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Korean Men: Why Are They So Attractive To Western Women?

Carolee is a passionate writer with a love for learning and teaching. She is a published author, poet, blogger, and content creator.

Recently I have discovered that there is an insane obsession of western women, especially black women with Korean men. I am included in the mix. I have always had a thing for good-looking Asian men whether they are Chinese or Japanese but I discovered that I too am very obsessed with the idea of, not necessarily marrying one but actually experiencing one.

That may sound confusing and even crazy but many people do the same to black women. Many white men will never openly date a black girl let alone marry her but they have this insane urge to know what it’s like to experience her. It’s the same thing.

Why Korean men

As opposed to Malaysian, Japanese, Vietnamese and so on. Well as far as my little research can tell, there are a few differences with these men.

  • Their supposed unavailability: When something is rare, it makes it more valuable. The fact that not many Korean men date outside their own race makes them precious commodity. The same used to happen with white males and black women or white women and black males. It used to be that there was a fetish, almost, about interracial dating and marriage. Black and white interracial relationships is something of a norm these days so the novelty of it has somewhat worn off. I suppose when Korean men start to (if they will) date and marry black women) that eventually we will not be possessed by this insane obsession with them.
  • Their attention to their own appearance: Unlike other Asian men, the Korean male pays a lot more attention to his physical appearance. There are two aspects which he cherishes (1) his physique and (2) his outward appearance, which includes grooming, clothing and cleanliness.
  • Their flirtatious ways: It is a well-known fact that, though not very promiscuous, they are very flirtatious. This could very well mislead many women to fall prey to these men.

Korean men fun facts

Korean men are taller than other Asian men with many of them well over 5ft 9in. Their height can only be compared to the Japanese but I think Korean males carry more height. Women love tall men.

The most six packs can be found in Korea. Nine out of every ten males ages 16 – 35 have six packs. Many men over the age of 40 are still boasting their muscular physique as well. Koreans, both male and female pride themselves about weight and health. They are mostly of slim built and the men have a very low fat to muscle ratio.

They grow facial hair much easier that their Asian counterparts. I don't know why but I think it has something to do with testosterone. Maybe they are more sexual than other Asian men? Who knows.

Do Korean men date outside their race?

Though it is rare, but the answer is yes. There are even those who dare to date black women. Korean men are not racist. I would rather call them traditional or untamed. They are now learning more about the outside world.

Many of them have never been outside Asia. People of their races fascinate them but they have not closed the social gap enough to consider it normal to date us. Similar Blacks and white in the day without the racism part.

It’s not only black or whites which Korean men hardly date, it's everyone outside of their race. They hardly date the Chinese, Japanese or other Asian people. So the crazy idea (which I came across some time ago) that Korean men are racist is totally unfounded. Even people from the North and South hardly ever date let alone marry.

What is this attraction?

This obsession has become borderline fetish as many women devise ways and means of meeting the perfect Korean guy.

Many know not the difference between this fetish and attraction. It’s not normal to be fixated on one thing like that let alone a specific male specie. It is not easy tempering this crave but it can be done when you realize it’s not real love or even attraction but plain old lust.

If you eat, sleep and dream Korean men, you have a fetish and you need help. I can understand that some of them are gorgeous, I even wrote a hub about that but that doesn't mean that all of them are. Plus the ones we see on screen most likely have done plastic surgery. That's the reality.

Is our obsession based on what we see on television or do we really know these men? The power of the mind and media is a very strong force. It's similar to marketing to a specific target group. You know their weakness and you exploit it. That's what marketing really is.

If you have been feeling this kind of insane obsession towards Korean men, you need to temper it and put it into perspective. Get to know more about what they like and don't like, their culture and background before deciding that you must date a Korean guy.


Derek on May 20, 2017:

They aren't popular with western women or women anywhere outside of Korea. I've visited (30 countries so far). I've never seen a group of women who nd Asian men appealing in mass, especially when there are other options.

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on October 16, 2015:

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Hi Martin, have no clue. All I can say is treat her like a queen and see what happens.

martins55 on October 10, 2015:

Any advice for a guy whose girlfriend is into all things Korean.

And have a fantasy for them.

HaleighMckenna on April 14, 2015:

Thank you! I hope you find happiness as well, whether you decide to live there or otherwise.

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on April 14, 2015:

Haleigh, I believe you are right about the innocence. I hope you find happiness there. I too have dreamed of living there but I need to set things in motion first. I hope I can realize my dream.

HaleighMckenna on April 14, 2015:

I definitely plan on traveling to South Korea someday, and I may even live there if my expectations aren't entirely crushed upon arrival! (: Many people have developed extremely unrealistic expectations about visiting South Korea, particularly because of the growing romanticism linked with Korean men, and the lifestyle in general. There are a variety of helpful videos on youtube that are done specifically by foreigners that are living in places like Seoul! They actually give an amazing view on the reality of living there, which was really interesting to me. I definitely find Korean men (boys, for now) really attractive, but what interests most women is the mindset that Korean boys are more innocent and pure, due to the fact that very few had time to experience relationships in high school.

This was a very informative article! Thank you for sharing.

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on April 13, 2015:

Oegukeen, you are absolutely right. there is a drama and kpop fever going on right now. I am so glad you met your Korean mate and are happy together.

oegukeen lm on April 13, 2015:

I think one of the reasons Korean men are getting more popular is simply that the image of romantic handsome Korean men is literally getting exported from Korea in form of their entertainment industry.

It's really interesting that right now Korean men face fetishization or the prejudices that Asian men usually face. Luckily there are true love stories between Korean men and foreign women.

I, for one, was lucky to meet an amazing Korean man far before I knew anything about Korea. It has certainly enriched my life.

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on October 03, 2014:

Hello there my Seoul Man, thanks for the compliment.

Seoul_Man on October 03, 2014:

Well thanks Cardisa. You look very attractive too! Friendly hello from a Korean dude here. ;)

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on August 24, 2014:

Hi Chuck, thank you for pointing that out. I think the word is used in ignorance. we tend to use terms to describe other people without knowing how it may affect them. I want to apologize on behalf of my friend. Thanks for stopping by.

Chuck Deeks on August 23, 2014:

Interesting article and thoughts.

Wanted to point out that although I am sure the person in the comments had good intentions, the word "Orientals" is an offensive antiquated term.

Suzie from Carson City on May 05, 2014:

I've always thought it so strange, as well as unfortunate for the oppressed, that two parts of the same nation can be totally different in all ways.....North Korea is a shambles.

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on May 05, 2014:

Paula, I know nothing about North Korea and their customs. Whatever I write about Korea is the Republic (South). Their president id a female and they are very westernized. North Korea is just wrong! Kin Jung is just plain evil.

Suzie from Carson City on May 05, 2014:

Hey....thanks for the link. I will definitely check it out. I enjoy learning about people, traditions and customs from all over the world. I am always very intrigued to learn of both the differences and similarities we all have to one another.

It's difficult to even imagine an Oriental person being "fat"......they are such small, slender people by nature......OH, except for that little MEAN old Dictator Kim Jung ..whatever his name is!! He reminds me of the Pilsbury Doughboy!! LOL! Those poor people having to live under first his father's reign and now his!!

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on May 05, 2014:

That's so right Paula. Did you know that Koreans call each other ugly if they are fat or dark skinned. You should check out this hub: You'll be surprised how vain they are. That person may be a Korean who has gotten away from

Suzie from Carson City on May 04, 2014:

Not to mention it's just a very negative word!! There is always something very beautiful about every human being and many people who see and appreciate that beauty. The most important person to recognize our individual beauty is OUR SELF! Right, Cardisa?

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on May 03, 2014:

Paula, I hate calling people ugly. To me ugly means evil. :)

Suzie from Carson City on May 03, 2014:

Cardisa...You are so sweet! Plain old awesome!

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on May 03, 2014:

Hello Tomz, I never said all Korean men are hot. Nothing in the hub mentioned that Korean men are hot. It does speak to why Western women find them attractive. Oh, and I don't make it a habit of calling people ugly. :)

Tomz on May 03, 2014:

not all of korean guys are hot, you never been in korea before so you don't know it, must of korean guy are ugly, what u see in tv, there are artist or public figure, and most of them do the plastic surgery. trust me what you see in tv isn't like reality

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on May 01, 2014:

LOL, Paula, LOL LOL...LOL.Finding it "hard" to think of what to say. I had no idea you were like me..naughty! lol lol. I'll have to find that documentary but, I beg to differ about their physique. I have heard from the grapevine that some are somewhat well but I guess I'll never know.

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on March 20, 2014:

Heather, I'm not sure what you mean. You aren't sure that all Korean men are sexy, have six packs and extremely good looking? Because that's exactly what I said and you did say yours was hot.

Heather on March 20, 2014:

I'm white and I'm dating a really hot Korean man. I don't think they are all like that.

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on October 30, 2013:

Hi Teaches, yes, they have some special. I too have this crush on the. That's Song Seung Hun, one of the most gorgeous and hottest actors on the Korean market.

Dianna Mendez on October 30, 2013:

They do have a certain charm about them. I love how they respect people in general. The first photo proves to readers how attractive they are!

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on October 26, 2013:

Hello Old Albion, nice to see you here.

We all have stuff we are detached from and learn something new everyday. You probably wouldn't realize because this has a lot to do with the this generation of youngsters.

Have a great day :)

Graham Lee from Lancashire. England. on October 26, 2013:

Hi Cardisa. A very interesting hub. You have made me realise just how detached I am from the modern world. Not that I am interested in Korean men of course :) Great hub all round.


Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on October 25, 2013:

Hi James.

Reading from your cloud reader is easy. Go to your account page, under where it says "Hello James", you will see "your account" and a down arrow. Click the arrow and the scroll down to Manage Your Kindle. When you click that you will see a list of your books on your cloud drive. On the far right next to the book you want you will see "actions' click and select "read now".

Thanks for stopping by James. Some men swear by the Japanese women for real so that's no surprise there.

James W. Nelson from eastern North Dakota on October 25, 2013:

Interesting hub, Carolee. When I was in the navy in the Orient I found the Japanese women to be the most enticing, and I still do.

Now maybe you can help me. I downloaded your short stories, but now I can't remember how to bring them up again. Something about "cloud" I think.

Carolee Samuda (author) from Jamaica on October 25, 2013:

I agree Erica. Right now It seems that Korean men are it. Some ten or so years ago it was white men with blue

Have a great day.

Ericajean on October 25, 2013:

Wow...great hub, Cardisa. I never knew some of the things you mentioned, like Korean men's facial hair and the flirting. My thing is this: each race/culture has something unique or fantastic about them, but those who are a hot commodity, we crave learning more about them.

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