne's backyard. We were burning just about anything. Plastic, blankets, metal, you name it. We were probably the number one cause of pollution that day. Through all that, I still found myself going over to Peggy for little side comments and jokes that I just wanted to stay between us. Julianne and Peggy's cousin Ilanna knew something was up. They both spent a good portion of the night trying to set us up. Ditching us on the side of the road, trying to get us to play truth or dare, and making us go in to the convenience store first before following us in a couple minutes later. Peggy and I refused, though. We both do things on our own terms and wouldn't give in to any sort of peer pressure. We both knew it was coming eventually but it wasn't gonna be forced upon us.

Our First Picture Together As A Couple


Life Since Her Birthday

Her birthday is on July 15th, but we didn't see each other that day. No problem, she spent it with her family, that's normal. We had plans for the next day anyways. July 16th 2020, I picked her up from her family home and we went to the local park. She had a game, she brought snacks, we took a walk, it was a very nice day. It would take six hours to type if I gave every detail of the day. We got Burger King for dinner, sat in a parking lot for a few hours, then went home. When I dropped her off at home, right before she got out of the car, she gave me a big kiss on the cheek. I've never smiled for so long. It was about a 40 minute drive home and I was grinning ear to ear the entire time. Of course, when I got home, we again texted until about 5 AM. A few days later on July 20th, we made plans to hang out again. Just like last time, I picked her up at her home and we went to the local park. We had a nearly identical day. Snacks, games, a walk around the park. Burger King for dinner, then sit in the parking lot for a few hours. Sitting in the parking lot, however, came with an event that would easily be the peak of my year. At that point, I had already assumed we were "together" but she took her phone, and added "boyfriend" to the end of my contact name. That cemented it. From that point on, Peggy has made me so unbelievably happy every single day. She's since moved out of the family home and in to her own apartment, which she has definitely made her own with all the colors and shapes and interior design choices. I couldn't be more proud, either. The way she carries herself every day, the way she takes care of herself, the way she is loving herself more and more every day. Just makes me so happy and proud. She's my best friend and always will be.

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