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Kate Middleton's Wedding Bouquet


As someone who spent many years in the wedding business, I couldn’t wait to see what flowers Kate Middleton chose to carry down the aisle on her wedding day.

To complement the delicate lace on her dress, Catherine Middleton held a dainty bridal bouquet of tiny fragrant Lily of the Valley, Hyacinth, and Sweet William with a touch of green Myrtle.

See the very hi-res photos HERE.  

Kate's Bouquet

Kate's Bouquet

Lily of the Valley Bouquet


Lily of the Valley

Lily of the valley is the main flower used in Kate’s bridal bouquet. There are probably several hundred tiny stems packed together to make up the rounded bouquet with a hint of a triangular shape due to the slight cascade or trailing effect.

Lily of the Valley are fragrant, spring flowers resembling tiny bells, mainly sold and used for personal wedding flowers, and almost always arranged in clusters with their natural leaves. They must be special ordered. They make a classic, delicate, and perfumed bridal bouquet in a hand-tied bunch on their own or with other spring flowers. Their symbolic Victorian meanings of sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, happiness, or humility and a small group of Lily of the Valley were also included in Princess Diana’s wedding bouquet.

Hyacinth on the Stem



Hyacinth florets are tucked in intermittently amongst the Lily of the Valley sprigs. Hyacinth is a very fragrant spring flower that comes in shades of purple, pink, pale yellow and white. They grow from bulbs with many clustered florets making up a single cylindrical shaped flower stem.

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In Kate’s bouquet the hyacinth florets appear to have been separated from their stems and wired individually to complement the very dainty Lily of the Valley.

Sweet William


Sweet William

Sweet William is a very inexpensive annual garden flower that comes in shades of pink, fushia, white and burgundy. Kate’s bouquet contained a tiny bit of pure white Sweet William tucked into her bouquet. One can only speculate that it was incorporated to symbolize her husband to be – a very sweet gesture.


Myrtle, the “herb of love”, makes an appearance in Kate’s bouquet, most likely for traditional reasons. Not only was Myrtle included in Princess Diana’s bouquet, but in every bouquet since Queen Victoria's.


Myrtle Leaves


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anglnwu on May 15, 2012:

Thanks for sharing this. As a flower lover, I love the choices that went into Kate's wedding bouquet--they're all very symbolic, yet delicate and beautiful. Rated up.

Annie from NewYork on April 29, 2011:

interesting love the images,

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