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Keep it Classy Don’t Let a Breakup Break You

Keep It Classy

We know how noisy people are and they want the dirty. To twist it up and turn it around. My words never let ‘em see you sweat. When they ask for the details. Give them no trash to take to the garbage can, and run it up. It just didn’t work out! Enough said he was a great guy we just weren’t compatible. no matter how it hurts ti say that. And he could have been a whole jerk. But hold your head up and live up to a Classy women standards.

Regardless of what happened behind close doors. It’s not the worlds business , people are already waiting, and hoping you fall secretly. Yes we broke up due to natural unfortunates in our relationship,like how many normal couples may experience, nothing serious. Becareful what people are saying about you too him and him too you. If you are unsure, what to say just smile and walk away. Never I mean never let them see you sweat.Most men not all even in there wrong. They will be the ones saying I had to leave her alone because she was crazy. When in actually you were not the crazy one. Maybe the type of women to call narcissistic men out. And he couldn’t handle her calling him on his crazy. And of course his friends maybe in the same circle telling your friends that he say she say. That’s why you never give them trash ti talk about leave them guessing. Even if it hurts to the soul. And it could have just been that non compatibility at-least you got it early on and didn’t have to invest time in a relationship and wasted some of your life.

Get Dolled Up

Now it’s the time to give them something ti talk about. Don’t come around sad moping like life’s over. Make sure you step out in your best. Look like your best everyday. It doesn’t matter how you feel. take time and fix yourself up first date style. See people are always paying attention. And I promise he is too. Social media ain’t no joke this day and age. If your still friend sim social media and he hasn’t deleted or blocked you. He still want a way to see you men are mini stalkers too. Don’t get it twisted! Even if you don’t have anywhere to go take a .selfie and post them on social media with a big smile. Don’t mention and this about your break out. There’s a song I love by Angie Stone,” My Sunshine Has Come There’s No more Rain in This Cloud.” I promise add this too your social media platforms ,with the topic I love this Song! It will make him or her think. And 7 times out of 10 he’or she will be curious. Wondering who and how could you find some on this fast. Take hot selfies and photos at a restaurant saying I going to have a super night. And keep it Classy and Clean always. No matter how your hurting your upward spiral will make them think or put a little pain in his or her heart. Remember you got this…

I think I’m Buying Something Sexy for the Night Victoria Secrets I Go Social Media Post Time


I Don’t Kiss & Tell

When people start asking who is the lucky guy? Reply I don’t Kiss And Tell ! And leave it at that…..

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