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Written by: Emmanuel P. Peter Jr
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“Life Begins At 40 Years”, It is a phrase that very few people understands and considers its meaning every time they hear it being mentioned. It is common for us humans to misuse the gift of two ears given to us by God; we have made one ear to be the item that is used for hearing what is being said and the other ear to let what you heard go astray and get lost, teh teh teh teh. Well, as human beings we have the ability to better remember the past things which are basically not very helpful for our future lives. Another disability we have the current generation of people is that of only considering present life and not taking care about the future life.

Only a few of us strive to remember that there is today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, when; the beauty and power we have now will never be existing. That is when the time will not be friendly because the sun will be setting. We’ll try to get up, but we’ll be late enough. We aren’t scratching our heads as if the time is waiting, but always, "The floor race ends on the edge". Let's keep wasting time, laughing like a madman who had seen a new garbage can.
There will be a moment that everyone will be left with his/her life, whose lost time with us spending during our youth ages will never be with us again. Everyone will be listening to the pain and grieving for him/her own. We will remember fondly the times we lost carelessly during our youth age; making stupid stories at our parent's homes, hunting our fellow humans (slayqueens & slaykings), gossiping, playing cards & drafts, staying at betting stations as well as spending throughout the whole day time on social networks (Facebook & Instagram)commenting on Wema Sepetu’s photos, posting photos wearing ragged clothes calling them a Fashion and half-naked photos of our sisters posing in Kim Kardashian styles.

Let us not forget that; time is in motion, we are making music for ourselves - there is a day we will play it in a pain. The legends of the new generation warn us that; "He who seeks finds". What I'm doing right now is not planning for you how to live but just reminding; when you are spending and relaxing remember to save, when you are sleeping during working hours while you are still young and strong remember that there is a life of old age. Tomorrow when things will have overwhelmed you, don't say you were not warned. I am just a volunteer, I have conveyed the message to you, and always the messenger is not killed.

That gives me strength to warn you is neither Al-kasusu nor Octopus Soup, God has lent me the third eye that sees tomorrow. As we share the porn videos in the WhatsApp groups let us also share the basics of life that will enable us to build a good foundation for our future life. The elders we see today wandering on streets as beggars sometimes being humiliated by our fellow Youngs were once young as we are. I don’t want to believe that they had just hard life since they were born, no, but I think they didn’t mark time changes. They slipped somewhere; they have come to remember the bed sheets when it is already dawn. Ladies & gentlemen, "time the time before the time times you".

There will be the time responsibilities will have suddenly overwhelmed you. For example; when a houselord wants his house rent, your son/daughter will be returning home being expelled from school due to school fee problems related while your wife / husband will be sick at home - money is needed for his/her treatment. Troubles and problems will be sending you friend requests. That is the time when you will better understand the meaning of the proverb, ‘the seeker in sun - eats in the shade’ when you will be seeing your comrades enjoying.

It is that time our mouths will be filled with a calabash of blames and excuses with no head or feet. Where will we hide every time we see fellows we played with during our childhood? What will we say every time they ask us, “Why are you like this?” How are we going to meet with those we despised and saw they’re outdated? What about those friends at boarding schools that we used our pocket money to cheat them that we’re coming from better families?

Our bodies will collapse, shrink and fall. We will look older than our actual ages, all because we did not have solid life plans. We didn’t use our heads advantageously; we probably used legs or knees to think. We will experience chronic stress, high blood pressure and other diseases/problems that will lead us to early deaths. We will hate every succeeded man/woman thinking victimizing him/her of superstition/witchcraft.

When they say, "Old Age is Hell", they want to remind you to build the foundation of life when you are still young and strong. Don’t come to use the age of playing with grandchildren and repenting while waiting for God's mercy to worry about life and wandering in the sun looking for part time jobs to the people younger than you. Well, keep jumping like a wild pigeon that has managed to break the trap of a hunter; you will see how life teaches well.

Life begins at 40 years - the statement means “Our real life begins when one reachs 40+ years of age.” Below this age, we are still living other people’s lives. How, I know you have not yet understand me, do not be afraid. I intended to be understood by all, I have no quarrel with your mind, and I don’t want to bore you because even I don’t like difficult things. Sociologists divide people into groups according to ages. That is why there are teenagers (juniors), middle-aged peope and quite old and definitely old people (seniors) but all are human beings. Unfortunately growth is an irreversible process; it always goes forward that’swhy today I am touched to remind you how to mark time changes for the betterment of your tomorrow.

NB: There is no age at which human beings have no responsibilities to perform. Consider the age description and responsibilities explained below.


This is the age at which a person lives on depending his/her parents / guardians for everything. Important human needs like; food, clothing and shelter, the child of this age gets all from his or her parent (s) / guardian (s). The only responsibility a child of this age he/she has is to eat and play. A parent / guardian of the child (s) of this age should ensure his/her child uses this age well to eat and play in order to improve child’s physical and mental health. If the child doesn’t play at this age - believe me or not, he/she will not have much time to play again.

This is the most important period in human growth, as it is the period in which a child enables the wise parent to discover the talents his/her child has. In developed countries, children of this age are recognized and nurtured towards the talents they display in childhood so that they can become who they were born to be in the future e.g. footballers, artists, innovators and leaders among others.

Where do Africans Stuck?!!!
How many Tanzanian parents today wish that Mbwana Samatta would be their child while they are still prohibiting their children from getting involved in sports /Soccer? Samatta, a young Tanzanian Footballer playing at Fernabance Football Club makes more than Tshs 2b just for playing football at Europe. What job in Tanzania has a salary that is even closer to the amount that Samatta is being payed, if the salary of Members of Parliaments, Ministers & even the President does not reach a quarter of Samatta’s salary? Have you ever thought that Samatta is being paid more than the President of his country?

Parents, I do not tell you what to do, but I believe you are open-minded you will take appropriate actions.

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This is the age of adolescence and its aggression although play time is reduced due to increased personal, family and social responsibilities involving the child. In African countries, this is the age at which a child has access to Primary and Secondary Education not lower or higher than this age for the betterment of child’s future life.

Basic things to do at this age
Making various choices in life and solid plans for the future, for example: who are you studying to be?
Learning how and performing some of your own responsibilities that do not require the direct help of other people i.e. washing your own clothes, homework, self-studying and so on.
Work on the academic goals and talents you have to build a good foundation for achieving your goals.


This is the productive age, the period at which the youth needs to work hard at day/night to prepare his/her future life. For any reason other than illness, emergency, death or disaster, a person at this age should not rest unnecessarily because he/she is still young and strong enough. Whatever the work to do (mental or physical related work activities), one is most likely to be able to do it without any difficultness because his/her body and mind still gives the right responses to its use. Everyone has his/her own goals and priorities in life but without hiring effort and knowledge it is impossible to achieve your goals.

There are those who plan to succeed in life through Education/Employment, well it is nice attempt. There are also those who plan to succeed in life through business/entrepreneurship, marvelous, wow!! You should be aware that there are four forms of life; poor life, normal life, good life and better life, but bear in mind - there is no best life. Let me ask you, my friend, what kind of life do you plan to live among these four forms? Don't give me an answer, keep it to yourself. Employment will give you normal life sometimes good life but not better life. But business / entrepreneurship will give you better life that will enable you to achieve financial freedom if you keep consistent goals.

Those who plan to succeed in life through Education & Employment
At this age (18-35 years) make sure, you have completed a certain level of education and found a nice job that enables you; to afford your daily life, make savings and afford to other needs in life like owning a residence house. It is not health to pass this age still at school/college having not yet employed. It is best to consider other things to do. Life is not just about schooling, there are other opportunities waiting for you as well. Time is an important resource (Non-renewable Resource). Do not allow yourself to waste time on things that seemed to be impossible.

Those who plan to succeed in life through Business / Entrepreneurship
This is the age to set and begin the implementation of business projects. You should already be having an enterprise you are running by yourself and not otherwise. Creativity in business is the most important thing for the prosperity and growth of your business. Youshould ensure your entreprise grows everyday and gave birth to other entreprises; don't you want to be rich? Being rich needs you to invest in more than one type of well established entreprises. Keep in mind that, as days come, responsibilities will also be increasing, so, the growth rate of your income should match with the growth rate of the family and responsibilities, otherwise things will get worse in the future.

Other important things to do at 18-35 years of age
Getting married: it is the right age to make sure you marry and establish a family. If you don’t get married at this age, you are not only growing thorns in the path of your success but also the number of wives / husbands of your age are decline in the society. There will come a time when, in order to get married you will be needed to break someone's marriage or coincide with the widow / widower who has lost his/her partner.

Delaying getting in marriage over the age of 35 years is setting on fire and preparing yourself for the difficult environment of taking care for your coming children. First, physicians claim that older parents often give birth to physical impaired children. Second, giving birtg at older age put those children at a greater risk of being left as orphans at their younger age thus lacking people to manage them academically leading to drop from schools due to the lack of parental supervision on education matters.

Direct involvement on society: Ages 18-35 years requires you to be a good participant in social activities like funerals, weddings, participatory social security and even public meetings. No matter how tight your schedule is, do your best to keep this in mind because your community is your support. If you don't do this you will grow old without friends, the society will alienate you. In my other article entitled, “WISE PEOPLE DO LIVE EVEN AFTER THEIR DEATHS” I wrote even if you have money to fill warehouses we remind you to live well with people, money doesn’t dig graves, it is people.

Develop sustainable income-generating systems: 18-35 years, this is the period to strengthen permanent income-generating systems, i.e. secured economic systems and business projects. I repeat, if you are satisfied to run your life as an employed elite, at this age (18-35 years) make sure you have completed a certain education level and employed. But if you wish to be a succesfull entrepreneur/ business holder make sure you own an enterprise no matter how small or large it is. If your employment allows you to do both; being employed and running your own enterprises, it is better because you will be killing two birds using a single stone.

Create network channels with people: success is people because there are moments you will not be able to do everything on your own. Successful people have a network of people they are linked with. Having a network of people will make it easier for you to push your stuffs faster and more efficiently. For example: There is a time when you will need to borrow money somewhere to settle incoming matters quickly there are people who will stand behind you and say before you, "He/She is our fellow no problem lend him/her - will pay without any problem". That's the way people run life, mind over him.
Make a right choice of friends; 18-35 years (youth age) has got many challenges. It is the age at which a person is surrounded by many people who want to be his/her friends. If you make a mistake in choosing a friend, you’re going to drown because not all good friends are right friends, some are builders and others are destroyers. Friends have an influence to change your life style making it better or worse. You need to have friends who can add constructive ideas on your entreprises and not only friends to discuss with about sexual matters and pleasure.

Avoid various pleasures and luxuries: it is one of the main reasons why people reach old age with nothing ending suffering life in old age, yes, it is about luxurious. Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking and Prostituition have never left someone’s safe. The age of 18-35 years is the period of accumulation, accumulation for later use (during elderly). Do it later, when you become financially secured - achieved financial freedom - you will be able to spend without any sorts of stress.

Practice the basics of Financial discpline: It is probably true to what people believe that, “You should spend money to get used to it”, but not always. 18-35 years of age is the age at which you should be an economist beyond the nature for the future benefit. Don't spend money just because you have it, but spend it where necessary. Improper usage of money at this age puts you into the risk of worst life of future.

Where do we stick today's youth of this age (18-35 years)
Youths waste a lot of time on non-essentials matters: it is common to find today's Youngs spending the whole day at betting stations to what they call waiting for their best of luckies. Some waste their productive time on social networks (Instagram & Facebook) and googles searching for memes, women with big hips and mens with six packs. Some of us do not work hard because they are turned mad of their parents wealthy. We often waste time looking at the houses, cars and various enterprises belonging to our parents. Perhaps that is why we end up killing each other (blood-related relatives) as soon as our parents die.


This is the age at which a person must complete all the business projects and development plans he/she had established. Economists say, “If you do not get rich at this age you will never be rich throughout your life, that is, you will die a poor.” May be you find a good luck of winning the betting JACKPOTS. In contrast to that, no any other miracle can make you rich beyond this age. Hard working will only make you achieve good life that will enable to afford the daily necessities although will not be at best standards. The reason behind this is the increases of duties and responsibilities to fulfill.

Some important things to do at age of 35-45 years
Improve the standards of living: this is the perfect time to make sure you do this. If you have been renting a house make sure by hook or crook you build your own house even if it is not your dreams house, always something is better than nothing. After construction of the house, it is now the time for looking at luxury needs i.e. car / motorcycle / bajaj based on your economic ability and priority. If you managed to build a house at early ages before this age, it is now to upgrade your home i.e. buy beautiful interior furniture to make your home look beauty, if possible build another house, it is not a sin to own more than one residence house.

Improve your business: your business/entreprise should be expanding to boost family income. Be creative and concise, produce a variety of items or services at different places, this is what the successful ones do. For example, Bakhresa Co. Ltd is the group of more than seventeen companies producing different services/ items i.e. Ice creams, wheat flour (azam wheat flour), soft drinks, football team (Azam Fc), boats and ships (Kilimanjaro ferries & Azam Sea Links), Azam TV, Luxury Hotels (Hotel Verde & Fumba Uptown Lounge in Zanzibar) among others. Don't be satisfied with one type business/entreprise no matter how much capital you have invested in it, ihen its market fluctuates you will come to blame and hate everyone even those who are not responsible with your affairs.

Achieve your academic goals: 35-45 years of age is the right age to fulfill all your academic dreams and goals. Use this period to quench your entire academic thirsty of attaining any education level (certificate level to PhD level). It is true that education has got no end, but being at school/college at this age is the misuse of time and resources.

45-60 YEARS

This is the age to starting to enjoy the harvest with your family. The life expectancy of human life on the Earth has become much shorter nowadays, so do not allow yourself to suffer for the rest of your life. At least enjoy life in this first phase of old age and assign some duties and business responsibilities to your children. What do you wonder, hearing a 45 years old person being called an elder? He/she is old, yes; menopause (the cease of menstruation for women) begins when one reaches the age of 45+ years.

The benefits of giving birth during 20’s years of age manifest themselves when a person reaches the age of 45-60 years old. First, if you got children between the ages of 25-30 years, then your children will be 15-20 Years old, they might be at secondary level of education to college/university. It is easy to afford to finance their studies because you will still be strong enough to do any job. Secondly, you will be fortunate to raise your children until they have firmly rooted i life.

Some important things to do at this age
( Invest in non-energy-intensive businesses to manage: As one gets older his/her energy decline so you will need a lot of time to rest and relax not rushing around. I advise you, this is the age to invest in the productive type of businesses that do not require close and strong management. For example; buying Stocks in strong and reliable limited companies, timber plantations, agriculture plantations among others that will be giving you income.

( Hand over the management of Business Company: this idea once again reminds you the importance of giving birth during 20’s years of age. On reaching 50 years old if you gave birth children at 25 years old automatically your firstborn will be 25 years old. 25 years old, smart and well-educated son/daughter will be matured to the extent of being able to manage family business companies started by his/her parent. 50 years age is the time to trust someone else (son/daughter) and hand responsibilities to him/her of managing your business companies so that you can relax remaining as an advisor.

( Reduce the number of friends: there is an age in life when one reaches he/she must agree to remain alone for the his/her safety and well-being family. It is during the age of 45- 60 years automatically the number of enemies will be higher than that of true friends, not all because you have offended them but some just arise due to jealousy. You cannot please and satisfy everyone, some will hate your progress wishing to bring you down so that you will be like them and make you lost completely. Do your best to reduce the number of unnecessary friends. Having too many friends at this age, exposes you to the risk of death on days not yours, believe me or not.

This is the age of God's mercy sometimes called Grace Period. Only a few succeed reaching this age, It is an age that you should not suffer in one way or another other than enjoying the fruits of your youthhood, playing with grandchildren at home and increasing worshiping to God while waiting for the day of your calling (your death). Let us not forget, my brethren, Death is waiting for us, we must tell each other the truth because, "Blessed is the truth that hurts more than a lie that brings hope".

Important thing to do at this age
The Return to God: The most important thing in almost every age is this. Of course, we need to remember God all the days of our life on earth. But at this age, it is even more important that you increase your repentance taking the lead in performing pure worship for preparation of another life after this Earthly life that is full of hardships and tribulations. If you’re economic fit, volunteer to build churches / mosques to facilitate the expansion of religious activities. Believe me, the reward is so great, you will earn a great reward for the pursuit of wealth with knowing God is better than earning it in hell.

I hope you have understood me, my brothers and sisters: What shall we do?

∆ Let’s fight tirelessly, the time is now. No matter how much we sometimes get stuck. Let us fight and not be weary; success does not come easily, shall we not despair until the despair ceases itself.

∆ In order to be successful we must be willing to sacrifice ourselves living kinds of live we do not like for a while for the betterments of the future.

∆ Let us not be afraid to dare, let us invest intelligence and strength. Let's face it – in mostly, “Actions speak louder than words”.

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