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The Magic Spells of Thrones!


Silent charm

The Queen finally bid farewell to the world, on 8th September 2022, she played a massive inning of 70 years and was 96 years old; people waiting in queue for days to pay their last respect is quite a testimony to itself.

Now that it’s out of the way, I assume, as an intuitional reader, you’ve realized that we are headed in a different direction. I also want to establish here that the Monarch happens to be a passing reference and is not exclusive to the subject. The thought crossed my mind years ago, but got lost somewhere, it reeked again after Prince Philip's demise; nonetheless, the thought bloomed fully, when the finality was declared in the news.

I'm talking about relinquishing the ‘throne’ before the ‘until death do us part’, from the ‘beloved throne’ moment. The throne, in my opinion, should be timely vacated. Given that the royal norm states that the existing monarch, must either die or abdicate the throne to have a new successor, but this norm has not yet been amended like many outdated traditions and laws that were done away with, keeping up with modern times, like the ‘Succession to the Throne Act, 2013’, wherein only male heirs, could have claim to the throne, was redrafted to the firstborn, being the rightful heir, irrespective of the gender; this not only suited the royal’s own purpose but more significantly served a greater good, it granted a female heir, equal rights that previously held them back, yet what’s baffling, why no number has been assigned to serve the throne, if not an early at least a later numeral could suffice, just like the present-day norms of retirement, 80, 85 or any number for that matter could be benchmarked, followed by a retreat from the taxing duties to more informal charms of old age to reflect on one’s own journey or was that decision withheld because the Majesty, thought that Prince Charles, did not have favourable public perception; however, if that were the case, no contrasting arrangements were made, as is evident that Prince Charles is now being addressed as ‘Your Grace’; thus it all played as it was meant to be.

Also, let me mention, I appreciate those who work till the end of their lives either because they have no option or as a choice to remain active; however, here, there weren’t any obligations but a choice to continue on the throne.

The Monarch had no internal or external threat to life or being exiled, with much wealth, castles, guards, pets and peace during and after her titular reign; obviously, no one’s planning to invade the United Kingdom, as of now! The Symbolic Head did not lay any groundwork to forsake a nominal throne for her son, under peaceful conditions and waited for the judgment day (death) to pass for it to materialize.

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Current dynamics

Then what can be expected from the likes of Putins, Xi-Jinpings and all others in history and presently who actually possess executive power to destroy; the lust for power spared none, from Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan. This trend can be witnessed in the current dynamics through continuation to the seats of power with something that appears to be election-like in some parts of the globe.

The hypnotic effect

In the ‘Lord of the Rings’ series, the wearer of ‘the one ring’, goes into a trance-hypnotic state, thereupon guided by the unseen dark forces of the other world, making them oblivious to their surroundings. So does the throne cast a spell?

The world at large is in a disorderly state, the dreaded nuclear weapons lie in the hands of egocentric minds; deducting that course of righteousness followed by the higher strata of the society, is looked up-to, to as model behaviour for the common man, for instance, the advice that money is not everything holds value, only if it comes from a wealthy individual; however, the same advice from a pauper will be looked down upon.

The Monarchies, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Directors, Institutional heads etc. must make way for the new offshoots to expand their wings. Even a family must make place for newer members within or from outside the family who have come to join their clan, what we practice as smaller units is reflective of the society we form, which further builds the character of the entire nation. Each nation is a reflection of its people and its head of the state, is the sum total of the majority.

Graceful exit can save the world

The throne is immortal, it must be served, but the individuals are mortals, servers come and go; those who forget this become the prisoners of the throne. The mortal cannot conquer the immortal. Thus, a graceful exit from the 'seats of power' will establish peace at large in the world.

© 2022 Z Yasmine

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