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Kodak Black: Is It Okay to Have Racial Preferences in Dating?

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Kodak Black is a South Florida rapper with the hit single "Tunnel Vision" that's been spun across the U.S. airwaves. The talented 20 year old has faced a lot of problems mostly dealing with the law. A month ago he was released from Broward County Jail in Florida after violating his terms for his house arrest.

However, Kodak, whose real name is Dieuson Octave isn't in trouble with the law, but has made social media furious. Recently when asked about his controversial comments about dark skin women, he attempted to clarify his statement by comparing his preference for lighter skinned women to those that like skinnier women.


"I'm an average dude cause I don't see myself no better than him, no better than him, you know or no less than him. So if he could say that he like skinny women… if he prefers skinny women more than a more chubbier or more heavy set woman, he could say that and nobody won't get mad at him."

Without a shadow of a doubt it's perfectly fine and normal to have preferences in who you may want to date. Personally, I'm very open, but I do enjoy being in the presence of tanned gorditas (chubby latinas). In general anybody that tells you you shouldn't have preferences in who want to be with is wrong. However it's what Kodak says next that put social media into a frenzy.

Why Kodak?

"I just said I don't like women with my complexion. I like light skin women. I want you to be lighter than me. I love African American women, but I just don't like my skin complexion."

Unfortunately for Kodak this is where his own perceived preferences turns into something altogether different. He continued to explain his position.

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"My complexion, we too gutter. Light skin women.. they more sensitive. Nah, they too tough. Light skin women, we can break 'em down more easy, you know what I'm saying?"

Colorism, Self Hatred, Ignorance

Now Kodak isn't alone in this line of thinking . But plain and simple this is colorism, self hatred and down right ignorance.

There are too many beautiful, well mannered and sophisticated dark skin people and in particular women to throw them all in the category of gutter. One example that comes straight to mind is the Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong'o. I could only imagine how Black would explain the reason of his preferences in front of such a glowing and elegant woman like Nyong'o. To be honest it's sad because Kodak does have an influence in black culture and may have possible planted a nasty seed of self hatred in a little dark skin boy or girl about the color of their skin.

But in general it's perfectly fine to have your own preferences in dating. Whether you like big, skinny, black as night or white as snow it doesn't really matter. However it's not ok to disregard a group of people due to your own self hatred and ignorance.


Giamo (author) from Kansas City on July 01, 2017:

Peggasuse Thanks for commenting! I agree, but sometimes people feel insecure about themselves like Kodak Black and are more concerned about the surface level stuff like skin tone and appearances!!

Peggasuse from Indiana, USA on July 01, 2017:

I never could figure out why that would matter. As they say, "The heart wants what the heart wants." You don't fall in love with a person because of his/her skin tone. You fall in love with what's inside their heart. In the end, that's what attracts you...the personality, not the way the person looks.

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