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Love Poems: Romantic, Long Distance Relationship, etc.

Blake Flannery 2/15/04

Blake Flannery 2/15/04

Love Poems by Blake Flannery

I have been writing love poems for over a decade; some have become songs, while others have just sat. After writing online content for several years, it just makes sense that I would publish some of these poems, as well. They may be of some value to others who are looking for inspiration or examples of love poems for anniversaries, to help them write their own.

I've written extensive directions for how to write love poems, and this is going to serve as a larger set of examples to compliment that explanatory hub (see links at the bottom of this page). Please feel free to leave your own love poems in the comments section below, as well, so this can become a great resource for all. Make this a place to publish your own love poems if you'd like. Just keep it PG13 rated, so I don't get into trouble with administrators of the site.

Love Poem about a Long Distance Relationship

That’s the Way You Feel


That feeling you get at night that makes you shiver
It comes right about when the sun's going down
The cool breeze swirls its fingers all around your neck
You just have to smile cause there's no way to frown

That's the way you feel when your loved one is near
As they whisper “I love you” softly in your ear
And you know everything you hear is sincere
So tonight just trust everything you hear

But if they can't be with you on such a night
You have to imagine it with all of your might
Then you gaze above and you see the moon
Then look for a star to wish to see them soon

Short Love Poem

Give Me Your Hand

Give me your hand; I’ll take you along
Give me a minute; you’ll be singing this song
Give me a smile; I’ll give you my time
Give me a kiss; we’ll be feeling fine

Drawing by Blake Flannery

Drawing by Blake Flannery

Love Poem about Falling in Love

Magnetic Love


One day I fell in too deep
Couldn't resist, couldn't stay away
Found her as she is
Magnetic pull controlled us

Eternal magnetic charge
Never close enough
Now we finally meet
Can't stop now

Must always move on
Till nothing between us
She has her own charge
I can't resist the pull

She's stronger than I
I have given up
Fighting is useless
Doesn't seem right

I pull at her now
The pull grows stronger
As we race toward each other
We can't wait any longer

Love Poem about Keeping the Relationship Strong

Keep the Flame Alive


The coolness of your heart
Tells me something is wrong
But I can’t go on like this very long

Suspicion in your eyes
Tells me you think I lied
You couldn’t be further from the truth

We’ve got to trust each other
And live our lives on through

When love came knocking on our door
Couldn’t get enough of each other
In a single day
But as those years pass us by
It’s going to take just a little bit more
To keep the flame alive

Love Poem about Questioning Love

How Long


How long is long enough
for me to be alone
How far is far enough
to see which way I've gone
How strong is strong enough
to hold myself and you
How old is old enough
to know that it's all true

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"Reaching for Beauty" by Blake Flannery

"Reaching for Beauty" by Blake Flannery

Love Poem about Grieving Love

Let Me Dream


When they told me you were gone
I just couldn’t think it true
You had always seemed so alive
But now I’m missing you
And there’s nothing I can do
So I lay in empty bed
And cry myself to sleep
So God won’t you please
Let me fall fast asleep
Let me dream of her sweet love tonight

When you left me all alone
You forgot to give me a kiss
That’s the one thing on my mind
It’s been seven long years
I’ve shed plenty of tears
But your touch is the one thing
I’ll always miss
So God won’t you please
Let me fall fast asleep
Let me dream of her sweet love tonight

I remember holding you
Many times in the past
I’m praying those memories will last
We used to stay up late
And talk till things were straight
After we had made up
We’d really celebrate
So God won’t you please
Let me fall fast asleep
Let me dream of her sweet love tonight

Imaginative Love Poem

Finish the Start


When the sky cries, we run
Wind swirls aromas of earth
We smile and fall in love
We cry and taste salt

Colors pervade our thoughts
Memories fade to gray
Her love is naked
I've lost my heart

I drink my lover's mind
Her vision of me is piercing
One day we'll leave this place
Together to finish the start

Long Distance Love Poem

Nothing I can do can get you out of my head


Nothing I can do can get you out of my head
I think it's from all those things we have said
Your face is burned in my memory for good
I have imagined it every time that I could
Can't wait to see you standing face to face with me
How close can I hold you? We'll have to wait and see

Love Poem about Abusive Relationships

Distorted Love

Love that’s forced is just a bloody war
Love that’s conditional always wants more
Love that uses takes advantage of the poor
Love that’s jealous is just a prevailing sore

Sometimes fighting is needed
When you’re up against a glove-less opponent

Break away from all of your pains
Free yourself from those negative chains
Keep pushing back when forced to the edge
Your effort will honor you with respect

Love Poem of a Love that Never Was

I’m Wondering


Time is gone forever
I wonder where it went so fast
Lying in bed I review
Those memories and smile

I’ve waited long enough
To see you again
Since I’ve seen you last
I’ve looked for someone new
Just like you

I’m wondering where you are
And wishing I was there for you
I’m wondering what you’re doing
And wishing I was too with you
I’m wondering how you feel
And wishing I was glad for you
I’m giving you a thought
And leaving you behind
If you don’t mind

Love Poem about Flirting

Sure Can Tell


When she looks me in the eyes
Her love captures my heart
And it holds me close
So close I can hear it beat

That little lady’s sure got style
She can turn your head
When she walks away
I get hypnotized by her sway

A lady like this I can’t let get away
I’d be crazy if I didn’t let her stay

Sure can tell my baby’s got me under a spell
All she had to do is be herself

Apology Love Poem

Second Chances


Before you leave let me play you this song
One more time before I’m gone
Maybe if you’d just listen to me
My side of the story you’d be able to see

I want to thank you for being my friend
I hope our love doesn’t have to end
If you have to go now I’ll understand why
I guess I deserve to be the one left to cry

You know that I love you
And you know that I’m sorry for hurting you
I made a mistake
When I let some other girl between me and you

Do you believe in second chances?
I know that right now I hope you do
I can’t see a reason you’d take me back
But I hope you do

Romantic Poem about Meeting in Heaven

I Can Show You Around


When I finally have to go
I hope it doesn't happen too slow
And if I could choose you or me
I would go ahead and pay my fee

I could wait a few more years
To be together where there are no more tears
I think that you should stay behind
But if you were there I wouldn't mind

I see no more sadness
I've escaped the world's mess
The time with you has been great
But the night is getting late

Everyone has their own time to go
But no one ever gets to know
I hope that when you finally get there
I can show you around

Love Poem about Becoming More than Friends

A Friend

Would you give me credit if I lied to you?
Or look me in the eye and say “It can't be true.”
Would I act so happy to see you again?
Or would I be ashamed because I'm still your man?

Would you want to listen if I sang you a song?
Or tell me that the last one I wrote was too long?
Would you still have fun when I am joking with you?
Or would you say “Get your hands off me you stupid fool"?

It's times like these I don't know what to do
Should I mess with a good thing I don't want to lose?
When I think to myself how this all might end
If I lost you as a lover would you still be my friend?

A friend is a friend
A lover so much more
A friend makes you rich
A lover leaves you poor

Give me your time
I'll be your good friend
Take everything you want
And the love will never end

Long Distance Love Poem

When You're Gone


When you're gone
I miss you
Want to kiss you
But at the same time
I forget you

We were together
In fine weather
But now I'm standing here
In the rain

And there's nothing
I can do
To lose your love
And it's something
I should thank
The Lord above

I miss you
Want to kiss you
But forget you
When you're gone

Addiction Love Poem



Did I find you or did you find me
I reached out to feel something
You slapped me in the face and left me cold
And now I’m tied up and getting beat

I didn’t always know you but now I do
Now my thoughts are always of you
My! How my urge for you has grown
But shame makes me want to be alone

When I was in need of someone you were there
I knew it wasn’t real but I didn’t care
Now I’ve seen your destructive power
Your delicious feast quickly turns so sour

Poem about Breaking Up and Making Up

With the Rain


Don't make me watch you walk out that door
It hurts enough just to think about it now
I know you don't understand and neither do I
But give me time to ask myself why

Don't close that door till you say goodbye
You may never get a chance to do it right
If you leave me waiting here for you to come back
You know you'll make me lose my mind

You said you wanted me to tell you no lies
Neglecting the truth would be much more wise
I should have kept my mouth shut
When you asked me what was wrong

I brought it up
Now I'm taking it back
You could tell what was wrong anyway
I've been walking on clouds
Since the day you graced my heart
And now I'm going down with the rain

Everything seems better now and I hope it's true
But there's no telling how long this will last
I hope you get a chance to get away
And I hope I'll ride along with you

"Tunnel" by Blake Flannery

"Tunnel" by Blake Flannery

Love Poem about Commitment


(My own wedding first dance song)

Another day to say hello
Another hour to say goodbye
Another chapter unwritten
Another sentence we write today

The goodbyes seem way too often
This sequence is wearing me out

Another love not just a crush
Another person to share a meal
Another dream to fill the night
Another hope to be fulfilled

Looking forward every day
Having fun along our way

Another road without a map
Another forest unexplored
Another light to show the way
Another beacon in the dark

Glad to have you with me now
With no reason to wrinkle my brow

I know we don't know how the story goes
But I want to write my history with you
I'll stick with you and go with the flow
And we'll float together on our sea of time

Doubting Love Poem

Doubting Love


You say what’s wrong
I say I don’t know
I just want
Our love to grow

You ask me questions
That are full of doubt
These aren’t the things
I want to think about

"Images of the Mind" by Blake Flannery

"Images of the Mind" by Blake Flannery

Poem about Fun Love

You Made It Fun

Friday night we went to a show
And you made it fun
Saturday morning at the doughnut shop
And you made it fun
Saturday evening at the symphony
And you made it fun
Sunday doing nothing all day
And you made it fun

I lived inside my own skin
Until I went and tried on yours
I'll wear you as long as I can
And my sweatshirts will keep you warm

You think you need to do me some good
If you could help me I know you would
You give me exactly what I want
A minute, an hour, and a day

And you made it fun

"Thinking" by Blake Flannery

"Thinking" by Blake Flannery

Love Poem about Taking a Chance on Love

Chance on Love

How did it happen, it doesn't make sense
Before I knew it, you'd torn down my fence
I saw a hint in your eye that told me so
But never expected how large it would grow

I didn't expect you to be what you are
Somehow you let me jump over your bar
Now my golden pass will get me through
No waiting in line to get to see you

Most other men don't know what I mean
Wallets bursting and filled up with green
Some things in life can never be bought
And those are the things that I love a lot

You were the best kept secret until we met
Now dinner is cooking and the dishes are set
Dinner for two, brunch, or breakfast in bed
You'll be my butter and I'll be your bread

And you, you were there
Waiting for me, and looking so beautiful
And now we have a chance
To take a chance on love

Poem about Not Making a Move

The Coward

All we have is moments together
Never long enough to break the ice
Just a look in the eye is all we have
You are just a dream in my mind
What’s wrong with me waiting too long?
You turned a loser into a winner
And I'm not even in the game
Regrets visit me when I see you
A thousand songs like this one
Written by guys just like me
Lacking the nerve to pursue you
Wishing without taking a chance
Maybe it wasn't God's plan for us
But it would have been a nice try
Fate may bring me another chance
But I feel we'll both be different

Poem about Childlike Love

I Want a Childlike Love

I want a childlike love
No agenda attached
Like two blind dogs
Sniffing their way around

This love is most fun
To share with just one
A two person game
It is easy to play

The rules are few
Intuitive by nature
No one ever cares
Who wins in the end

Freedom to speak truly
Simplicity in explanation
Forgiveness quickly found
But love never lost

Emotions running high
Explosive and frightful at times
Never thinking too much
Committed to the end

Selfish as a child
Putting all others last
No one has to teach
This kind of childlike love

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Leave Your Own Original Love Poem Examples

Blondey on June 11, 2015:

Great poetry, I like "Love Poem about Grieving Love" especially, :)

Mike Robbers from London on October 21, 2012:

Those Poems were lovely to read, and dare I say they inspired me. I really enjoyed this hub, and perhaps I was meant to read your poems tonight. Thank you for the moment of clarity :)

Angela Fishell on March 21, 2012:

The road of our lives is a long and lonely walk in any direction,

seemingly lost with no sense of recollection,

Our minds need constant reassuring,

Tender Hearts need understanding love & reassuring stimulation,

left alone and unnurtured defines self mutilation,

so lost in the confusion and where did we go wrong,

wasted effort and hanging on too long,

conflicts, money, power struggles and fear,

we lost ourselves and everything we held dear,

is it repairable or unfixable,

oh you put me in quite a pickel

Snigdha Shahi from India,mumbai on February 13, 2012:

Beautiful collection of love poems. My favourite is Childlike love. Loved the innocence.

Irell VL on December 07, 2011:

A great collection of poems. I Especially liked the love poem about falling in love and the one about flirting. I really enjoyed reading these so i'm definitely voting this up.

Lee on November 17, 2011:

I'm so motivated and I came to realisation that love is about how often do one smiles if its more then one knows is in a safe place and should be thankful.

Lukas. on October 23, 2011:

Seek into my mind and become blind. Hear my words and become deaf. Taste my sorrow and become mute. Or live my life and pray for death. Live for love or die for hate, fight to stay together or lose to separate. I cant comprehend the battle of emotion, so much in which life is in slow motion. There is no doors or exits in this maze of confusion or maybe our love was just an illustion but im sick and tired of taking the abusion. Thos was all a sick game just for your amusion. Written by luke kunkle age 17

RichERich1175 on February 22, 2011:

I cannot fathom why I am the first person to comment on this particular hub, but I welcome the opportunity. You are an amazing poet, Blake! Your imagery is wonderful, your diction is right-on. The world shines a little brighter with your words!!

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