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Is Being Gay Still a Stigma?

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Gay People in the 21st Century

In this day and age, when society seems to be the most open and accepting than ever before, we are still talking about topics and rights which should be considered as basic human rights of every individual. Granted, due to the new threats and fears of the 21st century, there are other obstacles obstructing the respecting of basic rights, something that should be non-negotiable in this century, as we should never forget what the basic human rights, as well as obligations of all people, actually are.

Nowadays, it seems that sexuality has become a term that is not 100% determined but rather as something fluid. Although, I don't like to hear the expression "sexuality is fluid", because I think that we are born as we are - straight, gay or whatever - and that we only choose how we want to live our lives. Something that I regard as one of the fundamental human rights - to be able to live the way we want to.

Bear in mind to always be respectful of others and their rights, even if you don't feel comfortable around them and with the way how they opted to live their lives. If you respect others they are bound to respect you, your life, and your choices as well.

Actor Jack Falahee

Actor Jack Falahee

Gay Actors and Musicians

Gay Actors and Musicians

Over the past decade or so, many famous men and women have decided to come out of the closet. Actually, there was a time when barely a week passed without one celebrity proclaiming their homosexuality or sexual fluidity. I feel that such actions of people to whom many, especially young people, look up to, are important and bear significance since they show young guys and girls, who are struggling with their sexuality, that it is OK to be gay, bisexual, transgender.

I believe it is the role of celebrities to not only put their faces, their acting, and their music on display for the whole world to see and admire, but rather to help co-create and change the world we are living in. Many actors and musicians are not even aware of what huge roles they play in all our lives and they do not take full advantage of all the potentials they possess in having an impact on their fans and others.

On the other hand, we need to be careful, since some celebrities take advantage of the manner in which they come out of the closet, putting it all on a huge pedestal. When something like that happens, we need to ask ourselves whether they are being completely honest or are they just putting on a show in order to get some media attention. Something that seems to be pestering our society more and more.

I love the way how Jack Falahee, the sexy actor from ABC hit show How to Get Away with Murder, addressed the issue of people and fans wondering whether he was gay or straight. He plays a sexy gay lawyer-to-be on the show, but in real life he is straight. He stated in an interview that it does not matter what you are, first and foremost we are all people. As a straight guy, he is very active in protecting and preserving the rights of all gay people. We need more actors and musicians, as well as athletes, like Jack Falahee, speaking to the rights of all people – straight and gay.

How I accepted my Sexuality?

I remember being 10 or 11 years old and how I was struggling with thoughts running through my head. At that time my biggest worry was people finding out about me, my family, my friends, even people I did not know. I had a picture in my head of them judging me for liking guys – an image that probably many guys and girls, struggling with the same issues have when growing up.

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I remember walking into my school, noticing a cute guy, immediately averting my eyes away from him, as I thought that my classmates immediately noticed my eyes on him. I guess this is just a normal way of reacting when you are young and you feel that people will judge you for who you are and for your every look, and every action you take. But it is not like that. Granted, you will always find people who'd be sticking their noses into other people's business, but most people will not care that much to be rubbing their noses into your private life. As a society, we all are way too busy to be burdening ourselves with other people's issues.

As I grew older, I guess it was in my first year of college, I simply said to myself to be who I am, I worked on accepting myself and my sexuality and did not surround myself with judgemental people. I started living the life I wanted and I deserved. And that resulted in me finding the best friends in the world.

I would advise all to be always trying to look at life from another person's perspective. Just ask yourself whether you'd like to be treated in the same manner you treat others. You should always try to put yourself into the shoes of others.

Actor Colton Haynes

Actor Colton Haynes

Why are Some People so Threatened by Gay People?

If you ask some conservative people, they appear insecure when it comes to the question of gay rights. To all of them I would say that they should not feel threatened by others, gay or straight people, since all what gay people want and deserve are equal rights. If you grant a group of people their rights, you won't be missing out on your rights yourself. Think about that.

The majority of my friends and family have accepted me for who I am and have no problem with me being gay. But there is a small group of friends and some family members who always make me a bit uncomfortable, and probably they feel even more uncomfortable around me when the conversation starts to revolve around gay issues and gay rights. I usually react by patting them on their backs and saying, don't worry, don't be uncomfortable, just be yourself. I accept you for who you are and you are entitled to have your own opinion about everything.

I feel that in the 21st century we should all live the way we want, of course within the boundaries set by the law and by other people's rights. Meaning, we should respect each other and each other's rights and obligations.


Accept All People

I feel that we should accept all people as they are. If you don't feel comfortable around gay people, try to work on that. Don't feel threatened by them and such situations, but rather work on your self-esteem and accept gays and lesbians around you first and foremost as people, since their sexuality does not determine who they are that is just a piece of the puzzle which contributes to the mosaic of their personality.

We should all learn to be more accepting and respectful towards all people. In the 21st century, we should care about all the people the same, since there are too modern age dangers that pester us. Try to live every moment the way you want and be sure to allow others to live their lives how they want.

If you have issues with others that probably means that the real issue lies with you. Think about that. Try to be introspective and try to figure out what bothers you, what issue you have with for example someone you don't even know being gay. Chances are that at least one or more of your friends are gay, but they are afraid of telling you that since they don't want to lose your friendship. Try to be more open to people being different and accept them for who they are and not for who you want them to be.

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