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Life's Sexual Problems and Depressions.


Life's Sexual Problems and Depressions. (part- 01)

If you are Mentally depressed and also experiencing sexual problems you're not alone Today every other human being is suffering from mental confusion due to which he is suffering from irritability and sexual disorder, Yes 90% of people Today do not enjoy life.

Does our struggle with mental turmoil mean losing the sexuality of our pleasure? No it's definitely not But a lot of people struggle more than they need to Because they don't have that information to help fight with sexual and mental health challenges.

In view of its seriousness and the social damage it causes We should also talk about it and get the right knowledge of it To protect against the growing number of rape cases, child sexual abuse, divorce and impotence.

Notice that this is not a problem until You are an adult. Of course, these are the reasons why our adolescence, our married life and our family life are being destroyed due to lack of knowledge.

We need to know why we have problems and how they can be solved. In my next column, I will describe in detail why mental confusion arises, how we deal with our emotional and sexual problems (small penis, early ejaculation or not being able to give the wife the full enjoyment of sex life), Can solve.

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