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Preparing For A Winter Wedding

Coconut Wedding Cake

Coconut Ball Wedding Cake

Coconut Ball Wedding Cake

Planning a Magical Christmas Wedding

This article is designed especially for bride couples who already have a good idea on what they want for their wedding day. What they think they want it to look like. Nevertheless, they're needing a little more help in the not so fun arrangements. Planning a wedding can be stressful enough however, planning a magical winter affair is a bit harder. Well fear no more, you have stumbled onto the right article here. This hub tries to point out some unique wintertime things to think about, tips, and ideas to sleep on. Every wedding has little misnomers that might pop up, but during the months of December and January, stuff like "rock salt" take on a new meaning. Whether you choose to serve coconut glazed cupcakes or raspberry drizzled dark chocolate cheesecake there are other, sometimes more serious considerations to make.

Be Prepared for Snow, Lots of Snow


Worthwhile Fun


Working With Old Man Winter...

There a few environmental elements one has to consider, when choosing to host a December or January event. Temperatures below freezing can reek havoc on motor engines, flowers, food, and guest comfort. When hosting an affair in these months, consider using some simple features. Turn a negative into an opportunity and use the enviromental elements as a positive feature. Make simple considerations, and turn them into speculator touches of class, and much appreciated additions. Things like horse drawn carriages or tractor pulled sleighs for the bridal party. The usage of evergreen plants in floral arrangements to eliminate wilting. Serve hot beverages to guest, and use plenty of outdoor heat lamps.


Preparations Guide

  • Mixed Precipitation - Snow, ice, and sleet have two things in common. They make surfaces extremely slick and dangerous, and when warmed up they become very sloppy and mucky. Invest in rock salt. Yes, the venue SHOULD have that cover, but in an active snowfall situation, its better to be prepared.
  • Lodging/Venue 1 Stop Accessibility - Be very considerate of the out of town guest, which you plan on inviting. All of the out-of-town guest who will travel long distances, could potentially have to consider winter-delayed lodging and canceled flight schedules. Pick a wedding/reception location in close proximity to one another, preferably walking distance to each other in case vehicles get stuck or cannot start. Also choose a location with reasonably priced motel/hotel lodgings, which are will equipped for winter.
  • Frosty Photography - Pictures, pictures, pictures! Need I say more? The flip side is that many good photographers love shooting wintery scenes. It is an opportunity for photographers to become inventive and more creative, with back drops and position poses. Make sure to have designated, photography locations already planned out, with warm coco and heat lamps at the ready and close by. I recommend that if the dresses are long, wear long johns underneath, and do not forget to pack a pair of winter color coordinated wellies underneath the gowns. Nobody will be able to see them in the picture anyway. If they do stick out, they can be covered up by a blanket of snow, or just make it a fun photo-op.
  • Freezing Temperatures - Gloves, muffs, and blankets are a must! Have some close by sitting on a table for people to use in between photo takes. Have thermals of hot chocolate or tea. If there are spots with outdoor fireplaces or heat lamps, use them.
  • Cold Weather Assistants - It is a very wise decision to have at least two assistants to aid the bride couple and wedding party during the outdoor photography shots. One person to help pass out blankets, keep track of the lint rollers for faux fur fuzz, and run errands. I recommend a guy and girl duo. The guy can help carry the girls across the snow to their photo shot spot, and the girl can be in charge of hairspray and make up. Both people can help supply extra blankets to those who are standing there freezing, waiting between different photography poses. The assistants can also make sure that everyone looks perfect for the big poses, which are those involving the entire bridal party. Cold weather brings out red noses, have plenty of make up power handy for touch ups. Make sure the assistants are folks who do not mind the cold, and are able to bundle themselves up without worries of ruffling up their own wedding attire. I suggest that they get dressed at the venue. Make sure that neither person is apart of the bridal party for example- a bridesmaid's boyfriend, groomsman's girlfriend, long lost aunt and uncle, or distant cousins of the bride or groom.

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Long sleeve dress should be on your consideration list.

Long sleeve dress should be on your consideration list.

Sorella Vita 2017 Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Sorella Vita 2017 Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Shades of Winter

Holiday themed weddings tend to be breathtakingly romantic. They also can be very regal and majestic affairs of the heart. From Victorian winter traditions to modern sophistication; popular hues for winter weddings include all sorts of new colors. Today's modern brides have taken to tones such as gold, bronze, and even shades of silver or blue. The bottom line is to be inspired, and to let whatever choice of color made to be the inspiration. A really fun way to play with these color hues is to incorporate them into winter elements such as icicles, lighted snow-covered trees, balasm fir and berry wreaths, holly berry garlands, rustic snowmen, capped off with an elaborate display of individual, handmade, snowflakes.

If you have chosen to host a Christmas wedding, keep in mind that they generally expected to be a formal event. Matter of fact, traditional winter weddings are usually held in the evening. Since these weddings are held in such a formal time and season, brides need to take that into account, when selecting their gown.

For the most part, the length of a train has sometimes determined whether or not a dress is considered formal or occasional. As tradition states the longer the train, the more formal the ceremony. Long cathedral length trains though can pose a problem, when taking pictures outdoors. They have a tendency to drag in the snow or ice, which might cause the train to become dirty, wet or worse, muddy and torn. Make sure to have the train altered so that it can be bustled and gathered together, to be lifted off the ground completely. It is not an uncommon practice nowadays but, an easy misstep if forgotten. No bride wants her dress to be torn on a piece of ice, or stained with snow melted mud.

Dealing with the cold is just part of challenges. Wearing flannel bridesmaid dresses or a bear fur wedding dress- really is not an option. Yet, there are many beautiful practical dress options to consider. There are a few bridal manufacturers that now offer a thermal cotton and wool bridal gown fabric. Many of the dresses are breathtakingly beautiful and designed so they provide optimum warmth and beauty. However, traditional bridal apparel offers the most transitional cold to warm desirable look. It is very easy to shed different layers of clothing, as the bridal party goes from hot to cold and reversal. Faux fur jackets and coats are an affordable option. Wool capes or pea coats would work nice too. They supply the warmth needed when outside, and they give a very classic, romantic feel in wedding pictures. Wedding gowns with long sleeves should be a consideration. Not only do they offer additional warmth to the dress, they are often fully detailed. Which is a very appealing aspect for such a formal occasion.

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