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Love: The Most Complex and Significant Feeling

Love is one of the oldest feelings in the world. And I studied for many years about this feeling and decided to write about it.

What is Love?

Love is all the affection one has for a person. For me, love is the purest, most innocent, and actual feeling there is. There is no specific explanation for love. Some say it is a magical feeling that happens and keeps each one of us alive. Love is that eternal bond between parents and children. Love is what gives hope and brings light, even in bad times. Love is what makes a person angry and jealous. Love is what is above any border, language, or ethnicity. And what makes a person lose his mind. Love is the exact point where a person is lost and found. Waking up to a good morning message from a loved one changes a person's day. A surprise, a gift, a kind act, all these attitudes, accompanied by Love, change people's days and lives. And these attitudes also make the heart light and happy. Love means life!


Love is like a drug

Our body has many curiosities and is related to love. Research has shown that falling in love activates the same system in the brain as cocaine addiction. So is possible to be addicted to love and addicted to one person. Love is addictive. Another interesting fact is that when we look at a person we love, our eye's pupil dilates to up to 70% of its original size. Also, the love of a mother makes a difference in the brain of the child. It helps in development and maturation.

Did you Know?

It takes you four minutes to decide if you like someone or not.

Love between parents and children

The first love of any person is their parents. The bond between mother and child is forever. Pregnancy creates this bond. It is the parents who care for, teach, guide, and protect a child and, it is they who create and provide a foundation for a child. Have you ever stopped to think about how many sacrifices your parents have made for you? Or how many times have they done everything they could and could not do for you? Value your parents! Maybe you and your parents have different points of view, goals, and probably opposing ideas, but remember, they want what is best for you, and nobody knows everything, so your parents are just trying to do the best they can for you.


Did You Know?

Broken hearts are real. The name given is heartbreak syndrome and it happens when one person feels the other's absence too much. The brain starts to produce substances that cause pain and shortness of breath.

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Love from friends

Have you ever had that friend who was like a brother to you? I believe we all had or have someone like that in our lives. And what can we say about this? Well, that is a different feeling and involves a lot of affection and affection, but it is not like romantic love. It is like a feeling of high esteem for a person who does not have the same blood as you. Friend's love is when even if many years pass or two people are far apart, nothing would change the friendship would be the same. Value if you have a friend like that. They are rare, and it is hard to find someone like that.

I love you in other languages. The languages ​​used were: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Albanian, and Afrikaans.

I love you in other languages. The languages ​​used were: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Albanian, and Afrikaans.

The love we feel for people

We all feel a natural love for other humans. That is evident when we see people being kind to each other. Firefighters, Police, and doctors often put their lives at risk to save lives. And we are grateful to all of them for that. Once, when I was a kid, I fell and got hurt in a park. I was alone and without my parents. Then a lady stopped her walk and quickly went to help me and meet my parents. I remember this act of kindness to this day, and people like them show how significant acts of kindness are. Do you remember any activities they did for you?


"Whatever the hell our souls are made of hers and mine are the same."

— Anna Todd, After

Romantic love

They say that in life, a person has three loves, one during childhood, another during adolescence, and it is that love that it hurts when it ends. The last is an unexpected love, it happens suddenly, and everything changes. That is the love of your life. How many love stories have we heard over the decades? Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous stories, but how many tears are spilled by movies like The Fault in Our Stars and If I stay? P.S I love you and many others? And how many poems were written talking about love? Finding a person to share your life with and falling in love with every day is like finding a treasure. It is hard sometimes and not always a bed of roses, but it is worth it. I spent hours thinking of the right words to describe this feeling and, I still don't know how to describe it. Magical. It's as if everything came to life and the world had gained new colors is one of the best feelings. Loving someone doesn't mean having problems, but it does mean having support. Have an imperfect partner to argue, fight, love, share, and add. This is perfect. Love that person until every moment, and do not forget with love, comes patience, respect, and forgiveness.

Show love today

In my country, there is a song that says: Even if I spoke the language of angels and men, lacking love, it would be nothing. Love is one of the most significant things in the life of any person. It is out of Love that we grew, and it is out of Love that we continue and find strength even in unexpected places. Love, love to your last heartbeat. Show your love for people, your parents and family, and your partner and everyone around you. Remember, some people only need an act of kindness to change and smile. These days, the world is a cruel and cold place, selfish and without Love or Kindness. People live in the “me first” dilemma, but be different. By your actions, you can change at least the world of a person. As I showed you a few paragraphs above, one act of kindness can change everything. So do your part, be kind, kind, and loving to people. That will bring you well-being, peace, and joy.

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