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Looking for a Bride From the Orient? How to Go About It

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Many men in America and Europe may decide on getting a bride from the Orient. In this case, the Orient means basically the Far East and includes China, Southeast Asia, and Japan. It does not include the Indian subcontinent and other parts of Asia. There could be many reasons for looking for a bride from the Orient and somebody may just be wanting one to have an exotic experience or looking for something out of the ordinary. Obviously, it will not be possible for the man to travel to China-Japan and search for a bride so there are many sites on the Internet which advertise oriental brides. These sites are advertised as dating and marriage sites where eastern beauty meets western romance. All these sites like Orient brides are exotic sites and cater to showcasing women and girls from SE Asia and that includes Japan, Thailand, and Laos.

The Orient has always been a source of mystery and fascination for the western man and these sites bring forth the best girls from SE Asia. One of the sites is a co-branded site of and claims to have a membership of over 30,000 women. Most of the sites are American-owned companies and are generally compliant with the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act (IMBRA). Asian Beauties and its sister site Orientbrides is owned by Anastasia International.


The sites advertise that they present exotic women from SE Asia for a date and marriage for the western man. The dating sites were founded many decades back and over the years have made a name for themselves in the field of dating. They operate on the net and can be easily accessed from any corner of the globe, but the stress is to attract the western man from USA and Europe. All the sites are free to join and this simple membership gives you access to the site and allows you to go through the profiles and photographs. The site offers its members the chance to correspond with other members, have a live chat, send flowers and gifts as well as date a lady. The site also arranges for phone translations for girls who are not fluent in English.

Another feature of the site is arranging dating and fun tours. On these tours, a member can physically meet his date.

To access all the benefits of these sites you have to become a paid member. In case you are a paid member then you can have access to many specialists who can help you succeed at they will help in translation and scouts. Some sites boast of more than 30,000 active female members on their rolls. All payments are accepted only in USD.

Do sites return policies?

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Paid membership can be canceled at any time by sending a written request. The site will refund the unused subscription pro-rata. However in case, your membership is canceled for violating any of the terms listed, then no refund will be given for any subscription.

The sites can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Many are part of the Anastasia web dating site and cater to any person all over the world. However, the girls showcased are only from SE Asia

Most of the sites Have customer service and in case you have a problem you can contact them.


Many will be eager to know how effective or efficient these sides are. Generally, you will be in a position to contact girls in Southeast Asia. The sites do have some negative feedback. A small number do feel that one of the important groups of sites Anastasia web is itself a scam, but generally, that is not the view of the majority of members. However, the general opinion is that the sites, in the long run, turn out to be very expensive. Live chatting and sending letters are expensive and just reading a letter costs you $8. In addition meeting, the women in real life mean traveling to China or Japan and that will add to your expenses.

However, in case you have money and time to spare it could be a good adventure for you. Enter the site with an open mind and be prepared for disappointments I know of a person who was corresponding for a young Chinese bride who claimed to be just 25 but when he had a meeting he found she was over 50.

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