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Immobilized By The Past

Are you stuck in the past?

getWould'nt we all love to be free from the effects of our past? The distruction, hurt, anger and revenge it has instilled upon us. The precious time we could have spent with our close friends and loved ones. Living completely separate lives. Separated from each other for years. Years lost that can never be recovered until we learn how to recover. Our past will and can actually make us sick. Especially if that certain someone ever meant anything to us. It will cause a silent effect. An effect we may not even notice. It can prevent some from leading a full and productive life. It not only effects us but the effects can actually spill over into our families lives causing them to also be less likely to lead a productive life. Especially our children and their children and so on. It can be passed down from generation to generation. This is why it is so crucial to begin the healing process with US. How can we move forward when we are immobilized by the past? How can we press forward when the past has it's grip on us. When it's ALL we know. When it's ALL we've allowed to enter our minds. We are frozen. Our minds are broken and we remain in this state for God knows how long. All we can think about is the anger and betrayal we feel. We haven't built anything beyond that to draw on. We need new memories to draw from but we're afraid to step out. A lot is lost within ourselves being raised in a dysfunctional family. The day to day routine of abuse destroys all hope of things changing for the better because we have never experienced that. Everything remains the same, day in and day out. Despair and hopelessness, depression,anxiety and fear set in. that's why hope is lost.

Trust is another major issue because of the lack of it. Starting a future is a brand new experience. A whole new perspective is crucial. Trust needs to begin again. A place where we can feel safe from harm. After all, that's where it all began. We've built a wall between us and the world. No one can be trusted. We need to speculate what might be on the other side. Could it be or could there be something that could surprise us? After all, everything is not the same. Nor are people the same. Isn't it worth risking a venture? Isn't being upset, angry and hurt for so long worth taking that step out? Just to see. It's got to be better than where we're living. I am just going to use this as an ilistration. A man walks down a path and there are birds in the trees. As soon as he reaches the trees, the birds scatter in fear. That is how we've become. We run for cover at the fear. The fear of the unknown. The man meant no harm. He was just going about his way. But we were in the self-protect mode. We weren't taking any chances. This is how we've become. All the way up to the here and now. Why those birds were certain they would be hurt or that they may even die. It has been instilled in us to behave this way. This is referred to as A Block in The Mind. Keeping us from seeing beyond and there's so much beyond that wall and we've become literally blind from it.

What is beyond that Wall???

First of all...Freedom to make choices of our own because the choice to live in the past is really our choice.

#2. Freedom to discover that there's more to life.

#3. Freedom to overcome because overcoming is possible.

#4. Freedom to live, love and learn new and more productive ways of thinking and feeling and maybe even find happiness.

The Process

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Realizing anything is possible and that our future is in our hands, now it's time to decide if we want it. We devote so much time and energy dwelling on the past that there's nothing left for a future. There's a world out there! It may be filled with mystery because we've yet to experience it. Yes there is good and there is evil. We've seen and experienced the evil. Now it is time to take some time and experience some good because it's out there. Remember not to measure a man unless he has proven so. You can't judge a book by it's cover. It should be read. It's time to stop putting our lives on hold. Time is precious so we need to make what's left of our lives precious so it's time to step out. TRY is a big word to some. It means..taking a chance. We all may stumble at times but everyone does, but Get back up! Because there's more, there's always more. More to discover, more to learn and experience. More life to live. And we need to live it!It's got to be better than the life we are living now. Right???

Forgiveness comes with understanding, knowledge and exceptance. We are all getting older And as we get older our time gets shorter. WE all make mistakes. No one can say they haven't. But we are supposed to learn from them. And as we get older, some of us change so we really shouldn't have or keep the same oppions of one another. We're all learning as the years go by and should be granted a chance to begin again...that is if both are willing. We really are missing out on all the possibilities that could be ahead of us.

Being a victim of abuse can stem from generation to generation. It can begin hundreds of years back. Even beyond our own parents. It can spread like wild fire if we let it or...we can choose to stop it in it's tracks. Right here/Right now!!! Or we can spread it on to our children and let them be miserable for the rest of their lives. This is serious stuff and it needs our emmediate attention for their sakes and our own. Children remember. We should know this first hand. Right? So what do you want your children to remember? Because this is crucial to their future. It's never too late. In fact...Don't you think it's way over due? Take some time and really think about it. It's important. Don't you wish it was just as important to your parents? Open your eyes and your heart. Open your mind up to brand new opportunities. They may amaze you.

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