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Lack of Communicating

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Why didn't he tell me this a long time ago? I can't believe this.

Why didn't he tell me this a long time ago? I can't believe this.

Have you ever wondered what makes a relationship work? It takes two people who are committed to one another to make the relationship that they seek, last. The main thing in a relationship is communication. When you don’t have that in a relationship how are you supposed to know what each of you feels on things? When you speak on issues & joys you have an idea how to move forward knowing you may have a solution.

If a relationship/marriage fails and there was communication. It may be due to other factors that were never addressed. During your relationship/marriage if both parties have reached the end of the line. There is no point in trying to find the reason why it failed. All of that could have been communicated before the end of the relationship.

When a spouse tells you they want out of the marriage because they don’t want to be tied down anymore. A statement like such can make one feel a blow to their ego. You will be left questioning yourself “When did you make them feel tied down”? Once again if there is no communication. How would you know how the other party felt? Why did the communication end? I personally believe it’s because one of the parties in the relationship simply did not want too anymore. There isn’t any reason why a couple shouldn’t communicate unless it’s for that reason.

One can go over and over in their heads as to what went wrong? At the end of the day, it comes down to; they simply wanted to be with another person. Now, some people will not agree to this statement. When you have been in a relationship or marriage for years, you will drive yourself crazy looking for answers as to what went wrong. Do not do that to yourself. You just may have been blinded to the signs that were there all throughout the relationship.

For instance. If there was a lack of intimacy within the couple. The both of you needed to communicate as to why it occurred. If the issue was addressed through communicating with no result. How did you move along the issue? Did you ignore and simply settle to continue being in the relationship hoping it would turn around one day? If there wasn’t any change the only person who got hurt was the one who believed it would. If you did all that you could in the relationship don’t beat yourself up. Perhaps they had an issue that you did not see coming. Such as them coming out as gay or lesbian. This would explain the lack of intimacy in the bedroom & lack of communication on the subject.

There can be numerous reasons why the relationship did not work. No one knows what goes on in another person’s mind if they don’t communicate. However, when they do decide to “come out” and provide you with limited information on the separation. Do yourselves a favor and do not wallow in the “What if’s”. You will never get closure on any answers from someone who was never honest with you ever. The lack of communication in all relationships is hurtful, disrespectful because not knowing something of your partner can destroy your mental health.

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If you want to end a relationship, take the time to fully disclose your partner with as much answers as you can. A heartbreaking sense of closure is much more accepted & appreciated than being hit by shocking news because there was no communication.

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