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Love Will Keep Us Alive!

Love is in the Air....


Last evening when all was going well, the usual routine, having dinner, watching the 7'oclock TV show, the phone rang....and changed the whole story for what remained of the day! My best friend's son is 'Anaphylactic', with a serious allergy to tree nuts and sometimes other foods like eggs! One has to watch carefully what he eats, even traces of nuts can be life threatening. She felt helpless as his body was bursting into hives and swelling up and her husband was away for work having taken the car. She is a wise woman and used her presence of mind to immediately call 911 and Paramedics rushed home to take control of the situation. We too followed her to the hospital... but why? What were we going to help with? We were not doctors, nor did we carry medication, this was not the time to carry food or clothing and in the rush I forgot to even carry a bottle of water for them. But we knew we cared for them...we all loved that little boy. We were going to be her emotional support, her shoulder to lean on, just the way they had been ours in times of distress. We were going to stand beside her to hold her hand while the doctors and nurses worked with that 2 year old boy who had a dimished smile, but absolutely no tears, while her husband made it to the hospital.

As I came back home last night relieved that everything was under control and my little girl's equally little best friend was in bed and safe, I realized, isn't this what its all about. It's all about LOVE....love is what keeps us going....love is what we lean on when nothing else seems to be working.....Time is whizzing past us and they are making movies now about aliens taking over earth and the world coming to an end. All developed nations are reporting high divorce rates, higher suicide rates and diseases unheard of are sprouting up everywhere everyday. People living in countries which have advanced technology and superior infrastructures , surrounded by all the materialistic pleasures are missing family time with each other and are saying they are "unhappy".

Then you turn your eye to the not so fortunate people and places. I look back at home in India and think of the house maid's family of eight people living in a 200sqft area they call home and still sporting a smile all day long. The dad irons clothes for the neighborhood residents and mom cleans homes to make a living. Their children and grandchildren crowd around a 14" TV set to entertain themselves or simply run on the streets with a broken car tire, because their father cannot buy them that remote control car. A computer is a dream machine, accessible only in dreams and a pair of torn shoes is enough to get them to school, where their hope to become a doctor or scientist still survives. Yet they laugh as their dad tickles them, they smile when their mom serves up the frugal meal, they are 'happy'. They are not in the race to save their millions, their mercedes or their mansion....so they have all the time in the world to LOVE.

So what do I infer from these episodes in life, isn't it pretty clear that love is keeping us alive! Love can change so much today with its power to pry out those evil thoughts. Love can slay that monster to conquer the wars that are waging within the boundaries of each country. Love could break the shackles of political corruption. Love could heal the millions suffering with a smile or a gentle touch of faith. Love could mend those broken hearts, seal severed relationships. Love can make everything tick in unison.The only natural resource that the earth can never run out of...Love. A poor man's treasure that no country could buy even if it had the largest gold reserves. Its all there in abundance....just not visible at the surface at times...it needs to be mined. Wow...all that I wrote just now is something all of you reading this know....its in tons of hit songs, a zillion books...yet its just stowed away and forgotten.

LOVE LOVE LOVE.....Oh I'm feeling so much better just by the thought of being in love...and being loved today! I feel great! I feel fantastic!.....trust me...love would do that to you too...just give it a chance!!


SR Mazagaonkar on December 09, 2011:


Ur right these things are posted every where but stowed away in remote corners of our mind

These thoughts of urs only bring back forgotten incidents and remind us to look at life more compassionately and not loose hope in trying times

Always ask your self in such moments of despair..

so what next

V Qisya on November 18, 2011:

Love it!

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