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Judges, the Verdict Is Why Black Robes?

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Women play a big part in our Judicial System.

Women play a big part in our Judicial System.

Well, I Am Looking For

guidance and direction here. Should I ask you, my readers, or just "write by the seat of my keyboard?" This one's the one that I may live to regretting that I jumped when instead I should have stayed where I was. This ever happen to any of you?

I can say with a clear conscience that each time that I have crossed the pathway of a judge, I instantly esteeeem with the highest-respect. I have had some judges (on the local level) to even smile that I can only assume that they were in a good mood. But still, I appreciated the smiles. I know that it was the "ease" shining over the color black.

While I'm here, why black? Ever thought of that? Why did or who, is a better question, was the first person (of power and influence) to dub a man that he was a judge and that he was to see over the infractions of the township or village? I would have to guess that King Solomon, who was blessed by God to have excessive wisdom, proved that in the case of the two women who had argued about one baby being theirs. So he laid the baby down in front of him and took a sword and told them that when he cut the child in two that both ladies would have a baby--but it was the real mother who said to spare the child and let the other woman have the child because only the real mother would speak-up first.

To me, this has to be some high-thinking. I have loved to study the Biblical events of Solomon and each time that I study it again, I am very impressed. As for yours truly, I have never bee accused of being anything like King Solomon, but that is okay. I couldn't withstand the pressure.

The United States Supreme Court Justices.

The United States Supreme Court Justices.

Why The Color Black?

is a good starting point. It's the obvious starting point. The first thing that we see is the dominant color, black, which covers the person wearing the black robe when they execute the office of a judge. All except judges who work the county fairs who give-out ribbons to the biggest cucumber, cow, pumpkin and such, and award ribbons to the most-delicious chocolate pie, chili dog and things of this nature.

These judges only wear street clothes. This is a mild controversy. If these judges would wear black robes, their decisions would be final. With them wearing street clothes, the losers can always dispute the judge' word and then a brawl breaks out.

So you see that my idea of county fair judges, as well as beauty contestant judges, should wear black robes. It's respect in the fullest-extent of our judicial system. And there is no occasion for them to have to threaten to cut a baby in half to arguing mom's.

I suppose that (even now) there has never been a reason for the county fair judges to wear anything besides street clothes. They could be rebellious and wear red, green, maybe pink, but who would judge the judges' color of shirt and pants? Huh? Black robes 1, Colored street clothes 0.

Let Me Share a Bit of Black Robe Background

and you should be excited to know why judges today wear black. Every court-based citizen should know that. Black symbolizes sadness and mourning, judges wore black to show that they are also suffering such a great grief due to the decision that they have to make in a while.

But back to my friend, King Solomon, I would venture that he did not wear black. He was the wealthiest man anywhere and could have had his choice of colors to make his robes, but I suppose that he wore expensive robes sewn with gold and silver. But even without these costly elements, his most bare-thread robes would have been more-costly than today's Bill Gates, many times over. Prove it wrong and let me know.

And have you ever had to appear to the bench, and be in a terrific mood when your eyes meet the black in the judge's robes, your mood changes from happy to depressed faster than an F-16 in a dog fight. I have seen this happen a lot on the evening news. And some times on Perry Mason and Matlock.

My only question can also be applied to those state fair food and animal judges. Wouldn't a pretty Hawaiian shirt be as respectful as a black robe? Sorry. A second question: is it the man or woman who is to be respected, and not the robe? Think about this, my "Legal-Minded Friends," and let me know what you find out.

On second thought, black robes do make a strong, fair statement.

On second thought, black robes do make a strong, fair statement.

A Few More Questions About Black Robes:

⦁ What does the man or woman judge wearing underneath the robe? This is not a sexual-suggestive question. I've often tried to give myself some peace concerning this question, but if you or I were to approach a Court Judge or Supreme Court Justice what they are wearing, well, the male judges would slug us, and the female judges would have us carted-off to jail.

⦁ Where does (a) judge store his robes? I have never known.

⦁ Is there a company in the U.S.A. what produces judges' robes? Ditto.

⦁ Does (a) judges' robes come with a fit-all size?

⦁ And . . .does (a) judge's robes have elastic waistbands?

⦁ Will football referees ever wear judges' robes instead of those silly "zebra stripes?"

⦁ In closing . . .will we ever see everyday fashion ideas for the regular man and woman--judge's robes shirts, tee's, jersey's, shorts, and socks?
That about does it for me tonight. Be safe. Happy Easter. In my 'judgement," this was wise advice.

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