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Know Your Relationships - Difference Between A Friend And A Companion


A Friend

Many of us go through life and acquire what we call friends. Some of us go through life and actually find companions. While some may use the two terms interchangeably, there is, however, a subtle but significant difference. A friend can be someone you talk to or have experiences with, regularly or otherwise. You may know a friend well or you may not. A friend can be someone you lean on in the time of need, or who leans on you. We may be able to depend on a friend or a friend may be someone who is never really there. At its core, friendship is defined by a shared series of experiences that occur seldom, often or occasionally. A friend can be someone who is often present in your life, or who mostly absent from it. A friend is anyone you allow to be as such. This, however, is wholly different from a companion.


A Companion

All of us is on some journey in life, consciously or otherwise. Every choice we make in life leads us down a particular road. Depending on the choices we make, our paths may change at different points in our lives. There are some people who, at least at certain points in our lives, are on the same paths as we are. Persons who are on the same journey we are on. This person is a companion. These persons can empathise and understand some of our innermost feelings, our highest highs and our lowest lows because they too have or maybe currently are also experiencing the same emotions. A companion may not even be someone we consider to be a friend, but shared experiences create an irrefutable bond between people.


Why We Need Both

To a large extent, a companion helps us grow and achieve our goals.They help us reach further on our paths, like marathon runners urging each other to keep running. A companion is also most suited to helping us in our times of need since they truly understand our desires and our situation. This is why you may hear partners or lovers refer to each other as a companion, as they truly help each other grow.

Nevertheless, a companion is only present in your life as long as the paths of you and your companion remain the same. If these paths begin to diverge, as they often do, a companion is likely to disappear. Friends may be there through thick and thin, even if they never completely understand us and even if they do not share our ideals. Friends may grow to love us or hate us, but at the end of the day, they do serve to give us a different perspective of the world due to their differing ideals.

Some people may go looking for friends, which is not wholly flawed since friends are nice for some good experiences. But if one is to grow and develop, one should go looking for not just friends for happiness, but companions for self-growth. It is difficult to survive by oneself and so both friends and companions are necessary. Both are needed for different reasons, and both are needed for balance.


Darkmocha on March 06, 2017:

A lot of people misconstrue the difference.

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