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Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander

Young Travis Alexander


Travis and Friends


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Travis Alexander, Rags to Riches

Travis Alexander grew up in Riverside California and was one of eight children born to a poverty stricken couple who lived the carefree life characteristic of the liberal hippie generation. They rejected traditional values, responsibility and order for a life of marijuana, alcohol, and various other drugs. As the couple experimented with stronger drugs, they became more and more irresponsible and their children began to take on more responsibilities, trying to ration what little canned foods the family had.

As he sank deeper into despair, young Travis Alexander began to dwell on God and prayed for a better life in which he could somehow flee the abusive and carefree world in which his parents had convicted him. Travis's prayers were answered when his grandmother, Norma Jean Preston Alexander Sarvey, a devout Mormon, came to his rescue. She had Travis move in with her and she gave Travis the encouragement, love and guidance that he needed.

All of the woes of his early life were now out of sight as Travis' grandmother took care of him and provided Travis with the good old fashioned values that his young mind needed. Travis found self-esteem, direction, friends, and security in the Mormon church, and decided that he would become a great success in his adult life. He began to think outside of sheer survival, developing hopes and ambitions of someday marrying and raising a family in wholesome, happy and loving way. The total and complete opposite of the way in which his parents raised him.

He went on a mission with fellow Mormon friends in Colorado, dated Mormon girls and began planning his future. He wrote in his journal that he considered himself to be blessed, and devoted as much time to being charitable to others as to planning his own future for himself. Travis wanted to help others in the way that his grandmother had helped him. He was emotional and grateful to her for saving him from a terrible life.

In his early 20s though, he struggled to find a way to make a decent living. He wanted to be rich not only so that he could enjoy his own life, but because he wanted to have extra time to focus on helping others and doing charitable deeds. But, he was now at a loss as to just how he could make this happen. He enrolled in college but quickly discovered that although he loved learning things, college was just not for him. He remembered that years earlier when he desperately wanted to get away from his irresponsible parents he prayed whole heartedly to God night after night and his prayers were answered in the form of his loving Mormon grandmother. Travis resorted to prayer once again and It was not long before Travis Alexander's prayers were answered in the form of Chris Hughes, a fellow Mormon, who had become highly successful in selling legal insurance.

Chris Hughes had been looking for a sharp, motivated, entrepreneur to work with and Travis admired the apparent success of his new friend. Travis saved approximately $200 to join Legal Shield and It was not long before Travis Alexander was moving up in the ranks of Pre Paid Legal, or Legal Shield as the company is now known, as a top executive and motivational speaker.

Legal Shield is a very reputable multi level marketing company that allows people to receive legal insurance by paying a small fee, such as $17 per month, and having full access to talk to attorneys about wills, divorces, family planning and many other legal issues without having to worry about a ridiculously high charge for talking to a lawyer.

Travis took to Legal Shield like a fish takes to water. He could make excellent money, have more free time, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others all at the same time. In a short time Travis was thriving at Legal Shield and even bought a five bedroom house in Mesa Arizona, along with a new BMW. Travis looked and acted the part of a successful and upwardly mobile young man. It appeared that Travis was living his dream and all that he wished for would come his way.

Travis Alexander, The Motivational Speaker


Young Jodi Arias


Jodi Arias During Her Relationship With Travis


Clancy Talbot Had a Run In With Jealous Jodi Arias


The Story of Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias was an attractive and happy child by all accounts, but by the time she reached her early 20s, she began drifting. After dropping out of high school Jodi was hooking up with a series of men and taking odd jobs. She was a hard worker and much like Travis, she was seeking a promising future. The key difference between the two is that Jodi was seeking a better life in the form of a man, while Travis was seeking to improve his circumstances by increasing his earning potential. Jodi lived in the depressing world of many modern young women. She yearned for a strong, successful man to love her, yet found herself dating immature guys who weren't thinking of a future past the next party. Jodi craved a solid family man who could provide her with security, children, and an upwardly mobile lifestyle, and was repeatedly hooking up with men who cheated on her, used her sexually, and had no plans for the future.

Her most solid relationship was with a man twice her age who had been married previously and had a young son. After being strung along and actually buying a home together, Jodi hoped something more solid would evolve. She eventually asked her live in love when they would marry only to be told very frankly that he had no intention of marrying her ever. The rejection left Jodi feeling insecure and when her boss began telling her that he was planning on retiring within five years because of his success with Legal Shield, Jodi began to take interest in becoming a Legal Shield representative herself.

With no solid man in her life, no education, and no career, the only thing Jodi had going for her was her good looks. Jodi was a natural brunette with high cheekbones, full lips and a petite frame. At some point during her four year relationship Jodi saw pictures of her love interests ex wife who was a bond. It was not long before Jodi became a blond too. Jodi also invested in breast implants to give the appearance of a blond bombshell. None of her efforts resulted in a marriage proposal.

In despair for her future, Jodi traveled to Las Vegas for a Legal Shield convention in hopes of finding something that would motivate her back into life, but was soon smitten with Travis Alexander; a man in his late 20s who seemed to have the world at his feet. Seeing Travis on stage talking to a large auditorium of Legal Shield hopefuls, Jodi saw a man of maturity, direction and ambition. Although her heart was still attached to her paramour, she became flattered by the obvious attraction that Travis had for her. He approached her, introduced himself and then began telling her about the company in his confident and self assured fashion.

After walking and talking with Alexander for several hours Jodi began to take some real interest. Travis invited her to the black and gold ball that was being held by Legal Shield that very night. Chris Hughes' wife, Sky, loaned Jodi a dress to wear for the occasion, and after what Jodi felt was a powerful evening, she began to feel as though her trip to Vegas was her destiny. She immediately thought that by winning a man who has the power to motivate and captivate so many people was the ultimate catch.

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All other men she had been involved with up to this point were now just run of the mill losers by comparison to this young man. Jodi now felt that her future which had previously looked haphazard was now about to take shape. The facts of what was happening where taking on a fairytale like quality. Travis spotted the attractive bond Jodi and confidently marched over to introduce himself. The very idea itself was a heady feeling for Jodi; who was no stranger attracting the attention of men. She now believed that Travis would fall under her spell soon enough. She maintained her soft spoken, intelligent demeanor and quickly impressed Travis enough that he expressed an interest in staying in touch.

The couple exchanged phone numbers and Travis headed back to Mesa Arizona, while Jodi drove to home to California.
After just one meeting with Travis Alexander, Jodi Arias had made up her mind that this was the man of her dreams. All of the uncertainty that had filled her life from her late teens to her early 20s was slipping away and the security that she had always dreamed of was beginning to take shape. For the first time in her life her mind was at peace with her future. She had been trying to find herself and somehow fit in to the world in ways that did not make her feel comfortable, and after meeting Travis and hearing him speak, she realized that she had been out of touch with her own femininity and what she really wanted in life was to have a hard working, successful husband who could adequately support her while she stayed at home having children. She loved art and the quest for success but she believed that teaching her children about art and the joys of success would be something that she could thrive on and find more rewarding. She had a clear plan in her head and Jodi was certain that nothing could take the place of a loving family as far as any life goal.

While Travis was interested in Jodi his feelings were not all consuming as they were for Arias. To him she was just another pretty girl who was pleasant to be around, but Jodi saw Travis as the key to her ideal life. She did all she could to be the image of an ideal woman in the eyes of the man she loved. Realizing that Travis was a Mormon Jodi read the Book of Mormon and asked Travis to baptize her. This was actually a calculated move on her part to build a closeness with him.

She then made appearances at his home when she knew he was inviting his friends over for UFC parties. A major stumbling block in the path of their relationship was the fact that Travis lived in Mesa Arizona and Jodi lived in Yreka, California. While Travis would have been content to simply let the relationship go, Jodi regularly put thousands of dollars of gas in her car to make the long journey to see the man she loved. As soon as she got off work at her job as a waitress, and she had a few consecutive days off, Jodi would hop in her car and head to Arizona.

Her hard work and determination was beginning to pay off. Jodi was around Travis enough that she was actually growing on him. She was reading the best motivational books written, the ones that Travis read regularly, such as How To Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie, and the two had enough in common that Travis' friends, Chris Hughes, and his wife, Sky, who lived in Murrietta California, decided to help Travis out. They offered their home as a midway point for the couple to meet.

The arrangement was great for Jodi. This shaved hours off of her drive, and gave her even more time with Travis. Even though Travis and Jodi were meeting regularly, they were not dating exclusively, much to Jodi's disappointment. Travis always had reservations about her and Jodi was well aware of it. She appealed to Sky for help, and Sky being a Mormon woman of high morals scolded Travis for not committing to Jodi. Travis respected his friends, Chris and Sky and soon took his relationship with Jodi to the next level.

Jodi was in heaven. She was now Travis Alexander's girlfriend and believed that the next step of marriage was just around the corner. All of Jodi's time and money was spent on sealing the deal with Travis. She drove to Mesa to hang onto Travis when he was planning business meetings, and she was present at the Legal Shield conferences wherever they may be held in effort to keep an eye on Travis. Her constant presence was pushing Travis away not reeling him in, and as Jodi continued her attempts to manipulate Sky Hughes into helping her win Travis, Sky was actually having reservations about Jodi.

When Jodi glibly told Sky that she was hacking into Travis' emails, and sneaking a peak at his text messages, Sky began to feel uncomfortable around Jodi and she told Travis that both she and Chris did not feel that Jodi was the right girl for him. Sky watched Jodi parade around the Legal Shield seminars dressed in form fitting dresses and flirting with men, only to run to Sky complaining, "these guys won't leave me alone." Sky and Chris had their eye on Jodi when she primped before a mirror and then walked by a lounge in the hotel lobby where Travis was to speak at a Legal Shield meeting. She strutted back and fourth until a single man came out to talk to her. Jodi approached Sky Hughes, saying, "this guy is following me, tell him that I am Travis Alexander's girlfriend". When the man walked back towards Jodi, Sky simply said, "she has a boyfriend." This angered Jodi, who reminded Sky, "you were supposed to say, "she is Travis Alexander's girlfriend." Its as though Jodi was trying to get recognition for being Travis' girlfriend and get the Hughes' to tell Travis about all the men who were chasing Jodi at the same time.

Her emotional state was deteriorating as she saw Travis winning the attention of the crowd at Legal Shield. He exuded confidence, charisma, and charm, and it was obvious that many women were attracted to him. Jodi cringed as Travis talked to groups of people, including many pretty young women, after his speeches. One pretty girl she saw getting too much attention from Travis was Clancy Talbot. She was happily married and more than ten years older than Travis, but Jodi saw Clancy affectionately rest her head on Travis' shoulder and he put his arm around her waist in a light moment. Jodi burst into the restroom and sobbed uncontrollably.

She could not get Clancy off of her mind after witnessing this scene, and when Clancy walked into the restroom Jodi cornered her stating,"Travis and I are a couple, I am more mad at him than I am with you, but I want you to know that we are together now."

Travis could not be held by Jodi, although she was very pretty, Travis was simply not interested in her enough to want to make her his wife and Jodi was fighting a losing battle. The more effort, time and money she put into trying to win Travis the more angry and bitter she was making herself. She planned trips for the two of them so that she could keep him away from other women and at the same time build more and more memories with together. Unfortunately, those memories were not holding Travis permanently they were just causing more pain for Jodi.

The couple officially broke up after Jodi and Travis returned from one of their extravagant trips in which Jodi was now on the verge of bankruptcy from all the spending it was costing her to keep up with Travis, she had looked into Travis' phone only to discover that he had several other girls he was seeing. The breakup was simple enough for Travis, he had at least two girls he was interested in anyway, but Jodi could not take the defeat. She had spent all of her money, and banked everything on hooking Travis. She felt that she had come close to winning and decided that she just could not give up. Besides, Travis had let her know how motivated by sex he is. This was Jodi's last ditch effort to winning the man she loved. She was now willing to be the sex toy of men's fantasies. Jodi had read that men often get swept off their feet by women who are great in bed, and will even marry a women who turns them on sexually over a good woman who they can bond with emotionally. Jodi laid it on thick, dressing up, talking dirty, and encouraging Travis to use her in any way that he wished. Travis allowed Jodi into his life as a sex toy, but still made it clear that he wanted to marry someone else.

When Jodi realized that Travis was planning a trip to Cancun, and planned on taking another girl with him, she simply could not bear it. The knowledge that he would be in Cancun with another woman and possibly even proposing to this other woman, made Jodi reel. This was simply not going to happen. She would rather see Travis dead than to watch him marry another woman.

Fatal Attraction, Jodi Murders Travis

Jodi rented a white Ford Focus and drove from California to Mesa Arizona and paid Travis Alexander a final visit. From testimony, photos and later evidence it is known that Jodi died her hair dark after renting the car. It has been speculated that she died her hair in effort to disguise her appearance while in Mesa, and another theory has Jodi trying to appeal to Travis one last time. This time she would show him that she could look demure as a brunette, and did not necessarily have to be the overtly sexy bombshell. Apparently, things did not go well. What their conversation was is anyone's guess.

Travis Alexander had sex with Jodi, and the two took several pictures during their tryst. After they were done, Travis headed to his shower where Jodi followed him with the camera. Jodi snapped photos of Travis standing in the shower and then proceeded to stab him repeatedly. As Travis tried to fend off the knife attack, Jodi was well prepared with a gun. She shot him twice and then slit his throat from ear to ear. Jodi wanted to be certain that Travis would not be around to tell his side of the story. It is believed that Jodi went to such extreme in mutilating Travis because she figured that no one would suspect her of such intense violence. She was wrong.

Chris and Sky Hughes were already in Cancun when Travis was killed. They planned on meeting him once he arrived. In the days following Travis' murder many of Travis's friends were growing concerned that they had not heard from him. On the night before Travis was to go to Cancun with Mimi Hall, Mimi contacted many of Travis' friends to find out what was happening. No one had a clue where Travis was and his phone message box was full.

Travis had been decomposing in his shower for days when Travis' friends walked into his home to find out what happened. As they approached the bedroom the stench of decomposing flesh stirred instant panic and the group called 911 immediately after seeing large blood patches all over the bedroom carpet.

It was not long before the police arrived and began asking if anyone had any idea who might do this to Travis. Everyone who knew Travis Alexander pointed the finger at his "stalker" ex girlfriend, Jodi Arias.

The Home of Travis Alexander


Jodi Tells Too Many Lies

Jodi played the part of a heart broken friend of Travis for the benefit of police and family, but inside she wondered just how much the police had found out. She was questioned by police about her whereabouts only to get a story that she had been on the road. There was nothing to tie Jodi to the crime, and it seemed that she may get away with murder until a thorough investigation of Travis Alexander's house was made.

Inside the washing machine detectives found a camera. It had been put through the wash, but detectives were able to get the photos off of the memory card. What the police now had was hard evidence against Jodi Arias. As she had been telling police that she was nowhere near Mesa Arizona at the time of Travis Alexander's murder, there were nude photos of her on Travis' camera that were recorded as June 4, the day that is believed to be Travis' murder. Not only that but it seemed that photos were accidentally snapped as the murder was taking place. Travis' bloody body along with Jodi's pant leg where photographed together.

Jodi has changed her story numerous times over the years but is now sticking with a self defense cover. She is currently in prison awaiting either a death sentence or life in prison.

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March 2015. Jodi's Hung Jury

In March of 2015 Jodi's second jury was hung 11:1. This forever ended the possibility of Jodi being put to death for the savage slaying of Travis; meaning that Jodi will either receive life without the possibility of parole or possibly be back on the streets in 25 years.

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Jen on August 06, 2015:

What she did was heinous and she is in prison for it.

He is the perfect example of a "player" and he had a history of using women and treating them like trash, and he paid for it with his life.....

Suzie from Carson City on February 08, 2015:

Glenda.....What happened to your thread of comments? Did you remove them by choice? Just wondering.......Paula

madelline MSW from Vancouver, BC on February 08, 2015:

The overkill MO is exactly like men who kill intimate partners, ie wives, lovers, girlfriends. Everything about the crime, even down to altering the crime scene, is exactly how obsessive men commit those crimes. She was not the victim here, she was the obsessed assailant. She only shot him once though, into his forehead head.

Suzie from Carson City on May 26, 2014:

Hi again. No, I do not believe in Capital Punishment (especially not in a case such as this one).....However, Jodi does most certainly deserve a Life sentence, w/o the possibility of Parole.

This slaughter was a vicious, premeditated (to extreme measures) killing. Because I am also 100% convinced that Jodi is wracked with severe mental disorders and emotional instability, I believe it should be a part of her sentence to have aggressive and ongoing mental therapy.

I am impressed with your view of Jodi as somewhat of a "victim" of her ultimate victim, Travis. For me this is simply not an option. The short history of their relationship.....Jodi's obsession & blatant stalking....Travis's matter-of-fact, less than concerned a very old, repetitive scenario involving a huge majority of young adults. Find me any number of young men & women who have dated a while...and you've found a very typically similar scenario.

Tragic doesn't come close to describing the entire tale of Jodi & Travis, but because she is not legally insane, and yet has acted in an insane manner, justice demands she pay for this egregious crime.

I also cannot accept the notion that Jodi committed such a brutal & bloody dissuade police from "thinking she could be capable of such a vicious slaughter." Law enforcement just doesn't think that way...ever. (If this was Jodi's rationale) she was very sadly ignorant of Homicide investigation.

As a matter of fact, the reality simply is, Jodi was the absolute perfect/CLASSIC type personality to have been the perpetrator! Shallow, jealous, obsessive, vengeful and emotionally immature. Jodi is beyond all reasonable doubt, the Universal Poster Child for Borderline Personality Disorder.

Truly appreciated this hub. Very well written. It appears you have also done some extensive research. Bravo!..UP+++

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