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Life Lessons I Learned From Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang

Tim is a local educator who earned his Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Albright College in Reading, PA. He is an avid writer and artist.

The Peanuts Gang

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang have become American pop culture mainstays. People both young and old have grown up reading the Charles Schultz comic strip as well as watching the yearly television specials from 'It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to the highly popular 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'.

Events in Schultz's life inspired events in the comic strip like Charlie Brown's crush on the little red haired girl. Since the comic strip was based on real life events Charlie Brown and his friends can teach us a lot about our own life.

The key is to look at each character in the comic strip and see them for who they are and how they relate to the rest of the Peanuts gang.

Look at life and reflect


Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is the sad sac of the comic strip. He always seems to be at the losing end of everything he touches. Over the years he's tried to hook up with the little red haired girl, He wished each year for just one Valentine's Day card.

He always fell for Lucy's promise she won't pull out the football when he goes to kick the ball-only to fall victim each time Even his dog Snoopy shows him little respect. Still Charlie Brown keeps trying

There are a lot of moral lessons to be learned from Charlie Brown but one of the chief lessons is -perseverance. No matter what happens to him Charlie keeps on going. He never gives up and he is always looking for the good in whatever comes his way.

Another lesson to be learned from Charlie is faithfulness. No matter what befalls him and no matter how much his friends call him a blockhead he still is a faithful friend to all of them.


Lucy is the bratty little girl who always seems to show up in everyone's neighborhood. She is the girl who is never wrong. She is the exact opposite of Charlie Brown She is secure in who she is and even sets up a booth to let others learn from her wisdom.

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While there doesn't seem to be any enduring qualities associated with Lucy there are still some life lessons which can be learned from her.

The first moral is an easy one - never act like you are a know it all it can lead to bad feelings among friends or even just acquaintances.

The second moral is learn to help people with your words. Advice freely given or even for just a nickel is best given to help someone not show them how smart you are.

The third moral is this, no matter how bratty you are true friends will always come back and stand by your side.;


Linus, for those who don't know is Lucy's brother and Charlie Browns confidant.He is also still attached to his blanket and will not give it up unless it is for a good cause, like when he creates a base for a Christmas tree.

He is the one who gives Charlie Brown advice, encouragement and helps him to see the big picture. Linus is also a dreamer and is optimistic his dreams will come true. But when they don't he doesn't let it get him down like when he fails to see the Great Pumpkin.

There are a number of life lessons to be learned from Linus like always being faithful to your friends and always keep on dreaming even when those dreams don't seem like they will come to fruition. Dreams drive and life leads to more dreams.

These are only some of the many lessons which can be gleaned from the Peanuts comic strip characters. The best thing to do is read the comic strip and search for your own.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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