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Imaginary Relationships? What Is Happening to Our Society?

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

"pixel2013" is the creator of this image.

"pixel2013" is the creator of this image.

Does Love Truly Exist?

Most Americans will agree with you if you argue that finding love and romance here in the United States of America has become a battlefield exactly as spoken in the lyrics of Pat Benatar's song titled "Love Is A Battlefield." Men claim that women have it so much easier in their search for a true love than men do in today's romance marketplace here in the land of milk and honey. Gonzalo Lira (also known as Coach Red Pill) warns "nice guys" about what awaits them in their pursuit of female companionship in his video below.

Gonzalo Lira Educates "Nice Guys" About The Kind Of Women They Should Avoid

It is no mystery why there are so many incels and perma-virgins nowadays here in our nation. Never mind what you read in all those Harlequin romance novels or all that drivel you see and hear in movies that The Hallmark Channel shows every Saint Valentine's Day. There is a major difference between storybook romance and actual love.

From the time that I was 15 years old, I always thought that watching the movie Camelot was the worst way for a young man to educate himself about dating and relationships. Especially the scene where King Arthur throws a temper tantrum about how Merlin failed to teach him about women. Below is that same clip from the movie.

King Arthur Sings About How To Handle A Woman

The first time that I saw the above scene in the movie Camelot, I didn't know what King Arthur (played by Richard Harris) was so upset about. Then I got a good chuckle out of the scene once he started singing about how to handle a woman. In figurative language, it may not have been material for the proverbial book of love, but it was entertaining in any event.

What Is The Difference Between Limerence And Imaginary Lovers?

What is particularly interesting is that there exists a tendency for emotionally starved individuals to become infatuated and even fall in love with someone who has virtually no romantic interest, if any, in them insofar as those individuals begin to fantasize about an impossible future with that other person. This tendency is known as limerence. Anna Runkle explains it in her video below.

Anna Runkle Explains What Exactly Limerence Is And How To Deal With It

Now, I can wrap my head around the fact that there will be people who fantasize about being in a relationship with someone who barely even knows that they exist. It happens all the time, especially here in the American culture where there are so many shallow personalities circulating everywhere. However, where everything begins to get weird and creepy for me is whenever I come across stories about men falling in love with imaginary girlfriends.

I thought that I had seen and heard it all after I first learned about an online service that offers a make-believe boyfriend or girlfriend. The service is called Invisible Girlfriend. There is also a companion software application named Invisible Boyfriend. Whoever signs up for either service will get text messages and photographs from an imaginary significant other. Both of these services have changed their name to Invisible Industries. There has been a number of complaints against this same company with the Better Business Bureau.

Nevertheless, I stumbled across a video on YouTube about a man who decided to "marry" his imaginary female friend. Here is the video below.

A Man Marries His Imaginary Female Friend

Much to my relief, I subsequently discovered that this video above was nothing more than a parody and that the people in it were merely actors. In other words, it was all fake. I did not find this video to be funny at all. It reminds me of that 2007 film titled Lars and the Real Girl about a man who falls in love with a sex doll. I don't mind dark humor in a movie, but there are certain sensitive subjects that simply should not be satirized or even as so much made into a comedy; and imaginary relationships is one of them.

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What greatly disturbs me is that I came across another video about a man who had an imaginary girlfriend, but this time it wasn't a fake story. It was about a situation that had led to violence and tragedy. Here is the news clip of it below.

A Man Commits Deadly Violence In The Name Of Make-Believe Love

In the news clip above, it was reported that a man's infatuation and obsession over a girlfriend of his that did not even exist drove him to murdering two people. It is bad enough that people kill in the name of love, but there is simply no excuse for anyone to take another human life in the name of an imaginary love that involves a girlfriend that does not even exist and has never existed.

It is scary what our society has been reduced to as a result of the droves of lonely and unloved people that have spawned as a result of the decadence of Western civilization. What is most unfortunate is that stories like these are going to continue to appear in the press and the media.

I'm a fan of Atlanta Rhythm Section. Yet to this very day, I continue to question what motivated this same group to release a song titled "Imaginary Lover." You can listen to the song below, if you have never heard it before.

The Song Titled "Imaginary Lover" By Atlanta Rhythm Section

Atlanta Rhythm Section initially released the song above in 1978. Whenever I hear the lyrics of it, I always get the distinct impression that this group had a message in their music. Could it be that they were providing their fans with a premonition of what the world would be like someday, especially here in the United States of America?

What is concerning is that this is not the first song of this kind to present this same idea. In 1966, The Five Stairsteps released a song with lyrics that presented a similar school of thought. You can listen to the song in the video below. By the way, I'm also a fan of this group.

The Song Titled "World Of Fantasy" By The Five Stairsteps

The difference between The Five Stairsteps' song above and Atlanta Rhythm Section's song before that is that The Five Stairsteps appear to be singing about real people falling in love with one another in a young man's fantasy, whereas Atlanta Rhythm Section focus their lyrics on an imaginary lover. Therefore, The Five Stairsteps' song could be judged as a form of limerence at worst or merely a product of a crush at best.

The song titled "World Of Fantasy" by The Five Stairsteps doesn't have as lonely of a sound or feel to its lyrics as the song titled "Imaginary Lover" by Atlanta Rhythm Section does. In any event, both songs present the notion that the person singing does not have a real or reliable significant other.

"pascallelay" is the creator of this image.

"pascallelay" is the creator of this image.

Final Thoughts

I know that it is a frightening world out there. Most single people fear being alone for the rest of their life and watching other people get married and start families. However, we should never think of our world as one that is divided between winners and losers. This is the dangerous type of thinking that leads to major crises and even earthshattering political tragedies such as the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia. We are all so much better people than that.

The mental-health profession does not have all the answers to this trend or rather epidemic of lonely and unloved people concocting make-believe romances in their mind that involve individuals, real or imagined, that will not or cannot reciprocate their feelings of love and affection. We, as Americans, all need to learn to respect one another and to stop treating the institutions of marriage and family and even the prospect of love as one massive caste system that rewards some people and excludes others. Our future as a successful society could depend on it.

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