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It's Another Valentine's Day


It’s Another Valentine’s Day. Oh joy.

This is definitely a “holiday” for the ladies. I mean the guys get their “benefit” too, seeing how there are a lot more babies born in mid-November than in any other month. Two of my kids are Valentine’s Day babies.

But look what the guy has to go through. If he is just dating the girl, maybe for the first or second Valentine’s Day of their relationship, it may still be fun. They go out to dinner, they do other things and then if the mood is right, they “settle in” for the night.

If the mood is right…..

Let’s explore “the mood”. The guy is on the spot to make this a grand occasion for his partner. It’s as if every Valentine’s Day the guy is put on a stage and made to entertain his partner. His scripting has to be flawless, and he cannot miss a queue. If he puts on a good show and she is entertained adequately, it puts her in the “mood”. Once her mood is evident and conditions are favorable for him, then he must carefully walk on eggshells with velvet slippers on, lest he crack one and send it all down the drain. If all continues well, then he is quickly rewarded with a steamy, romantic evening. If she is not pleased, he loses out and the evening is over.

But most often, guys will do anything to get what the girls have to offer. That is why you see guys walking out of stores with candy, cards and flowers in the dark of night, hoping and praying that their friends don’t see them, to try and make the mood “just right” with his partner so that he can make it to third base and slide into home plate a little easier.

But what if you have been married for thirty years? It’s like being in a routine where in the beginning you got a Three Musketeers bar every night as a treat. Then after a while, the candy bar sometimes doesn’t seem that tempting to you, but you take it anyway. After a while, you still enjoy the Three Musketeers, but it is not as good as they used to be. Sometimes a Three Musketeers really hits the spot, but those times are getting more and more infrequent.

But you keep on planning and performing your one man show up on the stage every Valentine’s Day and Anniversary. You do this not just for the Three Musketeers, but because you know that the Dog House is cold, damp and drafty. And even though it is getting more and more difficult to put on your semi-annual production, you still trod on with hopeful abandon that maybe, just maybe this time she will surprise you with a Snickers bar instead.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

© 2011 By Del Banks

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