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Love Limbo

Stop Floating Around in Limbo

Dont allow yourself to be a revolving door. Allowing him or her to back and forth in your life. It’s hard too but I’m going to give you some ideas of how to play this out.
Remember don’t let him think your sitting around waiting for him to come. Sometimes people think having someone is better then having no one. Don’t limit your ability to be happy. It’s hard but sometime you have to remove him or her from your life. To find that special someone he will come when you least expect it. It’s time to move on and except the split.

Stop Being the Person Chasing

If he doesn’t call you, text you , or make time for you. Then it’s ok he doesn’t feel the same way you do. Don’t let that make you fell lease then. Of course we still have social media and via text. If you feel that you need to do something. Text ex: Hey it’s Tina I don’t know if you wanted to hang out the weekend. I know your schedules very busy but I won’t be in town this weekend. Hide your car not at a friends get someone you trust to take you to the airport park it for the weekend and walk away. Don’t communicate period! No matter how bad you want to you must fly like an eagle. In the mist of a storm and eagle flies higher and higher. Until it get where it needs to be. It’s time that you fly into your future.

AMs if he doesn’t call don’t worry sometimes your weeding out the bull. And if he doesn’t call just know he isn’t the one. And if he does make sure your nowhere that he that he may recognize the sounds and think your lying for his attention. Are dont even answer wait later to call back. And say hey honey I’m sorry I was hanging out with my friend and I didn’t want to answer it was so noisy. I was waiting until I got back to my hotel room to call. And if he ask where you are before you plan this game.Make sure you’ve done all your research when your telling him your going some where. And start rolling off your tongue all the amazing things you’ve done and what you have plans to do tomorrow. So if I don’t message that much I will text when I get back to my room. And pull all the power and strength you have and don’t call. Text the next morning we were out so late I just fell asleep. And never ever admit what your doing. Even if he says your with someone else be strong he hasnt shown you any attention and your doing you. Let him feel that pain you’ve been feeling. And if he want to let you go or mistreat you from this. Then let go it may just be time to let go. He pushed you away now you need to show him. Your winning! His loose cool beans.

Stop reliving the hurt and let go. The main reason you can’t move on is because you keep allowing this person in and out if your life.

Get Over the Break Up

Stop talking about it people get tired of hearing about it. Don’t talk about it anymore. Dont be bitter be a better women. And walk away if he calls for that late nought creep say no thanks I’m good! I maybe having someone over later. It maybe hard to put on a brave face but force yourself too do it anyway. And know it’s not the end of the world. A better life’s coming for you. Remember as I always say love you first!

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