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Integrity Is a Must


Integrity is key

To walk in purpose and respect for oneself as a man

Integrity –

“the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”

Why does integrity matter in life and in relationships? It’s your ability to be authentically you and it sets the foundation for your reputation. When you live by your principles you are known by those beliefs, actions and behaviors. We live in a society that promotes the idea that being dishonest, lying, and manipulating others is acceptable. A society that promotes the idea that using people for your own gain, to their harm, is acceptable. A society that tells you it is perfectly normal to present yourself to be someone you’re not in order to gain for self. A society that tells you to do whatever you want regardless of the harm you cause to others.

Not being authentic and truthful in relationships causes a host of problems. You may gain favor and get what you want more immediately however there are some lasting negative effects of interacting in relationships or dating when not being true to self. You lose the respect of the person you are dating. A person that doesn’t respect you treats you a certain way and it’s not positive. No one respects someone that caters to them to the point of not being true to self. There is a cowardice in not presenting the “real you” to others. Yes, there is a time and place for everything, however your actions should match what you stand for and who you are. There is strength in being unafraid to be you. Strength in not being concerned with the admiration, acceptance or the evaluation of others. Life is about moving by your code, your truth.

If you know you don’t want a relationship, don’t lie and give the false presentation that you do. Make that clear from the beginning when you meet someone and let your actions match your words. Do not make it clear you don’t want a relationship but you’re engaging in frequent interaction, using terms of endearment when engaging in conversation and seeing her frequently. No falling into friend zone with her listening to conversations about other men and chit chat. Women will respect your honesty even if it’s not what they want to hear especially when your actions match your words. The most important thing about walking in integrity is ensuring your actions match your words. A man not interested in a relationship:

(1) Will not entertain long conversations on the phone.

(2) Doesn’t talk to her frequently on the phone. No conversation for hours daily or every other day.

(3) Doesn’t frequently go on dates with her. No talking her out every other day or every weekend.

(4) Doesn’t listen to her relationship problems with other men.

(5) States his intent and acts in accordance with the intent.

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(6) Doesn’t engage in activities of no interest to win her favor. (Now I don’t mean not being willing to accommodate some activities as she does the same for you. I mean falsely presenting who you are.)

(7) Understanding you don’t have to be disrespectful to be authentic.

*One of the biggest benefits to walking in integrity when dating or in a relationship is you don’t resent the person you spent time with secretly.

*Another benefit, you don’t have to pretend to act as if you want more from someone than you do.


Integrity - "Doing the right thing always lead to better results."

Integrity in business

How does integrity matter in business? A charlatan is popular for a short amount of time, a man that walks in integrity can build empires and has the respect of others. You can lie, con and deceive yourself into the roles you obtain in life but eventually your reputation will proceed you. People will know you have the reputation of untruth. People will laugh with you, spend time hanging out with you, but behind closed doors they don’t respect you. You can sell defective products but those sales only last for a spell. Eventually word will get out that your products are terrible and eventually people will read the reviews and avoid purchasing your products. The man that walks in inauthenticity will not fix the problem or make things right; he’ll take his dishonest reputation and keep selling his faulty products at a different location. Eventually you run out of places to hide and people will associate your dishonest business practices with your name, and you will suffer financial hardship.

Honesty in the business world and living by code requires you do what you say when you say you will do it. Don’t just lie to sell product, give information to address the wants and desires of the consumer. If you know the product doesn’t provide a key function the client expressly requested, be honest and perhaps provide alternatives if possible. If you make an appointment to meet with them to provide service; be on time, be courteous, be professional and work at a pace to get things done at a decent speed. This shows respect for other people’s time and sets the stage for the reputation you desire. A quality of integrity, your word is your bond. You don’t make promises you can’t keep and when you say you will do something at a particular date and time, you do it. Walking in integrity will result in the respect of others and allow you to respect the reflection in the mirror.


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