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Long-Distance Relationships and Holidays

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There are a variety of reasons that some couples aren't able to see one another for holidays and special occasions. While this can be sad, and can put a damper on your holidays and celebrations, there are a few simple things you can do to make being apart for the holidays less taxing on your long-distance relationship.

Be Sure to Talk

Whether or not it’s possible to see one another, it is important to make a solid effort to talk with one another on holidays and special occasions. This will help you feel more connected to one another, and will also ensure that you get to wish each other a happy holiday for whatever occasion you have to be apart.

Talk About Your Plans

Sharing what you are going to do during your holiday celebrations is another good way to feel connected while you are stuck apart for the holidays. Being able to stop and think “he’s on his way to his mom’s house by now” leaves you feeling less alienated from each other than stopping to wonder what the other is doing, period. If you have a quirky family tradition that isn’t universal to most families, tell your significant other about it, and whether you’re excited or unhappy about it. These little things are what you would do if you were able to be together, so doing them while you are apart for the holidays can make the separation less blatant and painful for the both of you.

Talking after your holiday plans occur is also a good plan, because it allows you to share fun stories from your day, and gives you an insight into what your significant other’s holiday was like, rather than only what it should be like. Telling each other about what your crazy aunt did during dinner allows you to feel like a part of each other’s lives much better than explaining where you’re going at what time does before it happens. But of course, if the only time you have to talk is before you start your day, this is better than nothing.


Take Pictures

Be sure to take a visual record of your holidays, to share with one another either electronically, or the next time you are together in person. Again, this gives you an idea of what your significant other was up to while you were apart, and what you two do alike and differently for holiday celebrations. It also gives you a visual representation of each other’s relatives, who you may have to meet in the future.

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Plan for the Future

If there is any degree of possibility that you two will be able to spend future holidays together, the time that you’re sad about not being together is the perfect time to plan for that. Discussing future holiday plans will keep you from feeling trapped in the moments where you are apart, and also cheer you both up in general. It’s an uplifting way to plan for the future of your relationship, and to keep your holiday spirits high.

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