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Love has to be ageless


In my hub, " love must be born again," I told a story of a man said that he still lives with his wife because It is his responsibility not because of love. He said, it is not easy to live with a woman for over 30 years and not get tired of her, especially when you see her daily. That is his own opinion because couples have lived together for more than 50 years and still love each other. That does not mean that they was no problems and misunderstandings but it shows they know how to handle their problems.

There is a need for love to be born again for it to see the paradise of true lovers. Many marriages and relationships end in divorce or regrets because things seem not to be the same as it were at the beginning of the relationship. The reasons may include lack of trust, Infidelity, misunderstandings among others. These things can cause love to fade. Love dies when it fades away. Therefore the most essential task for lovers is how to keep love alive each day. That is why love must be born again. However, it is even better for love to be ageless because anything that is ageless lives forever.

The fun and joy of love are when it is mutually shared and appreciated. It seems some young people are now afraid of falling in love and getting married because they do not know how it will end. That may be the reason some people choose the idea of a single parent so that they do not experience the pains of marriage or relationship.

The most important thing is that we must keep love alive. It is because there is love at the beginning of any relationship or marriage. So if love was once there, we could do more to make it stay and live forever. Only a few lovers have lived happily together, and their secret was that they succeed in this task of keeping love alive forever. They know how to make love ageless. It is possible for others to do the same. It is not fair for love to be denied or to suffer pains.

It is time for lovers and couples to prove to others that there is need to love and be loved only that will help others to, once again, trust in the spirit of love and restore the respect for marriage.


davidkaluge (author) on July 17, 2011:

You are right,Dave. Love has to be ageless for it to be forever young and never old, forsaken, denied, and forgotten.

Dave Mathews from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA on July 15, 2011:

David: True love is ageless and priceless. One cannot put a true value on real love.

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