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Make The Best Out Of Romantic Dining

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Romantic dining involves enjoying a meal in an atmosphere where you are afforded a view of nature's best scenery. You don't have to be somewhere in the South of France or New York City; romantic dining can be done in an orchard, on a farm, in a tropical paradise, or in a picture-perfect cabin in the mountains.

While many people's idea of romantic dining is to be seated next to a king on a stuffed throne, others prefer to perch at a corner table at a local tavern. Heck, some might even want to plan a romantic dinner in the comfort of their home.

Whatever your choice, it is about escaping from everyday life, enjoying each other's company, and tasting the best food the world has to offer.

Follow these tips to make your romantic dining experience a success on the first try:

1. Keep eye contact

Put on a good show for the other diners, as you'll be paying more attention to them than anyone else. This can be done while you're eating, or by gazing at the other diners while waiting for your food to arrive.

2. Small bites

A large main course might be a bit intimidating. Start with your starters and try to work your way to the main course.

3. Look, but don't touch

Touching during a meal isn't necessary or comfortable, so be aware of that and take small bites so as to not appear too eager to receive food.

4. Use the leftovers

Look for leftovers that you can bring home with you. You might even save enough to take home a couple of treats.

5. Talking is key

As you're eating, make sure to strike up a conversation with your partner diner, as they'll likely be looking to you for guidance. Most of all, take the time to talk to your waiter, as he or she is often the most knowledgeable source of information for many dining situations.

6. Use the chopsticks

When available, chopsticks give you the opportunity to show your experience with foreign dining. If you're not familiar with chopsticks, trying them makes the experience more fun and humorous than it would be if you initially opted for regular cutlery. Using chopsticks is an art that will take time to master, but you'll be a pro in no time.

7. Shh. Shhhh

Keep your table talk (or phone calls) on the down low. Sure, people are curious, but it's best to keep it quiet, especially if you're dining alone.

8. Knowing what to order

Don't order seafood, and don't order spicy food. The safest thing to order is something like grilled salmon with a ginger sauce.

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9. Cocktails are a great substitute for food

If you don't drink, share your cocktail. You'll be more inclined to order food if you can enjoy it with a glass of wine.

10. Your menu isn't all-inclusive

Keep in mind that not all menu items are included with the meal. It's a good practice to look up the restaurant's menu and reviews (preferably ones with pictures) beforehand. This way, you'll broadly know what to expect when you arrive there and won't look like a fool.

11. Ask about wine pairings

It's also important to keep in mind that each area in the U.S. has different growing and tasting options. Ask your waiter for advice on the best ones to try.

Don't Forget The Champagne


Champagne is a classic accompaniment to a romantic meal, and it can be hard to know just how to order. The general rule of thumb is to choose a rosé and try to pair it with fish. If you have red meat on the menu, go with a full-bodied red. When in doubt, ask your server and make sure your table is in good spirits.

Even if you're in a relationship, take yourself out on a date and dine alone. Sometimes your relationship might have gotten stuck on regular old eating and, to mix a metaphor, you need to shake things up to bring you back to the big picture.

The key to romantic dinners, as we know, is making it about your partner — not the restaurant. No matter who you're eating with, if you ask the waiter for a seat away from other diners, your table will be a private oasis for you. It's your table, and only you can decide where to dine.

Enjoy yourself. Be excited. Break up the routine. Then, when you get back to the real world, you can be sure that the first thing you do will be to turn to the person you love and say, "Hey, remember that time we were totally fancy and had a nice meal out? It was totally good times."

Here's a quick list to remember when dining out romantically:

  • Have a conversation.
  • Look each other in the eye.
  • Put your phone away.
  • Dress well.
  • Dress up your date.
  • Only share one check, if you split the bill.
  • Don't leave before the check arrives.
  • Be clear on your expectations, and stick to them.
  • It can be exhausting, but keep yourself in check, and enjoy a moment that you might not have otherwise.


With these tips, you can turn a regular dinner out into a treat.

Take your partner to one of these date-night spots and enjoy a romantic evening out.

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