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Love & Attraction

We have the power to heal the world if you have love towards each other and nature.

What is Love and Attraction?

This topic of love is vast. Feeling, being and understanding love are completely different things.

Let us understand from roots.


What is Attraction / Infatuation?

It is a short lived passion or admiration for someone. It's basically something we like by outer looks. For example, You meet someone, they talk to you, support you, admire you, help you, give importance, make a priority and like your things and even sometimes they praise you in few matters and you come to conclusion that he/she is in love. In some cases it can come upto getting into a physical relation.
Sometimes due to Misunderstanding/ Arguments we feel nothing is right and think I don't deserve or he/she don't deserve to be in this relation. Basically, in this scenario you just admire a person by his/her personality. You just fall for a person on your quick judgements. After few days you come out and start searching for someone else this is something attraction which is not at all last longing.

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What is Love?

Love is a vast topic to understand, but I can tell it's a beautiful process. You don't seek love but the barriers within yourself. When you love someone you can really feel presence and absence.
The love can be with yourself, family, friends, lover, animals etc. The feeling of love makes you stronger, every time you feel it. In love, we respect each other flaws, privacy, freedom etc. and understand them. We make them feel secure and give them the best we can without complaining or expecting, and always try to be positive vibes. The person wont judge you by any kind of indifference whether it's complexion, body, caste, creed etc. Therefore, love is different, it has many forms and it is selfless.

A beautiful line "Infatuation is childish, but Love is mature"

© 2020 Shreya MK


Tushar on June 18, 2020:

Very nicely written...... Great blog

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