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It's Ok to Not Know Your Sexuality

I am a teenage amateur writer. Just trying to make my way through random things that keep me busy and away from my anxiety



The journey of our life begins from our childhood to old age. While growing up we might come across a lot of people of different races, colour, nationalities, and sexualities. Sometimes while watching a Television show, or an online streaming web series, a thought about our sexuality might cross our mind. An old school belief that homos are unholy or how sexualities other than heterosexual are not normal has changed over the years. Many people now know the biological normality about sexualities, genders and many young adults are ready to fight society and come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.


As a child, I was always familiar with only straight relationships. Nor was I aware of the various sexualities neither was I surrounded by people who identified as queer.

I remember my first encounter with the whole fact that there are people other than those who identify as man or women who are of different genders and sexualities, was when I came across some transgender women at a wedding, and I was curious about them, unfortunately back then and even now the people of sexualities other than straight are not respected in my country, so my curiosity was not answered with appropriate logical answers, though I clearly remember that there was no malice in my heart about such people, it was just pure curiosity and quest to find out more about it.

These days kids might just search it up and find out but sadly my questions were not answered soon because the technology was not that handy those days. It was in the summer of my early teen years when I came to know more about it, and I decided to not be prejudiced about any particular social belief and be open-minded to educate myself about every aspect of the different sexualities and genders. The realisation also leads me to think about the possibility of me not being straight. I started to think from a different perspective towards life.











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After thinking about it, actually overthinking about it, I was just feeling anxious as not many people around me were familiar with queer sexualities and wondering about it, at a point I felt as if I am not a common human anymore. I started to revisit old memories and think again about the feelings I felt, not all were straight but I was just trying to also make sure I don't misinterpret my emotion. Because for some teenagers, sexualities are just a fascinating topic that generates their interest and in an attempt to stand out they come out as part of LGBTQ + without properly identifying their emotions and feelings. This can lead to a lot of confusion, so I decided to just go with the flow of whatever people I come across and not concern myself with labels.

'Others sexuality is none of your business and your sexuality is none of any other person's business'

— Ishika mehere

'Others sexuality is none of your business and your sexuality is none of any other person's business'

This is something all of us should fix in our head. It is completely okay to be curious about a person's sexuality but it is also important to keep in mind that not being confirmed about a particular label for their sexuality can be stressful for some individuals. Just know that as you grow your thoughts, emotions and feelings change with time so, restricting yourself to a label to define your sexuality in hurry is not a very good choice. And in fact, it's your life you can choose whatever you want for yourself and if you are capable of understanding your emotions correctly, congratulations that's appreciable. Just know that it is ok to feel confused about your sexuality it is just part of growing up and gaining new experiences. We are all in this together and it is completely normal.

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