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Love and Attraction

Often we make the mistake of understanding both love and attraction as one.

Love is that feeling with the help of a single moment, we spend all our life.

While the attraction is like a bubble of water, it is scattered in a few moments.

Love is from the depths of the heart. There is a feeling of dedication and sacrifice in it.

Whereas in attraction,the desire to achieve it in any way is desired. He wants to find her as soon as possible.

When do you fall in love? Nobody knows.

It is a matter directly related to the soul, to the heart.

I felt the same way that day.

When I was on my way back from the city to my village.

I was sitting in the bus standing at the bus stand,on the seat near the window.

When I looked outside, a very beautiful girl was standing.

Perhaps he too had to travel in a bus.

But which bus, which place, I did not know.

In this way, many young women and people were standing there. But in all of them, she looked different.

At first glance ,it got inside the heart.

The mind started to dive into the ocean of imagination and began to dream about her..

I was immersed in her thoughts.

At this time avoice was heard in my ears. Please !

I startled and looked in front.

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She was the same girl. In whose imagination, I was immersed.

That's all she said. Please sit nearby .

She was standing near me.

I could not speak anything.

I just kept looking at him. And sliding a little, I gave her a seat to sit next to me.

Did not think that God would listen to me so soon.

I didn't know when the bus left.

Then something like this happened.

Which I had not even imagined.

About two hours had elapsed since the bus left.

As she started sleeping, she kept her head on my shoulder.

I turned my neck towards him. Perhaps she was fast asleep.

Whatever it's, I started feeling a pleasant feeling.

I could not remove his head from our shoulder even if I wanted to.

I didn't want her to sleep poorly, because of me.

Can occur. She is also dreaming in her sleep.

I didn't want her dream to be broken because of me.

When did the eight-hour journey complete. Did not realize.

When she opened her eyes, she found her head on my shoulder.

She did not say anything.

A slight smile was on her face the one I was looking at clearly.

The lips were closed, but her eyes were speaking everything.

That one smile has given me the happiness of a lifetime.

She had alighted from the bus. I had to go to the next place.

The bus left. I looked out of the window and looked at him.

She was watching me for a long time.

Until then, we did not disappear from each other's eyes.

The bus had caught pace.

It is true that a small momentary feeling is still in the eyes even today.

Neither did she say anything,nor did I say anything.

Still it seems,both of us said a lot to each other in the eyes.

It looks like. Even today, she is sitting somewhere near me in the journey of life.

The journey was short, but her memories are very nice and long.

Some such moments occur in life. Which we cannot forget even after years.

A moment's feeling setled in my heart for a lifetime.


OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on May 20, 2021:

Love is deep and far reaching. Good one.

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