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Love so Right a Love Story Dedicated to Mr Robin Hugh Gibb

Robin Gibb Live by Request I Started a Joke

Robin with Hedgehog

Mr R H Gibb with a picture of his Bassett Hound Hedgehog

Mr R H Gibb with a picture of his Bassett Hound Hedgehog


Love So Right, written in 2012 is an inspiration; based on a true life event. This fictional love story, dedicated to Mr. Robin Hugh Gibb, who had woken up from his coma 22 April 2012 suffering from an illness Pneumonia and cancer. He and his talented brothers gave so much world-wide musically.

In addition a definition paragraph from the author dedicated to true love. Many people may think true love is admiration, sex; lust and an external appearance of beauty skin deep with a person. In, research psychology suggests to helping the reader to come to conclusions why they or another person could be homing in on another person's vitality attraction. Some men and women could think that material value is attractive in the opposite sex. Yet, the attraction to some of the world's population, men and women that attracts to some handsome and beautiful looking men and women, the opposite gender will feel secure knowing that they won't stray from the relationship. This could happen to people's status in life; the rich, the famous and the everyday working class people in society.

Others may think soul-mates, twin-flames with well-founded morality of beliefs; true love is about compatibility, unconditional love, a deep compassionate connection so deep that these types of true love exist for a life-time. Age doesn't matter to people who believe in soul-mates and twin flames knowing that true love is right between them having felt towards one another their true calling.

How do you know you have found your true love, love so right? Try letting go of your insecurities, follow your deep inner instincts by not following materialistic values; this will inevitably be your twinflame/soul-mate's calling that's coming your way.

A Positive quote to know true love.

A Positive quote to know true love.

Love So Right

The hazy blueish red May morning sky was so beautiful, as the sun started to rise high over the mountains making it hot and humid; Alan a jazz musician and his intended Eugenia with their three children set off for their day trip to Twin Falls, Kakadu in the Australian outback. ((Kakadu is a National Park, declared in three stags from 1979 to 1991). Alan, Eugenia and the children for 15 minutes had travelled from Jabiru listening to the 1920's music on the radio. They had taken Eugenia's eight year old son an enthusiastic passionate fun-loving cheeky little boy. Alan's nine-year old son of a similar characteristic nature, Alex his sincere ten-year old daughter, strong in character, confident and faithful little girl managed to organise the two boys on the back seat of the car for them all to get comfortable for the journey. Alan had suggested that they would go for a picnic for the day with it being bank holiday. With it being so hot, the children had dozed of to sleep on the back seat of the car within minutes. Suddenly, a loud bang to the 1920s convertible car sent it out of control; Alan had borrowed the car from a friend jazz musician. What had happened, Alan had hit a rock in the road that had caused the front right tyre to explode. This had alerted the children, the eldest of the boys Steve Alan's son asked, "Are we there yet dad I need a pee!" Stevie tapping his dad on his shoulder catching the end of Eugenia's white chiffon scarf that floated above his dad's head, "No Stevie boy, I have to change the tyre on the car or else Uncle Mo will yell at me for breaking his car.” Alan said, as he pulled over to the side of the road and continued to say to his son, "you can hide and pee behind that bush."


The Austin Chummy

The Austin Chummy

Paul McCartney Drive My Car

Changing the Tyre

Steve, crossed legged made his way for the bush, Alan pointed to, from the car. Forgetting his toilet needs; Steve sat down fumbled with his trouser pockets pulled his toy car out to play with. Alex, his sister followed Steve caught up with him and asked. "What you think you are doing dim wit, I need to go behind a bush too to pee, get lost little brother ladies before gentleman.”

Australia outback road to Kakadu


Feel The Same Way Saigon Kick

A weepy little voice said, "I'm hungry Mom, I wanna go play football with Steve, canna Mom." Eugenia bent down putting her head through the door way of the car, stretched over to the back seat where her son Mike sat. Taking the little boy's hand and pulling him gently out of the car. Picked him up hugging him and took him to the boot of the car and said " Let's go to get you a sandwich from the picnic basket; I will have to check the cold custard in the ice box to make sure it is not warm, in this heat," she continued to say handing Mike a roast beefed sandwich.

Can You Feel It Jackson Five

The Journey Continues to Kakadu

"At last I have finished"! Alan shouted. They all returned to the car and carried on with the rest of the journey to Twin Falls. Finally, they arrived to a secluded spot of the falls close to the lake's shore. Eugenia laid the picnic out with goodies to eat. The children asked could they go and play hide and seek among the rocks, Alan and Eugenia sat down and took in the picturesque view of the lake and falls letting the children play.

Sailing Rod Stewart

Kakadu Twinfalls


Suddenly, Alan rose to his feet and started to fumble with his pockets". What are you up to?" Eugenia frowned. (Alan is a joker and always caught her unaware with his pranks). Her hat shading her coffee-coloured brown eyes from the sun; Eugenia placed her hands over her hips demanding what trick he is playing on her. Stepping forward grabbing Alan's hand from his pocket, Eugenia tripped over a small rock and fell on to him grabbing him by both of his arms. At the same time, Alan had stepped backwards with her falling on to him and tripped up over another small rock that was on the water's edge; they both fell into the shallow part of the lake; soaking Alan's best suit, Eugenia's white 1920's frilly dress. They sat there helplessly laughing, like drowned rats

Twin falls Kakadu

Gumlom Water Fall

Gumlom Water Fall

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The Ring

Alex started to run over to the waters' edge, as Eugenia wailed, "help, and pull me out you three!" As she hung round Alan's neck trying not to fall back in again with her tousled chocolate-brown hair soaking wet. Alex lay on her tummy with stretched hands to pull her from the water; instead Alan pulled Alex into the lake laughing and joking. Crawling, the bank of the lake, water dripping from Alex's clothes she went to sit down by picnic and started to eat a sandwich. Steve, with Mike ignored Eugenia's cry for help, stopped playing and joined Alex eating her sandwich from the picnic basket. Among, the sandwiches, on one of the plates of the picnic Steve, had seen a shiny object. Amazed to how his shiny treasured object got into the sandwiches; he picked it up to rub it clean with the bottom of his tee-shirt and realised it was a ring. Steve, always carried a little trinket box to keep spiders in as pets; he placed the ring gently inside the trinket box and put the box on top of the picnic blanket for safekeeping, taking his sister with Mike they ran down to the waters' edge and jumped into the lake to play water fights with Alan and Eugenia.

Like a Virgin Madonna

After, a short time. "Out everyone the fun is over!" Alan shouted; spoiling the fun, the laughter as everyone climbed the lake's bank soaking wet. Alan continued, "Don’t you think you all can sit down in your wet clothes and eat," over everyone's loud voices. As the children changed into their bathing suits and laid their clothes in a row on the rocks in the hot humid sun for them to dry. Steve ran over to the picnic still spread out on the ground and found his little trinket box; picked it up and started to open it. “What have you got there Steve?" asked Mike, following him, grinning from ear to ear. "Canna, have a look?” Continued Mike, chewing his sandwich. By, this time Alex caught both Steve and Mike up; snatching the trinket box from her brother's hand and ran off with it, “Give it back!” Cried Steve, "telling dad about you", running and chasing after his sister, to get back his trinket box. Mike sat down on the picnic blanket to watch Alan play his bongo percussions that he had brought with them on the day out. Enthusiastic Mike picked up a set of small drums to hold them in between his knees and started banging a rhythm. "Hey there don't you go putting holes in my drums, my friend the jazz musician UncleMo will get mad with me," Alan joked. By, this time Alex with Steve came back to the picnic and started to eat the cold custard and jelly before eating the remaining sandwiches. The children loved the water fight so much that they continued playing and started to flick cold custard and jelly at everyone, but made sure plenty of custard and jelly left to eat.

Words Boyzone

Alan leaned over the picnic spread gazed into her face with love and said "Eugenia I've got something important to ask you?" Eugenia bewildered rose to her feet from her sitting position and took several steps backwards from the food. Alan knelt on one knee, taking a hold of her left hand and started to propose marriage, the words tumbled from his mouth" oh damn!" "What is wrong?" Eugenia asked puzzled with fixed eyes down into the face of the man she loved, still dripping wet with his shoulder length thick brown hair that started to dry into wavy curls on the ends. Without Alan's knowledge, the emerald diamond engagement ring had fallen from his pocket into the sandwiches, when he reached over to take her hand, when the lovers were laughing and joking earlier, over Eugenia's thoughts over him playing pranks on her. Frantically, he started searching for the ring in his pockets and didn't find it. He rose from his kneeling position and started to search round the lake's shore and the picnic blanket and the remainder of the food.

Alex washed her face, and hands clean of custard at the lake's shore. She raised her hand in the air to look at the beautiful ring she wore that she had taken from Steve's trinket box. "Papa, you do look so funny like an ostrich walking around like that. You look like you're grooming, yourself." Alex said, observing her father tip-toeing round the picnic blanket." "Yes, my darling I must appear to look like one." Alan laughed with concern approaching Alex at the water's edge. He bent down and whispered. "I suppose you haven't seen a ring; I hope I haven't lost it. The ring is a surprise for Eugenia. "Is this what you are looking for papa?" Alex said, concealing her hand to obscure the ring from Eugenia. "Yes, where have you found it? I should really spank your bottom for having me so worried." Alan said, kissing his daughter's forehead. Alex smiled, "our Steve, he had it in his trinket box, at first I thought it was his, he found it. I didn't want his pet spiders crawling all over it. So, I just kinda borrowed it. It looks, so beautiful does the emerald diamond ring," handing the ring over to her father in a discreet way.

My Coo Ca Choo Alvin Stardust

The Proposal


The Proposal

Feeling relieved Alex had the ring all the time for the safe keeping. Alan strolled over to the lakes shore where Mike stood picked him up and whispered "How would you like a new daddy?" "Mike smiled and said thoughtfully, "Geez, pops, I was waiting for you to ask me; I will go play with your bongo drums now, you won't keep telling me off will you?" Alan put Mike down to go play with the drums, spun around laughing and walked over to where Eugenia is sitting on the picnic blanket, taking in the May's sun. He took her left hand and gently pulled her to her feet with a huge smile on his face, knelt on one knee again slipped the emerald diamond ring on her wedding finger and said romantically; "Will you, marry me?" Looking very happy, with tears of joy Eugenia sighed. "Yes, I have waited for this day to happen wishing when you would ask me."

Love So Right Bee Gees


This is the fictional work of the author's imagination. The introductory to Love So Right consists of research about love. Names, characters, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Mrs L A Gibb


Mrs L A Gibb (author) on January 27, 2014:

Thank you Linda for your support and your comment. Bee Gees are my fav group and I do miss Robin, Maurice and Andy.

Linda Hart-Hyde on January 25, 2014:

What a lovely and refreshing short story!!! Very nice writing!! I miss Robin, too. He brought so many excellent songs to us all. Thank you!

Mrs L A Gibb (author) on May 29, 2012:

R.I.P. Robin Gibb.

Mrs L A Gibb (author) on May 19, 2012:

Thank you for your comment. It has also been published on Mr Gibb’s facebook to show how much of a fan I am and hope that he will pull through his illness.

Girish puri from NCR , INDIA on May 19, 2012:

loved your story, keep writing

Mrs L A Gibb (author) on May 08, 2012:

Thank you Dalton71482 for your support and comment.

Jeremy Wade from Tennessee on May 05, 2012:

loved your story.

Mrs L A Gibb (author) on April 26, 2012:

Thank you for your support and comment.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 25, 2012:

I adore the Bee Gees and your story! This was fun to read. Happy it had a happy ending...

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