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Italian Jokes for Weddings


Weddings are the triumph of Love and the creation of a new family and a new beginning.

Sometimes weddings are awesome, magnificent and captivating.

Oftentimes weddings are boring.

For this reason, in Italy, it is a common rule to make some pranks to the couple in order to heat things up.

In some countries and traditions it is forbidden to play pranks due to the sanctity of marriages. In other cases, the bride and groom will not allow them or even the parents are not so permissive. Use these pranks at your own risk.

Before marriage

Before the wedding there are many occasions to make jokes, some can involve the new house of the spouses.

In this case we can fill the new house with balloons, cover the furniture with Post-it notes with dedications, hide objects and so on.

A likely accepted joke is to fill the house with balloons. Usually you can put coins in them and put a message on the door. That way they'll know it's part of a gift.

The variation is to insert something unpleasant in the balloons such as talcum powder or confetti. So they need to clean the house again.

You can also leave women's clothing or blow-up dolls lying around. Such as on the sofa or in the bed.

In the house it is also possible to cover objects with messages on post-its. Don't like messages? Use penises!

Or put some transparent film between the doors or inside the bathroom.

Another option is to cover the private cars of the couple with toilet paper and bows. Or leave banners with humorous writings.

In the past, when cars were lighter, friends lifted them by hand and placed wooden blocks underneath to lift the wheels off the ground.


During the ceremony

During the ceremony, if the celebrant agrees, there are multiple occasions for pranks.
A classic one is to pretend you've lost your rings or blame other friends for losing them.
Or you can write help messages under the groom's shoes, so you can read them when he kneels for prayer.

Another joke is to make a person stand up at the fateful "speak now or shut up forever" moment. Maybe just asking where the toilet is.

Some fathers take their daughters' marriage very seriously, perhaps having photos taken before entering the church with rifles or other military equipment. The mother can enter and accompany the groom with the rolling pin. Or a wooden slipper used for teaching the boy.

Is throwing rice too boring? Use a leaf blower for rice or confetti. Redneck Engineering never disappoints.

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I once went to a friend's wedding, a firefighter, and fire extinguishers can be a scenic element for photos or for the bride and groom's exit from the church.

Using drones for filming or photos can also be a great idea.

Also in this case it is possible to cover the wedding car with toilet paper or fill it with balloons. In some cases confetti are also placed in the air conditioning system in order to throw them at start up.


During dinner or refreshments

This is where the fun begins.

There are many jokes that can be made to the bride and groom.

A common joke I have seen at many weddings is to put a ball and chain on the husband or handcuff him to his wife. Very often, handcuffs with fur are accepted by the husband as an additional gift.

In some cases, proof of cooperation between spouses is required in order to access refreshments. Such as sawing a log with an old saw or pushing the wedding car for a false fault in agreement with the driver.

In my case, I took my wife to the restaurant with a wheelbarrow. Up to the dinner table, even inside the restaurant. If you do, deflate the tire for more effort.

In other cases, a newspaper may be given to the bride while her husband is ironing clothes or changing diapers on a toy doll.

A very fun game is to put the bride and groom back to back holding one of their shoes and one of their partner.

In turn, friends ask questions to the bride and groom. They can only answer by lifting the corresponding shoe. Who will have to take care of the garbage? What about the children? Friends can also ask "hot" questions.

The last question is "who will the children look like?" to which all friends will raise their shoe.

Another game is to take a boiled egg and ask the bride to insert it from the groom's ankle into the pants and bring it out on the other side. The husband cannot help. When she reaches the middle, it is usually difficult to contain the laughter. If the egg gets stuck, friends can give it a shot to break it.

A joke for the bride is to lay a bed sheet on the ground, blindfold her and make her walk on the bed sheets. She must walk with her legs apart, as if she had to be careful not to step on something on the bed sheet. Friends can give conflicting directions by supporting and pulling the bride if necessary.

After a couple of walks, back and forth, some friends lie down on the bed sheet and the bride removes the blindfold. Friends have to make compliments about the bride's underwear.

A funny joke is to stick a candle on a spoon and have it held in the mouth by the groom by the handle. The bride, equipped with a water pistol, has to blow out the candle from different distances. The groom can wear goggles and life jackets.

If the bride misses her target, friends can throw water balloons at the groom.

In conclusion, jokes are a way to show our affection to the bride and groom. An effective marriage also stems from the ability to have fun and not take yourself too seriously.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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