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How To Find Your Dream Mail Order Groom

I've written a lot of articles about mail order brides, so here's one about mail order grooms. When I first searched for the term "mail order grooms", I was a bit disappointed to see that most of the search results were parody websites. So what's a girl to do if she's serious about finding a groom from abroad? Here's some ideas girls...

Mail Order Grooms

First of all the mail order bride or groom term is very outdated. Let's get rid of some myths immediately:

  • Thanks to the Internet you can email and have webcam sessions with a potential partner, so you don't marry someone you've never talked to.
  • Pretty much all men and women who are looking for love overseas do in fact visit their potential partner before marriage. While some people do get married soon after meeting, this tends to happen more in Thailand, where the man and woman have usually been married previously so they're not interested in a long courtship or lavish wedding ceremony.
  • You can't just order a partner online and get them a visa to live in your own country. Immigration authorities in Western countries are cracking down on sham marriages. Part of the visa application is to prove that you have a relationship with that person, so you will be unlikely to satisfy the authorities if you haven't even met the other person. You might also be asked to supply other proof of your relationship, such as photographs together, love letters and visits to see your partner.
  • The mail order groom/bride business is (and perhaps never was) between a rich Western person and a poor Asian person. These days Asian women in particular find it easier to find well paid jobs and they are much less reliant on men as they were in the past. A large number of the women on Asian dating sites have degrees and/or good jobs.

Mail Order Grooms from Asia

Western men love Asian women. Asian men also like Western women, so if you want an Asian groom it shouldn't be too difficult to find one.

Men looking for brides in Asia tend to look in Thailand, China or the Philippines. If you're a woman looking for an Asian groom it's probably better to stick to one of the more advanced economies. Two good places to look are Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Needless to say, men can be shallow so you'll stand a better chance of finding an Asian groom if you're a blonde. Having said that men have varying different tastes in women, so it shouldn't be too hard to find an Asian guy who's interested in you.

Good websites for finding a Japanese or South Korean groom are Japan Cupid and Korean Cupid. Hong Kong Cupid is also worth a look as there are a lot of wealthy and sophisticated professional men in Hong Kong. All of these dating sites have thousands of members, are well managed and require members to submit photographic ID. Unlike the other Asian dating sites they're not exclusively aimed at the male market, so you'll have no problem finding Asian men looking for a Western wife.

Mail Order Grooms from Russia

Russian women are a popular choice for a mail order bride. By comparison, Russian men are probably much less popular as mail order grooms. The life expectancy of Russian men is one of the lowest in the World, so take great care when selecting a Russian groom.

Russian dating scams are quite common, so take great care if dating a Russian man online. Being a lone female travelling to meet a Russian man is particularly risky.

Mail Order Grooms from Africa

Another option is to find a groom from Africa. Popular countries for finding an African partner include Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. All of these countries have increasing numbers of middle class people who like the idea of online dating.

One problem with African dating is the huge numbers of scammers - many dating scams originate from West Africa. In many cases the scammers pose as sexy Asian or Russian girls in order to lure in unsuspecting men. But don't let down your guard just because you're a woman. Women are also targets for dating scams. In one particularly sad case the Sunday Times reported that an English woman as scammed out of her life savings by a West African man. The worst part of the tragic case is that she had never even met the guy she was supposed to be dating. He was supposedly a hunky looking American guy, but in fact he didn't actually exist apart from a few stolen photos of someone.

So those are a few options for the mail order groom avenue of finding a partner online. International dating is increasingly popular, so there's no point in letting men have all the fun. An international relationship can be very rewarding, so check out some of the international dating sites mentioned here, and see if you can find the foreign man of your dreams.

Is finding a mail order husband a crazy idea? Leave comments below:

Alice on September 06, 2011:

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Before I answer your question I will say something about your article. I did research too about mail order grooms and theirs not that very many reliable websites. In today's high technology you can communicate people around the world in an instant. Before you know it you found this very interesting man online and you may be thinking of " is this crazy or what?".Finding a mail order husband is not a crazy idea but a lot of people will question you how did you met your husband? I think that it is a pretty interesting story to tell to someone who wants to know where did you bought him. Maybe this person sees how great your husband is and how happy and proud you are about him. But before you jump into this type of crazy love make sure you really know this person in person before you say " I do". Goodluck!

StrictlyQuotes from Australia on December 14, 2010:

Great information, thanks!

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