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Living with a Liar

A liar hurts those they choose to love

Are you living with a Liar?

Life gives you everything harsh, everything you think you can handle and cope with within your marriage. However you see life, you do not think of how living with a liar will affect you.

Seeing is believing and hearing is deceiving but nothing is better than hearing a recorded conversation between two people, who are married with kids and have grandchildren.

You never know the truth even when you confront your partner about their words and actions. Love, trust, and honesty hold all relationships together as glue bonds a piece of wood to the other part.

Unfortunately, the sailfish one in the marriage is often the one who fails to regard the feelings of their partner. It is often lying that gets them an answer and an excuse for all of their actions and this is especially if they are caught out.

You meet this man at 21 years of age and think the world revolves around him and everything you do with him is perfect. Well, I have news for you, there is no perfect thing when you one day realize the lies you had to put up with and tolerate from someone you loved.

Everything in your life comes crashing down and shatters into tiny little bits of pieces of glass and some big pieces. You think it will never happen to you and when it does your whole life falls apart.

These pieces you can’t put back together, but take away what you don’t need and throw the rest in the trash where it belongs. Only you know what that means to you after all those years.

The pain has caused this woman to be a different and much stronger person. and the saddest part about the marriage is that her partner either is unconscious of his behavior, doesn’t want to admit he is wrong or pretends he is not aware of his actions that hurt her so much.

Lies upon lies and this can go on for years without you knowing or suspecting it. Until one day these lies can be told no more and you no longer can take what has been eating at you for those years.

You think a touch of them can make you feel perfect and that no one or nothing matters to you but your partner. These are camouflages that make you feel wanted by someone you claim is special.

Actions speak louder than words, right?

Hurt destroys you and lies bring that hurt to you. The hurt you never thought for once in your life you would experience when looking at others going through the same and you wonder what you did to deserve this.

It is never your fault, remember that always.

You do not deserve to be with someone who lies to you and disregards your feelings. Someone who prefers the company of others rather than yours is not worth having in your life.

Irrespective of what goes on in your lives together your partner has no right to seek the company of another unless they are single, widowed or divorced.

It makes you feel like you are not worthy of your partner, believe me, you deserve better than that!

Anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, unhappiness, blame, lies, dishonesty, cheaters, you name it comes to mind. Nevertheless, you should move on with your life. So much has changed and nobody should feel like they need another who treats them as nothing.

Respect for one another is part of what makes people look up to each other. In such times nothing of that actually matters. Life brings you happiness, love brings you happiness and that is just another experience you have to live with it.

You think love is everything to you that you need or want to feel special. I don't think love is everything between two people. An understanding of each other’s behaviors makes lives feel easier and love adds spice to what a couple has together.

You choose to have a relationship and to marry someone you let into your life. What you do not know is where this relationship will take you.

Her man walks out of the post office directly opposite his workplace and stares across, thinking deeply if he could stop by and chat with his ex-coworker. Though Wendy had noticed this, she didn’t say a word to John.

She knows he won’t stop seeing her. He wants that and is not pleased about not seeing her as he had in the past. Disregards his wife’s feelings and does what he wants irrespective of how she feels.

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It’s just unfair to Wendy to have to go through all of this unhappiness. John misses the teasing from this woman and the flirting. Wendy knows her husband will not change his disgusting habits. A way of life for John and is not accepted by Wendy.

Wendy, feeling alone and hurt, began a journey on her own. Sad, confused and trying to get over the pain of living with a player of a man. Her idea of creating a rigid wall between her and her hubby is a temporary means of avoidance.

John and Wendy‘s marriage gradually faded. Happiness disappeared and they no longer did they feel wanted by each other.

Nobody noticed the unhappiness Wendy had gone through and nobody understood the problems in their marriage.

Lots changed in Wendy’s life that caused her to lose herself in what gave her happiness. Her focus gradually became a pleasure on gardening and the intention to meet different people. It satisfied her being this way.

Each day felt harder than the one before and each moment felt different. Although Wendy found happiness in her work she needed more from John.

Tears led to more tears, sad days led to fewer sad days, and this gave way to a new beginning.

Though John worked and provided for Wendy and their child, it didn't allow Wendy to feel as happy on many occasions; she felt sad and rejected by her man.

In this marriage, the couple isn't happy with each other instead are happy when with other people.

Each time John promised it would get better and put on a facade that everything would be as it was, those were just words to make Wendy feel happy.

She hoped it would and believed John’s words.

In time Wendy realized that will not be the same ever again. It was time for Wendy to get on with her life. She didn't want things to be as it was. What Wendy wanted John could not give to her.

Honesty, faithfulness and respect. Good communication and trusting marriage.

Believing in herself is most important to have her life back.

Getting on her feet without thinking of her past life would be a better plan forward. However the changes affected Wendy, nobody had a clue about it.

John has always been himself though Wendy didn’t see for herself his flirting with other women. Something Wendy had to see and discover in a painful way.

Often Wendy saw this flirtatious behavior and ignored it. A different lifestyle in a community like this one is part of who they are.

Men and women flirt though married couples sometimes accept their partners flirting with other partners, Wendy doesn’t accept it. Flirting is part of who they actually are.


Living with a Liar

Habits of a Liar

Living with a Liar

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