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Is Your Friend Worth It?

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Good friends are not many. But there are many fake friends. Most of the time, when you’re just starting to get to know someone, things are always right and sweet. However, after a while, you might begin to realize that your friend isn’t the one you’ve been imagining. It might be a good sign for you to leave the relationship, or it might be a bad sign to tell you that you have a problem with yourself.

Friends are still needed in our lives, however. Else, we’re going to feel lonely. However, sometimes we need to know whether or not our new friend is worth it. Perhaps we have a basic instinct that guides us. But sometimes, our intuition might not be correct. Once, I thought a new friend of mine was cute and friendly. Instead, she was acting out of my expectation. I also had a bad feeling about a guy, but he turns out to be very friendly and honest. So, I’m going to give you some tips on how to tell you if a person worth being your friend.

1. Your friend is sincere to you at all times.

We can’t doubt that honesty is the most crucial ingredient in the making of friends. However, sometimes a person may be making a mockery of his honesty and trying to backstab you when you’re not aware of it. How are we going to find this kind of friend? Well, the easiest way to do this is to analyze his behavior consistently. No matter how well a person can fake his personality, he can never fake it consistently. There’s always a little hint to let you know he’s not as honest as you’ve imagined. For example, he might be helping you a lot in your troubles, but whenever you share something with him, he’s going to try to ask for more so that he can benefit. This attitude will show you that, while subconsciously, he is helping you a little so that you feel relieved, it will benefit him in the end. In reality, he could cover up many things and still give you some help to make you think that he is a helpful person. You should leave this kind of toxic person.

2. Your friend will help you if you don’t need help.

This is an excellent sign because he’s willing to sacrifice his time to do your job, whether or not you find it difficult. There was a time when a friend of mine saw it a bit difficult to code a program. I offered it immediately without considering whether he had figured it out on his own. Well, I can imagine how relieved I would be if someone were to treat me like that. It makes you feel like you’re not alone, and when you face hardships, someone will always be there for you. Another time when my boss almost scolded me, a friend of mine tried to give him an excellent talk and cheered me up with a warm company. This kind of simple act is pure, sincere, and warm-hearted. You’re not supposed to let this kind of friend go if you’ve found him.

3. If necessary, your friend will apologize to you.

It’s a significant sign because a good friend will know when he or she has done something wrong with you. However, a selfish friend is going to ignore it and still be good with you without considering that you are hurt or betrayed. Once, a friend of mine lent his shoes to me, but he actually borrowed from another person without consent. Things went wrong, and they fought. I felt guilty and wrong, but my friend didn’t feel anything and never apologized to anyone. It makes me feel like I’m the one who did wrong. So, you’re supposed to pick up this sign. A manipulative friend is a sure sign that you’re not going to feel comfortable with him for a long time.

There we go. These are the main signs that I’ve learned throughout my youthful life. Even though I’m still young and less experienced than more mature people, I’m always glad to share my views on friendships with you. Writing hubs is my main concern. I’m delighted to write something on hubs to relieve my stressful life as a postgraduate student at this time.

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dashingscorpio from Chicago on October 19, 2020:

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It takes an investment of time to truly get to know someone.

Secondly there are different tiers or levels of friendship.

Some friends you may share your inner most fears/secrets and other friends opt to keep things "light" or surface level when talking to them. There are those who are basically acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, who you might refer to as being "friends" and then there are other people whom you consider to be like "family" to you.

Most people only have a few friends who are like family.

The test of time and compatibility make all the difference.

Last but not least (your expectations) of someone and their expectations of (you) has a lot to do with how close the friendship becomes or is.

Women tend to demand a more (emotional connection) from their friends than men do. Women want to be able to bare their soul with their friends, cry on their shoulders, and get empathy if need be. There is lot more obligation and expectation among them.

Women are also more likely to "fall out" with friends more often than men due to the fact someone didn't meet their expectations.

Men on the other hand will call a guy a good friend if they only meet to watch sports, drink beers, shoot pool, bowl, play poker, or do whatever other activity a couple of times of month.

The deepest they might go is having to borrow some money or sharing a story about meeting with or hooking up with a new lady.

Otherwise they may discuss the latest current events in the news or share some funny stories about experiences they've had.

Generally speaking grown men don't have many expectations or place a lot of demands on their friends. They just socialize.

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